cause and effect essay on binge drinking among college students

They can also provide states and communities with information and tools to put into practice prevention strategies that work. Furthermore, doctors, nurses, and other providers can choose not to binge drink themselves. Definition There are many examples as to the consequences that binge drinking can cause to college student’s lives, but one of the main consequences that students face as a result of frequent drinking is poor academic final grades. The alcohol gradually leads to addiction and causes a decline in their, AO1 References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2010). Teenagers, who engage in binge drinking, are likely to be exposed to other dangers, such as psychological issues, drinking-related accidents, and violent crimes.

Health campaigns can be used to inform people of the negative effects binge drinking can have. Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. What is binge drinking? Binge drinking is common and dangerous but is not a well-organized public health program. This will usually help students realize that driving while under the influence is not a fun thing to do. sororities/fraternities, and events that can lead students in binge drink. Glenn and Marquardt (Stinson, 2010) define hooking up as “distinctive sex-without-commitment interaction between college women and men”. A study done by the Core Institute in 1999 showed that, white students are 50.2% more likely to binge drink, than students of other ethnicities; compared to 34.4% of Hispanics, 33.6% of Native American Indian, 26.2% of Asians, and 21.7% of Black/African Americans. I think others’ opinions will influence our drinking behaviour.…, Alcohol consumption has been on the rise in the United States, especially among college students (Engs & Hanson, 1990). Organisations such as Alcohol know your Limits and like a drink. Choose not to drink if they teens, pregnant, or may become pregnant. Health promotions are the procedure of enabling people to increase control over and to improve, There is a lot of support and treatment for binge drinking. The next few paragraphs are to highlight the issue of binge drinking on the rise among youths. In both high school and colleges, students are drinking underage and binge drinking. The students who consume at least five drinks in a row at one point during a two week period are considered Binge Drinkers. However, the heretofore use of these interventions has primarily been to reduce typical drinking behaviors, neglecting to take into account the social context fostering alcohol use. Normally partying with friends at a party, bar, or club; most of these college students are underage consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, or as its better known, “. As defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), binge drinking or heavy episodic drinking occurs when a person drinks 5 or more alcoholic drinks on the same occasion on at least 1 day in the past 30 days (NIAAA). Binge drinking; the term alludes to the substantial utilization of liquor over a brief time (Dowshen, 2013). It has also examined the extent to which the TTM stage paradigm offers an apt description of individuals with substance use problems, and their readiness to change their substance use problems, and their readiness to change their substance user behavior (Migneault, Adams, Read, 438). gov/vitalsigns/BingeDrinking/WhatCanBeDone. Many students participate in binge drinking to be socially accepted into a group, but other students find it difficult to make the choice to be the sober.

Binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks in a row for men and four or more drinks in a row for women in about two hours. Second is the individual’s perception of the social pressure from important others to perform or not perform the behavior. It is becoming normal for students to drink underage in schools with no repercussions. Deciding what role alcohol will play is a choice that every student must make. In addition to that, there’s strong negative correlation…, For college student, consuming alcohol is not out of the norm. Lastly, people can participate in community efforts to prevent underage and binge drinking (CDC, 2010). There are some recommendations that can be done to try and lower the number the number of young adults that perform this behavior. It will also explain the causes such as, peer pressure, stress, as a form of socialization and the effects, long and short-term health, What do failing grades, frequent memory lapses, fights, brutal hangovers and unplanned sexual activity all have in common? All people can choose not to binge drink themselves and help others not to do it. Depending on age and gender, thing, likewise the source; binge drinking. It wasn’t until the early 21st century that studies on the “hook up culture” became more prevalent (Gilmartin, 2006). The U. S. Government can promote programs and policies that work to prevent binge drinking.

Although there are other reasons a student may choose to binge drink, the influence of friends, the lack of outside control and the denial of drinking-related problems are the main forces driving the need to consume alcohol to the point of physical harm. Gender also takes a major role of campus binge drinking. Since this has become such a problem on college campuses, many universities have implemented a variety of programs as a means to reduce heavy drinking to try and reduce the misperceptions of college drinking of students. These are organized measures to make sure every person in the world is prevented from disease, to help promote health. This can become a problem because it might have negative impacts on concentration and can cause problems when driving, playing sports involving complex moves, using a map or remembering how to get somewhere.

The theory of Planned Behavior is utilized as a framework for predicting binge drinking among young college students. It is taking too much alcohol in a short period. Furthermore they have hotlines that people can call, What Causes Binge Drinking Binge drinking has many horrible effects, but the problem starts with the causes for it.

Binge drinking has now become a bigger problem in the world, binge drinking used to be described as heavy drinking over several days, but now it is known as a heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. 1080/09595230500290866 Norman, P. (2011). Most importantly, they can grow partnerships between schools, community organizations, law enforcement, and public health agencies to reduce binge drinking. On a typical Friday or Saturday night you can find the average college student out drinking and having fun.

In relation to this study, a parent wants their child to avoid heavy drinking during their college years, and the belief that a parent has some influence on their child behavior to prevent heavy drinking (Cremeens, 3).

2011. Based on their responses they would be assigned to precontemplation, contemplation or preparation stages to see if they do have intent to change their behavior. Some other factors that can lead students to drink are wanting to fit in or being pressured by the people they associate themselves with. Binge drinking is, defined as people consuming a large amount of alcohol in a small amount of time and planning to get drunk (NHS, 2016). Lastly, models and theories discuss that excessive drinking for a long period of time, causes higher levels of temptation to drink and lower levels of confidence to stop drinking. The first one I chose is psychological distress because I think people in stress are more likely to get drunk.

Application of the transtheoretical model to substance abuse: historical development and future directions. A popular trend amongst college students is binge drinking. Migneault, J. P. , Adams, T. B. , & Read, J. P. (2005). Third is the individual’s perception of the ease or difficulty of performing the behavior, which is seen to cover the influence of both internal and external control factors (Norman, P. Conner, M. , 26). Most binge drinkers do not consider themselves to be problem drinkers; which adds to the difficulty in solving this college epidemic.

A man having five or more drinks or a woman having four or more drinks of alcohol in a short period of time is considered binge drinking in the United States. The amount of alcohol, Teenage drinking is among the issues that have received respectable attention from researchers owing to its increase. From the researchers ' evidence it is thought that binge drinking for men is to have eight or more drinks and, Why is binge drinking a public health issue? This model is a value-expectancy theory, meaning everyone has the desire to avoid an illness or get well and the belief that a specific behavior will prevent the illness from occurring. Drinking as a result of any of these causes demonstrates a weakness in character and the inability to make educated decisions. Some causes of binge drinking are peer pressure, the belief that it will reduce stress, or curiosity; simply just wanting to feel what it would be like to be drunk.

Lastly, they can support community efforts to reduce binge drinking by passing out flyers explaining the dangers and results of drinking. Binge drinking has become an accepted part of the college experience for many students. Using the other two, someone else has to influence a person to stop drinking. Using the Transtheoretical Model, heavy drinkers might be asked if they are planning to reduce their drinking to a smaller amount within the next six months. States can review interventions that are known to work to reduce binge drinking adopted by local leaders. Drinking with friends can seem more tempting than studying, feeling stressed out, bored or lonely, but as many students find out, the consequences are not worth the short-term relief. Atlanta, GA: Retrieved from http://www.

The Health Belied Model is another theoretical foundation for researching binge drinking. Along with, the Health belief Model is used as a framework to explore parent-child communication patterns among first-year college students as a mean of reducing heavy drinking (Cremeens, 4). Drug and Alcohol Review, doi: 10. 1016/j. 1348/135910705X43741, Are You on a Short Deadline? All three of the models have to do with the attitude being the strongest predictor of binge drinking intentions by not caring about what harm they can cause to their bodies when they drink. It is known that crimes are more likely to happen with the intake of alcohol and that it can bring about unsafe situations. Binge Drinking Among College Students And Its Implications On The Society 1462 Words | 6 Pages. This model has also had a significant impact on the way the substance use disorders are understood and treated. These organisations provide support and advice to people who are suffering with binge drinking. Binge Drinking by college students is the cause to some of the students’ deaths, causes some students grades to fall, and is very dangerous and unhealthy.

The rates of binge drinking among college students is nearly double the rates for high school students, which may indicate that the college environment encourages high risk drinking.

The individual’s attitude is important, they know that drinking is bad for them so they want to stop drinking and stay sober or at least not drink as much.

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