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In exploring Nuketown, Pier, and the rest of this tiny island, be aware of where the collapse settles. :DEnjoyed the video? The next video, whether it'll be a weapon review, a tips video, funny commentary, or just some random Call of Duty Mobile gameplay, will usually be out about a few days after the previous video!HOW TO RECORD YOUR iOS SCREEN! Earlier there was a monitor present at a certain location which gave a hint of these secret bunkers and it looked somewhat like the image below. You can feel free to ask your doubts or drop in some suggestions here or write at Would love your thoughts, please comment. Make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Twitter, and Instagram for more gaming news.

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The chopper will help make travelling easier and faster from one place to another. In this game, a bunch of different modes are available to play, among which, the Battle Royale is one of the most played. Shipment is another area where you can expect the best loot. It has only two to three small buildings, but its main power plant offers a fantastic loot. ★Watch ALL of my Call of Duty Mobile tips videos!→\u0026list=PLvH9fsYMI4DC9S-W-4QjgdySLUyYROi-ySubscribe to Ice_Chris_23 right now!→ everyone! Here on Isolated, the original Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the original Green and Yellow houses could still be prime locations to set up a solid defense. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Well as we see here , it is the complete view of the “ISOLATED” map in COD Mobile Battle Royale. The many tall buildings, small houses, shacks and tunnels have okay-ish to a decent amount of guns and ammo along with other loot items. The crown jewel of Black Ops, Nuketown defines the other half of the smaller island off the main Isolated map in COD Mobile: Battle Royale.Here on Isolated, the original Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the original Green and Yellow houses could still be prime locations to set up a solid defense. 3 potential mid lane replacements for Bjergsen on TSM. You may opt-out by. Decent no. Download free now. Given that loot may be found here, however, these houses could become warzones rather quickly if players are not finding much action outside. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of best secret codes for Android.

Call of Duty Mobile has crossed the mark of 35 Million+ downloads in just a week since its release globally. In Isolated, this locale is prone to plenty of live fire inside and around the main warehouse.Use your remarkable fruit-killing skills here, along with the ability to scope out loot scattered throughout the area, and you may be one step closer to achieving victory in this COD Mobile Battle Royale.Or, if you decide to venture outside the main training ground, there are a few big warehouses that contain loot stashes and second-floor windows which can be used as power positions. Campaign tutorial mission, this area is meant to be a training ground for soldiers in training.

If the safe area falls on Isolated’s main island, then it may be wise to find a Patrol Boat to make a quick escape. It is definitely a trek to the top, but along the way could be some loot that might be helpful when providing overwatch.Speaking of loot, it can appear all over this high-tech base, both in the areas that longtime fans will remember and the brand-new buildings. Along with this, different strategies are also involved in the gameplay.

Several housing complexes give way to plenty of potential loot spawns. Let’s guide you through the map symbols and other details which will help you get through the hurdles smoothly!

These Call of Duty Mobile secrets and COD Mobile out of map glitches are secrets you DO NOT know about...they're some of the most hidden and most complex ones in the game! The area also is nestled among several hills on Isolated, which offer a bit of rough terrain when trying to travel out and away from the collapse. This may be where those looking for long-range fights find a high ground advantage, while the interiors of the warehouses and surrounding buildings might be more conducive to close-quarters shootouts. I write about video games and technology. I’m fairly certain I’ve got them all here, but some are hidden away. The area’s points of interest also go far beyond man-made structures. Across the pond from Sakura is Killhouse, the Speedball-style warehouse featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information. Should the safe area be all the way across the map, try to find a vehicle – potentially a helicopter that could spawn here on occasion – and book it to the other side of the massive Isolated map. Hope you find this COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Guide useful. I got killed by someone camping out near a bunker a few times, and that feels like it might be a viable strategy for getting one: just wait until someone else comes to kill them and take theirs. Normally, this area would be a fantastic place for a quiet retreat, but on Isolated, Sakura becomes a battleground filled with weapons, equipment, armor and more within its buildings.South of the main town is a small lake island that is accessible by way of an old wooden bridge. For a complete guide on how to do that, click here. Launch is another best loot location in the Battle Royale, which is located in the centre of the map and has a lot of buildings to loot. Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! Why not continue down the TranZit path and head on over to Farm? On the surface, it looks like a normal town, but underneath it hides an advanced underground surveillance center and that is what we are calling Secret Bunker. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. You can mark a position on the map and the marker will appear on that position. The roof of this structure provides an overlook of the town through chain-link fences, which can be peered through to see enemies down below. There could be loot, including a few stashes, lying about that may help in breaking up any gridlock in the lobby. Its health pool is massive enough to require either plenty of solo firepowers or a full squad to put it to rest.

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