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However, local Members of Parliament (MPs), including Toby Jessel, MP for Twickenham, complained the project should not be cancelled, as the existing South Circular was completely unacceptable to traffic. Coordinates: 51°26′26″N 0°06′35″W / 51.4405°N 0.1098°W / 51.4405; -0.1098. I absolutely agree about the bottleneck at the railway being a major issue, but that doesn’t preclude the removal of the gyratory in Catford itself in the meantime. The Road Board was formed in 1910 to address traffic issues, which led to the London Arterial Road Conferences in 1913–14 that revived the earlier plans. Lots of interesting ideas were put forward to try to deal with excessive traffic even in those days.

[11][12] Sir Charles Bressey's Highway Development Survey (also known as the Bressey Report), published in 1937, showed a 15-mile (24 km)-long South Circular that would have a new-build section near Wandsworth Bridge (then being rebuilt) but otherwise be a series of online improvements to existing roads. [28], In 1988, a single road closure (resulting from a gas leak on a side road in Wandsworth) caused severe congestion along the entire South Circular. However, the disturbances to those who would have been affected and the blight of major roadworks around the entire area of south London on house values led to the scheme, on which a great deal of money was spent, being shelved. A significant aspiration of the project will be to transform the South Circular gyratory by rerouting this major strategic route as well as the interchange of Catford and Catford Bridge stations to release higher quality public realm. This would free up space on the surface, providing public space and extensive cycle routes and improving the linkage of existing communities currently severed by the busy road. If they did that they would probably have to block the right turn from Rushey Green into Brownhill Road completely, as well as from Brownhill Road into Plassy Road, just to avoid having the tailbacks reaching back into those areas that they want to improve as public realm. [1] It heads south, climbing up John Wilson Street, a section of dual carriageway, until it meets Grand Depot Road and becomes single carriageway through Woolwich Common and Academy Road past the former Royal Military Academy. [1], The road then crosses the A316 Great Chertsey Road, passing the National Archives, Kew Green, and over Kew Bridge. The road is now cleared once more and traffic is returning to normal. [25], The whole of the South Circular is a red route, allocated to roads that together make up over 30% of traffic in London. Their appearance is controversial; a 2006 resident survey produced mixed results, with people believing there were either too many or not enough. Despite several proposals to either upgrade the road or replace it with a parallel motorway, there has been little change in the century since the route was first planned and most of the road is still urban streets.
[17], Because of the destruction required and cost involved in the proposed plans the majority of the Ringway Plans had stagnated by 1973. Why going into lockdown 2 is a 'complete nightmare' for this West London hair salon, Businesses across Kingston upon Thames have given their reactions to the impending shutdown, How to apply to be Prince William and Kate's housekeeper at Kensington Palace, The royal couple have announced a new job opening, The 8 best fish and chip shops in London have been named, Two boroughs in particular have a number of excellent fish and chip shops, EastEnders fans are all predicting the same thing about Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown. The remainder of the road was supposed to be of a similar standard but it was repeatedly delayed, and the current route was allocated in the late 1930s to existing urban streets instead. At the junction with Burnt Ash Hill the road becomes urban single carriageway again, which it remains the case for most of the remainder of the route. The plans included putting the road in a series of tunnels.

I don’t think this will help speed us the South Circ as it is always going to be a pinch point - I think it is more aimed at improving Catford…, Moving the South Circular road will transform Catford and make the town centre a better place to live, work and visit. I’ve become increasingly sceptical about road capacity projects since reading that the M25 capacity improvements attracted so much traffic that journeys are slower than before the works! Pedestrian-friendly areas, open spaces and new community facilities will also be created.

What we … Commuters don’t like it having their line shut for several weeks for the sake of a major upgrade, let alone for fitting a cycle lane going underneath it! [29], The South Circular has been criticised for its poor air quality and pollution. Together with the North Circular Road and Woolwich Ferry, it makes a complete ring-road around Central London. Lewisham Council is leading the major regeneration which will transform the town centre by rerouting the south circular and freeing up more space for pedestrians. Modern offsite construction techniques combined with modular components and you can build a new bridge with minimal disruption. [1] The route runs closer to central London compared to the more distant North Circular.
Station Approach and South Circular: starting from Catford Station, following the south circular road past Catford Bridge station and along towards the town centre, this area includes what will be the new stretch of the south circular road behind Laurence House meeting the junction with Sangley Road. Hither Green Welcome to our live blog of this incident. Or (and I know you’re just going to be shocked) we just all drive less and have less cars on the road and less life threatening pollution in the air. [15] Abercrombie designated it as the "C Ring" (the third ring out from the city centre); however, the high-quality road was never built and the semi-circular route was assigned to existing roads through the southern suburbs;[14] these roads retain their historic names. Will you update me on plans to re-route the South Circular behind Laurence House in Catford? This affects drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, all of which regularly travel along the road. The Caversham Road Rail Bridge is a great example. First reported at around 1.30pm on Sunday (September 15), the accident took place on Brownhill Road, or the A205, between the Catford Gyratory and Verdant Lane. As a result, it is frequently congested. [26][27] Some sections of the road through the borough of Lewisham have extensive bus lanes. "[16], In the 1960s, Abercrombie's plans were revived by the Greater London Council (GLC) as the London Ringways Plan which proposed the construction of a series of motorways in and around London to control traffic congestion.

In terms of house values, whilst they may drop during construction they would get a major push upwards after completion of the works no doubt. The South Circular is going to be moved and it will 'transform' Catford "Major changes" to the South Circular road are going to be made by Lewisham Council. [30] A 2007 report in the Daily Telegraph said it was the eighth worst road in Britain. The other, often glossed over consideration for any tunnelling or undergrounding of the South Circular is the need for interchanges with the surface road network, or at least the tunnel portals.

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