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Every year, from 1963 – 1975 Wooden ran the offense, whether he had Alcindor, Walton, Johnson, Hazzrd, Wilkes, Farmer… it didn’t matter. Forget his ability to throw a ball out of the park with either hand or his ability to hit a ball anywhere it’s pitched out of any park from either side of the plate, he is innately superb at the game.
It was just an indication of how bad Estes is, not an endorsement of J.T.

The Lakers and Celtics, Bird and Magic gave the game rivarly and drama…. HaHa Chris Chris Gargano needs to “act like he’s been there before”.

I personally will support him if his EFFORT is genuine. Kevin Love would have taken Lee Plus either Klay or Harrison. I was watching a documentary on the Wooden days at UCLA, and it was interesting to hear the old guys talk about when they would have alumni games vs the “varisty” squad how they would get different guys from different Wooden teams that wood have never played together and instantly, they would all know their role and blend in like it was a ballet. If you have the time you should go to – Inside The San Jose Giants Blog and listen to Episode 28 podcast.

Statistics can’t happen until pitch one of game one of 162. The athletic arena, public work place, government work place, entertainment field – is loaded with “fatso’s and skinnies” and they function with their personal secrets or demons. Pence is too streaky to protect him. Not the same thing at all.

He’s got more talent than Klay IMHO, but Thompson fills a more pressing need.

One of my favorite games was 2012 – 6-4 loss vs the Padres Sunday Sept 23rd with Petit getting the start – after most of the squad had a celebration the night before. It’s all in timing, I guess–with Hembree, Law, and maybe others ascending, they can afford to risk a changing of the guard in the bullpen. Ugh. How about alleged? 31 is the opener for the Giants, in the Snake Pit. I like the looks of Blake.

I couldn’t believe it when he as much as admitted, he didn’t look at scouting reports on his opposition. Where’s the cry baby Sandy Rosario can fill that role and was recalled to replace Kontos.

Giants got a deal when the A’s would not re-sign him.

By the way: Great job TIM – sticking it to landlady Ms. Mindy Freile. These San Francisco neighborhoods had the highest turnout for Trump, Turtle flipping off photographer wins Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards, Bay Area county reverses some reopenings amid COVID-19 uptick, Why liberal California keeps saying no to rent control, View latest official election results of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Denmark finds covid strain that might hamper vaccine effort, China is awash with schadenfreude over U.S. election tumult, This gaming laptop is at its lowest price ever right now, The best Instant Pot deals available for Black Friday, Amazon still has AirPods for $99 and nobody else does, Chill out and save 30% on select Adidas loungewear, Get the Instant Pot VIVA for only $49 at Walmart.

It’s a beautiful day here in the ATL, listening to some Beatles (Revolver)–can’t seem to get into anything else since that TV special–and headed to a workout.

His personality makes him even MORE vulnerable. All rights reserved. On the other hand, 30-something closers not named “Rivera” or “Hoffman” (or, sigh, “Nathan”) are a rapidly depreciating asset. $600K. Now that was just perfectly indicative of two very good hitters. Which is the Ravi Shenkar influenced song? It may take a big stick, but you can’t ignore what you can influence and what you can’t. I am worn out. I like the notion of Belt getting more fastballs in the 2 hole with Pagan as a runner on first and opening up the hole in the right side of the infield.
There are either fanatics who dont know anything about professional baseball or there are baseball people who do.

As a young Giants pitcher, he signed my kids glove along the thumb.

He pitched in 30 of the Giants' first 56 games.

I hope 48 is here for quite awhile. Absolutely. Your spot on however Harrison should/could be a senior in college.

She kept the balance of my security deposit while making unsubstantiated claims of exaggerated damage. Others played, Pinch hit or pinch ran: Hector, Pagan, Buster, Belt, Huff, Crawls, CHRISTIAN, Pablo and Hunter. I think the upgrade from Lee to Love thought is significant. They’re not going to overpay for Romo. Even in their late 30’s the old guys would give the kids a run for their money. His on the field results won’t affect my view of him. A whole offense based on just one play.

I also saw Marty in live as a trial lawyer in Alameda County when he defended a guy, prior to him leaving his law practice. HUNTERS POINT ROAD 1557: $170,000, Christopher C. Kelley and Laura H. Kelley to Daniel J. Douglass and Cherie C. Douglass. You’ve just said it with a great deal more clarity than I did. "This isn't the worst thing that happened on my birthday," Kontos said, adding perspective to his demotion. Managers cannot. They would never insult him with the Rizzo deal and he would never take it . Let’s just hurry this us and get on with the loss so I can move on with my evening. There has been no end of discussion on that issue among Cubs fans.

It’s fun. If there was a better backup point guard, I might consider small lineups with Love at the 5 and Barnes as the stretch 4 and decide to include Klay instead (since spot shooting 2s are easier to come by), but Crawford and Blake are not the guys I want to give 30 minutes a game to.

Bruce Bochy was suspended for one game and served it Wednesday. The uncertainty about Pablo’s game is understood.

It IS interesting.

Kobe is sure furious Blake got traded to us. 1989 ! Privacy Policy.

Today’s “flashback/please hurry Opening Day” game from the archives: last game of the 2010 regular season, Giants over Padres 2-0 at AT&T, to clinch the NL West title.

Henry Schulman has covered the San Francisco Giants since 1988, starting with the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Examiner before moving to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1998.

I’m sure he’ll be fine but reading the account of Belt anticipating his first real big check reminded me of the old days when Greg Minton, at the time a top shelf closer, got a huge contract.

The rest of the game is simple by comparison. Guys get banged up, lose their mechanics, find them again, get back in shape, improve mental focus, etc. J.T.

The funky intro music has been worth my time so far . From what I’ve read,his coaches and his manager have all said that Pablo is a hard worker. “Regardless of the amount in issue, Mr. Lincecum will aggressively defend himself against all meritless claims.”, Lincecum added, “I am pleased with the result and believe that this was an attempt from the very beginning on the landlord’s part to take advantage of my public profile for financial gain. I know what YOU meant by “conditioning is an off field issue” – however most of the roster have a pregame lift and a post game lift in the weight room.

The suspension could make it harder for Kontos to return. “…picks up the rice at the church where the wedding has been…”.

They were looking to buy a house in Las Vegas.

The last track?

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