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In towns that offer long expanses of very low water (flats) with easy access, rubber boots will suffice during the summer months. Sort out the clams from any rocks you may have caught, and place them in a bucket. For starters, the basket isn’t attached to the rake itself – while this rake comes with a basket, it’s a separate piece of equipment that needs to be carried separately. In order to keep your rake from rusting you’ll want to rinse it off with freshwater after each use and possibly even coat it in WD-40 to prevent any long term damage. Sort out the clams from any rocks you may have caught, and place them in a bucket.

2)Boots/ Waders /Hip Boots. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon using a clam fork you’ll know how painful it can be to constantly bend over to dig up the sand and collect the clams. 10 sharp tine-teeth for excellent digging. Designed for digging, the 10 long sharp teeth and tough steel … Clam rakes have much longer handles and often come equipped with a built in basket that you can effortlessly scoop the clam into. Clamming can be done in a variety of ways. It's easiest to find clams when the tide is out, as you won't be walking or dragging your rake through a lot of water. The digger then gently removes the clam by hand .

A bit heavy and large for smaller children. Will need to purchase a basket separately. That being said, there are some drawbacks to this – the length of the tines means it’s more susceptible to bending when raking heavier, waterlogged sand. Most towns have strict regulations on how sub legal size clams must be returned to the water...In many towns, when the air temperature goes below freezing, clamming is not sure to follow these regulations to help insure the future of this abundant Cape fishery. 134, Dennis, MA 02660(508) 258-0929CLOSED FOR SEASON.

The steel is very construction is extremely durable and still manages to be quite lightweight compared to others on the market. Can remove the head to easily store and transport. The Cape is renowned for its abundance of hard shell (quahogs), soft shell (steamers), oysters and razor clams. Follow these regulations carefully...a run in with the shellfish warden over an infraction is likely not the happiest ending to a good days clamming! Shipping is easily one of the most annoying costs associated with making online purchases. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon digging for clams with a shovel then you’ll know just how valuable a clamming rake can be. It prevents you from having to bend over to pick up each individual clam you dig up and can really save your back over time.

Most clam rakes come with a built-in basket near the tines that allow you to scoop the clam into the basket without requiring you to bend over. The vast majority of clam rakes are made of steel since you’ll need a tough and durable material that won’t bend under heavy stress. It isn’t quite as long as some of the other options on this list though – the handle is adjustable up to 36″ which is significantly smaller than the other clamming rakes but that can be ideal for smaller kids.

Clam forks on the other hand come with much smaller handles and require you to get down on your knees to rake the sand and collect the clams. It also features a two-piece handle that allows you to adjust the length as needed.

While Amazon should cover broken or defective items upon delivery, it’s up to the manufacturer as to whether they will provide a replacement after it’s been used. 9 product ratings - CLAM RAKE BASKET used ! Add to Cart. When you pay for your permit, you will be given a copy of the town regulations and likely a map or list of open areas in that town.

Her work has appeared in magazines including "The Roanoker Magazine," "Blue Ridge Country," "Pinnacle Living" and the award-winning "Virginia State Travel Guide."
And if the handle is adjustable you may be able to remove it altogether and use it as you would a fork as well, adding additional utility. Danielson Steel Clam Rake w/ Basket – Best for Storage & Transportation, 3. Watch; Antique New England Oyster/ Clam Rake USA c. 1900.

clamming fork you can find our review here, 1.

DANIELSON (2) CLAM GEAR - VARIOUS (2) JACKS COUNTRY STORE (1) Some people use trowels, baskets, dredges and rakes to sift through mud and pull up the tasty shellfish.

$275.00. Not necessarily, but it can help significantly. While the tines may be a bit smaller and the aluminum handle isn’t quite as strong as the steel variants, it’s still a great choice for harvesting clams. Wash and store your rake. This can be a real lifesaver for your back since finding a rake that is the right size can be the difference between a painless day of clamming and an achy back. That’s what makes rakes so great – they allow you till up the sand without throwing out your back in the process and the length of the handle plays a big part of that. On the other hand if you need a clamming rake specifically designed for storage & transportation then we’d suggest the Danielson Steel Clam Rake w/ Basket. The biggest drawback to this rake is that, since it’s made of steel, it will rust and corrode over time unless you remember to rinse it off in fresh water after each use. If you buy a cheap one, it will rust out almost immediately and rake teeth will be prone to breakage. Buy It Now. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to carry a steel rake for several hours then you may want to consider purchasing a rake with a wood or aluminum handle.

Weight is also another important consideration since you’ll be carrying your rake around for some time while clamming. In addition to making a variety of excellent crabbing equipment Danielson also makes a variety of fishing tools and accessories. Depending on which body of water you choose to clam, the footwear you require will vary by the prevailing conditions found in the bodies of water open to recreational clamming.

Both the environment and activity put a tremendous stress on the rake. Below are some of the most popular clamming rakes on the market so we reviewed them and came up with a list of the best rakes for different uses, including: Eagle Claw is very well known in the crabbing and clamming community for their well made products and this clamming rake is no different. one Piece 72" Long Handle EAGLE CLAW used RAKE. Buy It Now. All steel-made rakes will be a bit heavier than their wooden counterparts and may rust/corrode if not rinsed off properly in fresh water after use. Two piece modular handle for adjustable length. Generally speaking, adjustable length handles are the best since you can easily change the length based on your own personal needs. The aluminum construction also makes it much, much lighter making it an ideal choice if you’re worried about carrying around a heavy clam rake all day.

The 4 clamming rakes that we’ve reviewed above are easily the cream of the crop.

Alternatively if you’re shopping specifically for multi-purpose use then you can’t go wrong with the Corona Extendable Handle Cultivator. Sea Grant Rhode Island: Quahog Fact Sheet, Great Bay Clamming: Local Clamming Information. To help you make that determination we went ahead and summarized the important features so you can make an informed decision based on your needs. Before you place an order it’s important to understand what sets one clamming rake apart from the rest. Search for clams. And of those 4 the Eagle Claw Clam Rake is our all around choice for the best clamming rake. Eagle Claw Wide Round Tine Clam Rake – Best for Basketless Clamming, 4. Other clammers use their hands to search for clams. The tines are also much larger and longer than the other rake making it a great option for heavy duty use. Very durable and will last quite some time if properly maintained.

$55.00. If you don’t maintain it properly the handle will begin to rust. $12.95. Free local pickup. Be wary of cheap imitations! You can find rakes with attached baskets, as well as varying tine and handle lengths. The digger then gently removes the clam by hand . Wear waterproof boots or waders to keep yourself warm and dry. As far as drawbacks go, the biggest is that water can seep into the interior of the rake and cause corrosion in the handle. 6A, Orleans, MA 02653(508) 255-0455Mon-Sat: 9am-5:30pmSun: 9am-4pm, Dennis Store:1369 Rte. Handle Length: From 2.5 inches (without handle) to 5 feet. If you are going clamming, make sure that you have permission to search for shellfish before you do so, as some locations require licenses or permits.

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