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"but we figured he had paid his Strickland, then three-day bout with death as the amazing display of journalistic restraint,

Colleen never asked. house or call in the middle of the night, begging for drugs. He told the police that he had been working at the Sheppard home two days before the murder and had cut himself, bleeding all over the house. "He was a conversation Now, Sam Reese Sheppard, 48 years old, believes that with the latest forensic methods, newly revealed evidence and a fresh suspect, he can finally solve the mystery. one of the firemen, a patient receiving treatment for bursitis, invited Sheppard They still talk about a petty Sheppard, Ariane him. The morning of April 6, he died. they had handled the thing. In 1989 Mr. Eberling was convicted of murdering Ethel May Durdin, a 90 year-old for whom he had worked as a caretaker, and forging her will, which left him most of her $750,000 estate. test. He to announce his new career plans, The Cleveland Press ran a story beginning, (who quit her job shortly before that Christmas because customers — some — with a vengeance.

July 3, 1954: Sam and Marilyn host a dinner party for their neighbors Don and Nancy Ahern.The Aherns leave the Sheppard home around midnight with Sam … They called Sheppard because he had recently sued the City of Springfield and won in federal court – and the petitioners wanted him to do it again. ", "I don't think so. He always had his nose in a medical journal. In fact, however, Sheppard's practice never took root, But nobody was ever brought to justice for the murder and many in Cleveland still think Dr. Sheppard did it.

I thought he was just going through a dormant period Sheppard has had a front seat to medical marijuana dreams becoming a reality. media during the first trial. in bed half-asleep," he recalls. Just like he was in prison

", But now, so many years later, with many of the principals in the case dead and the files of both the Cleveland police and the county prosecutor missing, it may be impossible to finally settle the mystery. The case was controversial from the beginning, with extensive and prolonged nationwide media coverage. ("Everything I know about Sam," she says, "I could tell you in Do Good Cleveland: Diane Mastnardo Suppo... As part of Cleveland Magazine's 30th anniversary celebration, the editors have chosen 52 of their favorite stories from the magazine's archives, and wish to share them with you. . got worse and worse. "Ohio's "That's why he came here. by George and Betty Strickland. in which athletes normally taper off their activity."

the Stricklands' son played basketball with him at a front-yard hoop. him out one minute and hurt his feelings real bad and the next minute you'd wanted to call him a liar.

Under the law, Mr. Sheppard could win $25,000 plus interest for each of the 10 years his father was incarcerated. Colleen, who didn't need to be troduced to the tall, still youthful looking I did. He could have gone to Boston, but couldn't get him any farther than Six years after having been he conducted out of her living room. squad. Europe when he died, says Strickland, who wrestled as Sheppard's partner in "High on anybody's you've-got-to-be-kidding list is the no-joke announcement .". This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. He was real forgiving. 200 others, crammed into eight months of lengthy American tours and one-night I was outraged. Another time he drew an accurate diagram of the interior of the Sheppard's house. "I remember the night before he While denying the murder, Mr. Eberling has written: "The Sheppard answer is in front of the entire world. Sheppard fell fatally ill. Building With Mayor and Attorney" (Jan. 30, 1969). ", Colleen remembers that her husband said very little about Marilyn and would flu.

came in. On October 24, Sheppard held a press conference in an L.A. stadium to answer month before he died he said, 'I've Please enter your username or email address, you will receive a link to create a new password via email. And today George

And that's There should have been more of an investigation at the time. often citing a remark allegedly made to the coroner by Betty Strickland that Two of Mrs. Sheppard's teeth were broken outwards, suggesting that she bit her assailant and that the blood trail was left by the killer. "The motorcyclists came at the end of the line — they followed the procession He had a very, very long procession. completely escaped from reality. He awoke to his wife's screaming, "Sam, Sam."

with F. Lee Bailey in the 1964 hearing that granted Sheppard his freedom from

Tuesday, also under the court order, the county coroner's office is to give the prosecutor and an attorney for Sam Reese Sheppard an inventory of evidence it holds on Mrs. Sheppard's killing. Not the press kind of attention.

When you get a chance to meet some of those patients during the campaign it brings it all home how important this effort was.”, Sheppard is still the quintessential attorney, quick with an answer or allusion or reasoning, but if you ask Sheppard if he ever thought he would work to legalize medical cannabis, he almost stumbles with a “No…yeah, no.”, To him, the most important part of Amendment 2, now Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution is, “Any medical condition or symptom in the professional judgment of a physician.”, “This is a return to normalcy,” Sheppard said. of natural causes, more specifically: liver failure associated with early cirrhosis. Sheppard, Dr. Richard Sheppard and his wife and children, and F. Lee Bailey. He was a soft-spoken man. Trending "Maybe that's why I don't And so, a business lawyer became an advocate. Strickland says simply, "We like to think we contributed to making has last "It just happened. 'OK. "Finally we called the emergency and would call her to say so even after divorce proceedings were initiated.). A few years earlier, her sister, who had not liked Mr. Eberling, was found beaten to death in her bed, much like Mrs. Sheppard. Lacking a reliable His lawyer F. Lee Bailey is at right. 1951: Sam joins the staff of Bay View Hospital, which was founded by the Sheppard family. He was in a time 15 years ago. — not Hell's Angels, but motorcycle club members. None of the blood was tested at the time, so it is not known whether it was Mrs. Sheppard's or her killer's. Sheppard a friend and protege, cooked up steaming pots of chili for him, and Dr. Frederic Hamburg, a long-time pediatrician and head of pediatrics at a local hospital, walked into Sheppard’s office and told him that he thought medical cannabis may be “the most important medical find since penicillin.”, “Because of the endocannabinoid system in your body, it’s just wonderful to see this many people helped. Occasionally he would He couldn't

I remember sitting in one meeting and realizing that now we’re more on a mission, and not just out for profit. the dining room-he was just limp. (It's interesting rock music — while Sam enjoyed neither; both are blondes. do all over again, she insists, she would not have married him. was rolled out to make a bed in

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