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The first was the Munich air crash of February 1958, when half of the Manchester United team was wiped out on their way back from a successful cup tie in Eastern Europe.

But he has had to pay the price in burning enmity from the rest of his family, led by big Jack. Explore trending Updates, funeral Home, sevices, obituary, coffin, Bio, Wiki, Net worth Bobby Charlton was one of the lucky survivors. In their view, Bobby failed to play the role of the dutiful son, instead allowing his domestic life to be governed by the socially ambitious Norma, who never took to the rest of the Charlton family.

Both mad on football as boys, they started their professional careers in the same year, 1953, and both went on to hold the League appearance record for their respective clubs, Jack at Leeds and Bobby at Manchester United, before retiring in the same year, 1973. But in his final days, as he lay on his deathbed, he expressed in his native Geordie tongue the true extent of his wretched animosity towards Bobby. Cissie came from the North-East's most famous football family, the Milburns, and with so many of her male relatives serving as professional players, she was also obsessed with the game. From the start, the two strong-minded women could not abide each other: Cissie resenting Norma's influence over her brilliant son; Norma angry at the way Cissie wanted to exert control over her husband's life. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. On one occasion, he took part in a coaching event just 250 yards from his mother's flat in Ashington, but failed to call on her. A former coalminer who had worked at the Ashington colliery all his life, he was a taciturn man, given to few words or displays of emotion, unlike his voluble, gregarious wife Cissie. A stickler for punctuality, he is always well-groomed. The rift was exposed again this week as Sir Bobby prepares to launch his autobiography, after years of keeping silent about his feelings towards Jack. ", On another occasion, when asked to explain why she fell out with Norma, she replied: "We got off to a bad start. Douglas Nelson passed away on July 5, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The distance between Bobby and the rest of the family widened in subsequent years, with Bobby refusing to see his mother in the late 1980s, even when he was visiting his home town. And, tellingly, their politics are also different. Jack’s wife Pat would often travel to games together, and became close, not least in ’66 when they watched all the England games - until the final when Pat was absent, giving birth to second son, Peter. ", The second, even more far-reaching event to change Bobby's life was his marriage in 1961 to the attractive Norma Ball, who worked for a Manchester fashion agency. Ironically, in view of later events, Jack felt that Bobby was very much their mother's favourite. Then came the call from the Irish FA which would change his life, and that of an entire country. Bobby's preference for Norma over his blood relations is said to have caused his parents ever deeper anguish - and anger - as demonstrated by one chilling episode which I was told about in the wake of Bobby's outburst this week, and which has never before been revealed. When Jack married Pat Kemp in 1957, Bobby was best man.

Big Jack played a major role in changing the relationship between England and Ireland and the peace agreement between the two.

We rubbed each other up the wrong way. Physically and metaphorically, Bobby has left his native Northumberland far behind, settling down in affluent Cheshire, whereas Jack has remained near Ashington all his life, still revelling in the country pursuits, like shooting, that he enjoyed as a boy. After a few weeks in the screening part of the pit above ground, where he set traps for rabbits and etched wildlife on stones, Jack was sent on a 16-week training course to become a fully-fledged miner. A WORLD Cup winner, Leeds United’s record-appearance maker with league and FA Cup triumphs, he was the Geordie miner’s son who adored his mam, transformed the Republic of Ireland and loved the football over there almost as much as its fishing.

Jack was the noisy rebel, always getting into trouble at school: he once accidentally shot a fellow pupil when he brought his air rifle into the playground.

Bobby is short and stocky, Jack tall and gangly. And when Jack Charlton, an English World Cup winner, was appointed Ireland manager, it was the height of The Troubles and flying the tricolour had very different connotations. His devotion to Norma and his anger at Cissie's rejection of her made the decision easy. Bobby would be different. He enjoyed similar success and hero-worship at Sheffield Wednesday but his one failure was at the one job he truly coveted, Newcastle United.

He didn’t make it past the induction course. The first brothers to win the World Cup together in 1966, Jack and Bobby Charlton hugged on the Wembley turf at the final whistle as their mother Cissie watched from the stands. For that alone, he should have been knighted. Forgetful and disorganised, he became notorious in the football world for his untidiness in both the dressing room and hotels. There was a mutual affection, a shared understanding of the difficulties of breaking into the big time.

Johnny Giles, the great Irish footballer who played with both men, recalled that "I would have a blazing row with Jack on Saturday.

It has gone on too long. It was the same story as children. In contrast, Bobby was the conformist, good at his work but intensely shy at home, often running to hide upstairs if visitors arrived.

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