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it's a 1xx course. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sign up. That is one textbook from first year that I would have loved to keep. About UBC; Sort by: Most Popular. I took it last year. (For example, we look at a bit of the Iliad in 211 too, but in a different light: can human beings really be happy? Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Honestly, even if you hate public speaking, it's a skill you're going to need throughout your academic career. The same questions go for a universe where the gods have become atoms and void - as some classical Greeks posited: is there room for human happiness & freedom now?). it's just contributing to discussions, not necessarily presenting in front of the class. CLST105 .


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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Because myth touched every aspect of ancient life, this course will also shed light on the literature, art, and lived experience of the Greeks and Romans.

Wow, cool. I've never taken CLST 105, but it sounds like it might be valuable for you to get used to the idea instead of avoiding it for that reason alone. So yes, I will confidently say that participation and willingness to talk in class will factor into your overall grade. Source: I'm Michael Griffin.

If this is any help - here's a bit about the approach of the two courses. See you in Sept for phil 211! Thanks for the help, Dr Griffin. The class is a TON of memorization and you have to attend lectures so steer clear if that's not your thing but otherwise it's not particularly difficult (I got 96% with a minimal amount of effort). The amazing prof I took it with last year isn't teaching it this year but apparently the other profs are great too. r/UBC. CLST 105 public speaking? CLST 105: Greek and Roman Mythology: I liked this course a lot, and the prof (Michael Griffin) was great. I don't know much about CLST 105 to be quite honest. I absolutely despite public speaking so I might drop this course depending on how bad it is. It was reasonably heavy in reading which I think caused a lot of people to do less well, but if you are actually interested in it, it's not too hard to get through it.

I just read the course syllabus and it says that there is public speaking in the discussions? I have not taken any EOSC courses so I can't comment on that particularly, but last year I took CLST 105 and it was by far my favourite course (and I'm a biology major haha). The prof I had isn't teaching this term, but our class average was 66 and I had an 84. I'm starting second year in September and am interested in taking an intro course to Greek philosophy/life but am not sure which to take. It was not very challenging IMO as my friends and I crammed the entire course before the final exam, although methods of studying vary from person to person. It didn't cost anything for me since I borrowed the textbook from a friend, but I wish I hadn't! The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada!

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