changing sights winchester 94

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. That was the instructions we had for them also. If necessary it can be removed by carefully pulling it forward and off. BEFORE PERFORMING ANY CLEANING PROCEDURES, ALWAYS MAKE CERTAIN THERE ARE NO CARTRIDGES IN THE CHAMBER, MAGAZINE OR ACTION/FEED AREAS. 5. The proper procedure is to shoot a group with the sights set as they come from the factory (intermediate position on both elevation and windage), and then make incremental adjustments to move the sight blade and blade holder to position the group on your target. Reinstallation is the reverse. check out the. A hammer extension is useful when a scope is mounted. On most Model 94 sights, the entire rear sight blade holder is dove-tailed in the rear sight base. - YouTube If cast lead bullets are used a lead solvent may be used as well to fully clean the bore. Any dried oil in the receiver area should also be removed. |

Website Design by Phase One Website Design & Hosting. Push the elevator forward to cause the rifle to shoot lower, push it backwards to shoot higher. 8. Insert the rod and patch into the barrel at the muzzle end and run it back and forth several times. Remember, when adjusting the front sight you get the opposite results: move to the right and you shoot more to the left, move the bead to the left and you'll shoot more to the right.

more quickly and will help you score fast and accurate hits at all ranges. This is helpful if you will be using a scope exclusively.

Installation is easy to do and takes only a few minutes. Change wall color, flooring--and furniture!--by clicking below. Those instructions are from the late LTC Ellis Lea, USA (Ret.) 3. | Straight grip lever action guns like the Winchester Model 92's and 94's are as popular and effective Then pass a slightly oiled patch through the bore, for preservation. To adjust for windage, gently move the rear sight blade to the right or left by tapping at the dove-tail using a wood or fiber dowel or hammer that will not mar the sight (See Figure 17).

Because of their age, however, it can be a little confusing as to how to adjust the sights so as to make the weapon more accurate. If you tap to the right your gun will shoot more to the right.

For finer elevation adjustments the sight blade itself can be moved up or down. Wipe all exposed metal surfaces of the receiver, forearm and barrel with a clean rag. Winchester 94 Sights for sale on eBay. The front hood (if so equipped) is held in place by slight indents in each side rail. Then lightly oil your gun at the points described under "Oiling the Action" explained earlier in this manual. | To confirm my adjustments, should I initially make sure the blade is centered over the ramp and the barrel? Make sure that the surfaces of the breech block, lever components and feed mechanism parts are especially clean and lightly oiled with a high quality gun oil. Provides 14" of adjustment at 100 yards based on a 24" sight radius. Due to their location and small aperture size, quick handling and hits in low light conditions can be difficult to say the least.

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