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She went to the factory with her grand-father's meals. The freehold premises, Nos.

1, Upper East Smithfield, in the County of Middlesex, Flax and Hemp-Dressers, do hereby agree to dissolve Partnership from this Day, dated as above; to which we have witnessed our Hands.

27, Battesland-street, Hoxton, Middlesex, occasionally in same business, and late of No. WYATT and BARRAUD, 1, Arthur-street West, London Bridge.

"In [1827] the old floor-cloth premises south of Child's Place were replaced by or reactivated as a brewery and factory. ... Mr. Charles Dagnell presided ... 1862: July 26 - "West Middlesex Advertiser and Family Journal" They lived above his butcher

1873: April 14 - "Sheffield Daily Telegraph" William Thomas Dagnell married

Lot 14. Dagnall v. Dagnall 1880: March 8 - "London Evening Standard", [Unable to find complete newspaper advert] ... for right man. * of Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, for £2,500 James had 6 siblings: Elizabeth Hutchinson , Lawrence Dagnall and 4 other siblings .

“When I was at Warwickshire, Nick Owen used to come down to Edgbaston and watch the first session of the county day and then go off to Pebble Mill and do Midlands Today TV. Former England Captain Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff says England need to “get some momentum” if they want to win the World Cup. 1857: March 31 - "The London Gazette" no. 8 and 9, Windsor-terrace ... No. Lot 9. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event. ", “He’s one of the best blokes you could ever wish to meet; I was sad that he had to give it away but I think the time was right.”.

associated with Freehold dwelling-house, situate and being No. St Michaels Church, Ryde, IsleOf Wight. The debtor commenced business, and for a time was a thriving man. GUILTY. Deaths. Gen. 2 William Thomas Dagnell born in Particulars and conditions of sale may be had at Messrs Wyatt and Barraud, Solictots, No.

Oops, we were unable to send the email. Charles Dagnall Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Charles tried his luck again: in the 1901 Census he was listed as "Brewer, worker"; he doesn't appear with his wife ("Married') and family in 1911. Sorry! 3791. - Ann Dagnall* b. Kingdom, Marriages in the District of Portsea Island, Portsmouth, per week. (Registration of Susan(na)'s death, burial, not found as at September 2017), Thomas Dagnall & Susan: - Charles Dagnall b. Then the Hornchurch Brewery Company came in and worked the Horley Brewery and also the Hornchurch Brewery. 1306 England(1), and died

58, Farm-lane, Walham'Green, a similar house to No. For help using the website visit our help page or contact Mr. Bridge bound them over in their own recognizances in the sum of £20 each to keep the peace. 3011.

At the time that the bankrupt sold his business his liabilities were, he stated, under £1,000, and he appeared to have pledged to his creditors a number of the shares which he possessed. Lot 55. John Farmer   Father John Thomas, Flax Dresser, of Green Bank; Mother Sophia - William Blacklock Dagnall Chr.

Speaking to Charles Dagnall in the TMS commentary box, Flintoff said “It’s a case of do they believe it? Confirm you're a human. Charles Dagnall (III.) Sometime

Leasehold premises, No. He (Mr. Bean) thought it was a pity something was not done to remove the wall. at the Registry Office at Portsea Island, Portsmouth, 1881: August - "London Evening Standard" - Peter Dimond, of Holloway Road, was called, and said he paid the prisoner the money, believing that he was authorised to receive it. Lot 7. Yours respectfully, for Dagnell and Tilbury." 1810: A List of Bankrupts from June 23, to December 21. Lot 1. ... 1864: January 16 - "West London Observer"

Sergeant Arabin - No. ... Farm Lane - A memorial from Mr. Dagnell and others was read, calling attention to the sewerage, footpaths, and road in Farm Lane, Walham Green. Lot 42, Freehold premises, Nos. A large number of tenders were recieved for the supplies of provisions, &c., to the Workhouse for the ensuing half-year, and the following were, after due consideration, accepted ... Ale: Mr. Dagnell, Epsom, 26s. I am, sir, your obediently, Alfred C. Bean, Surveyor". Shelgate-road aforesaid (formerly Nos. You need a Find a Grave account to add things to this site. The road at this part is very much out of order and very badly lighted, so much so that we understand accidents are very frequent there., 1883 September 14 - "The London Gazette" no. The trade-instructor proceeded to spread the rugs out upon the pavement, so that we might see them to better advantage. A Member of "Long Firms" - A Cardiff Case. This memorial has been copied to your clipboard. Rob. - Robert Dagnall, Mat-weaver's Instructor, £100.0.0 ... THE SECOND PORTION. On the 1881 Census the children of Elizabeth had taken the name of Dagnell/Dagnall(4). Dagnall & Tilbury, Mat and Matting Manufacturers, Farm-lane, Walham-green.

Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person. Lot 48. 21952 pg. of Horley, to recover under written agreement £31 10s.   He was appointed managing director at a salary of £300 a year, less £50 rent. Having then a large connection at Redhill, he sold his Epsom business and bought the Horley brewery.

Some kind of business was carried on there. To suggest a change to a cemetery page, visit the Cemetery Corrections forum. Sources1881 Census, United Kingdom. After she died of "inflammation" Lizzie was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Jeanette, PA, Thank you for fulfilling this photo request.

Bennett, born 1871(4), and

This is to give notice, that the Court acting in the prosecution of an adjudication of bankruptcy, made on the 24th day of October, 1856, against William Blacklock Dagnall, of No. ... as we went our rounds with the warder, we found, lying on the asphalte pavement in one of the corridors, two large bright-coloured mats, like hearth-rugs; these were the work, we were told, of the man in the neighbouring cell. Richard Cooper, at 63 North Town Street, Portsea Island(1). Freehold premises, known as the Weavers' Arms, Farm-lane, Walham Green, Middlesex, let to Messrs. Langton and Sons, on lease for 21 years, from 24th June, 1867, at £30 per annum. - in his Will Thomas d. 1842 cites his sister Alice in Liverpool; 1881 W. Sinclair) (V. 1907 W. Francis),, A "red herring" or a possible relative? Recently, Trump announced a temporary suspension of foreign work visas.

Mr. Davies, addressing his Honour, said, the plaintiff, Mr. Charles Dagnell, a gentleman, of Point-pleansant, Wandsworth, sues the defendant Edward Bristow, a carpenter, residing at No. Notice as to sending in Claims to be treated as Persons interested in Licensed Premises (1922)

I Walter Radford Dagnall, brewer, now residing at the Hadley Brewery, in the Parish of Monken Hadley, in the County of Middlesex, do hereby give you notice, that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the Petty Sessional Division of Barnet and South Mimms, in the County of Middlesex, to be holden at the Harts Horn Inn, Union-street, Barnet, in the said county, on fthe First day of March next ___ing, for a Licence authorizing me to apply for and hold an additonal Excise Licence to sell Beer, in pursuance of the Act 26 and 27 Vic., cap. We know that Bertha Dagnall had been residing in Berkeley, Alameda County, California 94707. of matter: 2 of 1894; No. - John Thomas Dagnall (I.)

Lot 28. 1878: September 3 - "The London Gazette" no. (3) Public Record Office, The likely ramifications of Trump's visa ban for foreign workers. He believed the signature was in the prisoner's hand-writing. Select a place on the map to place the pin. Your Scrapbook is currently empty. 1856, son of William Blacklock (I.). EDWARD GOULBURN, Serjeant-at-Law, one of Her Majesty's Commissioners authorized to act under a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed on the 24th October, 1856, against William Blacklock Dagnall, of No. Frederick Thomas

This is to certify, that we John Elliott and John Thomas Dagnall, of No. above.

  (Flax & Hemp Merchant, Sacking Manufacturer)

Fulham - Board of Guardians - Tradesmen's Tenders. Registered Owners: Charles Hatton Dagnell & Charles James Fea_her, Trustees; Mrs. Ann Dagnall, Life Tenant; Lessee, Mrs. Mary Rowlands, the Brewery, Evesham. Lot 40. - Walter Dagnall b. date?)

TO BE SOLD, pursuant to an Order of the High, Court of Chancery, made in the cause of Dagnall v. Dagnall, with the approbation of the Master of the Rolls, by Mr. George Gilham Flint, the person appointed by the said Judge, at the Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, in the city of London, on the 31st day of May, 1880, at twelve o'clock at noon, in five lots :- 1819, sons of John Thomas snr. Kingdom. Lot 1. 10, Oakley-street (formerly No.

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