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Is the Avebury Red Lion Pub, the Most Haunted Pub Ever?

This was a traditional burial place of MacDougall chiefs until the 1700s, and is the home of the splendid MacDougall Cross.
Though hidden from the sea, the castle controls access to Loch Shiel.

A wonderful, fascinating story in a beautiful setting! The ghost that haunts Duntrune is that of a piper. Hope you get there one way or another. It is most likely that Alexander’s fleet set out from the Firth of Clyde, but instead of sailing around the Mull of Kintyre, the historian Marion Campbell suggests that they took a short cut overland by way of Tarbert where “most of the ships were dragged over the isthmus along what was almost certainly a permanent timber ‘shiproad.’” After staying in Tarbert Castle, Alexander may have ridden directly across to join them in West Loch Tarbert, or he may have taken a longer route, by way of Dunardry or Dunadd to the north, visiting strongholds and being entertained by loyal subjects on the way. Of course that is, seen from the 21st century!

Part of OS map (6″, 1st ed., 1880, Argyll) showing Kilchattan Chapel on Luing. As such, Castle Tioram is the traditional seat of the Clanranald (Clann Raghnaill) branch of Clan Donald. She owns the small press Beul Aithris Publishing and is Spooky Isles Deputy Editor for Scotland. But a couple of unwanted questions pop into my head: firstly, I wonder just how acceptable it would have been in the 13th century, to set about carving secular images into the wall of a church.

One of Alexander’s intentions was to meet with Eóghan MacDubhghaill (Ewen MacDougall), one of the powerful rulers whose loyalties were causing him so much annoyance. The castle was also besieged by the Earl of Arran and Cardinal Beaton in 1544, during one of those long drawn out fallouts Scottish nobility was prone to at the time. Now a ruin, Sanquhar was once the home to the Crichtons of Dumfries, who built it in the 13th century. Sitting with her eyes closed, Jean felt as if the wind was pulling at her clothes and heard tinkling laughter.

I hope you can get back there too. Ultimately, Alexander may have been heading for the Western Isles in an attempt to provoke King Hákon into a showdown.

A linked legend, perhaps… or maybe these old warriors loved their hounds! For any of your readers really interested I mentioned Denis Rixon’s definitive book ‘The West Highland Galley’ a fascinating history of these remarkable craft. It played a part in the Jacobite uprisings; being torched during the 1689 rebellion by the Black Colonel John Farquharson, and forfeited to the Crown in 1716 after the Earl of Mar supported the 1715 uprising. Wow, sounds fab! Spooky Isles is a website dedicated to horror & supernatural in the UK & Ireland, including ghost stories, horror films and haunted and mysterious places! Yes, there are more of these ancient forts than I realised – there’s one above us on the hill, and close by on an island near Craobh. A dun here on the Craignish peninsula has a similar name: Caisteal nan Coin Duibh (‘the castle of the black dogs’). What would the Bishop have had to say about it?
Her two male companions were hanged while she was tied by her hair at low water, and left to drown. A rather modern entry on the list, which dates to the 19th century.

I posted some comments on the above article last week but they seem to have dispappeared into the ether.

Desperate, she went to a local witch, who advised her to attire herself in the cloth of the fairies.

Not entirely sure what to do, the Campbells locked the piper in a tower room. Early History of Castle Tioram.

You have entered an incorrect email address! One Lord Soulis was reputedly a practitioner of the Dark Arts; he regularly kidnapped local children and imprisoned them in the dungeon until he required them for a ritual. I know it’s frustrating, but I doubt we’ll ever know. It is located west of Acharacle, approximately 80 km (50 mi) from Fort William. The fine weather has turned now, and the islands are receding into a soft grey drizzle.

Twelve miles from Hawick, ruined Hermitage dates back to the 13th century, believed to have been built by the Soulis family. One has a gangplank lowered, and another is thought to bear a figurehead of a wolf or a dog.

Many thanks…. Some historians believe that this was his intention all along. I posted a simpler tourist type blog back in June. We occasionally see pine martens here too, they are very bold! Hi Bob, don’t worry, I did get your comment – it appeared on the post ‘Caisteal nan Coin Dubh’ – you must have followed a link to the Castle of the Dogs, close to us here in Craignish! This is Kilbride, a lovely little place on the north shore of Loch Feochan, which we visited several summers ago. A great post, many thanks. The castle is now in extremely poor condition and in 1998 was closed to the public at the insistence of the present owner despite the objections of the Highland Council's archaeologist; the walls were in surprisingly good condition, requiring only minor repairs. First time there I’d ever seen live pine martens which he fed on his handrail every night. Thanks Jo – I may do that…but I still occasionally take duties as a relief boatman on a fast scallop diving RIB out of Oban and we often swing through Cuan Sound and round Torsa. No doubt disappointed, Alexander may have spent the night of 7th July on Torsa, in a castle possibly belonging to Eóghan himself, before setting sail again early next morning, travelling north through the fast-running currents of Cuan Sound. Anything about these West Highland castles is of great interest. ... of them undoubtably rose from the ruins of Iron Age forts artefacts from which have been found in the waters around Castle Tioram for example and the fact they embodied current building technology from the mainland makes one wonder who the actual stonemasons were and where did they come from. [6] Eilean Tioram, the island the fortress sits upon, is first recorded in a charter of Cairistíona Nic Ruaidhrí, daughter of Ailéan mac Ruaidhrí. I haven’t investigated the others properly yet, but they do sound interesting! The castle is a scheduled monument.

Located at the north side of Loch Crinan, Duntrune was built by Clan MacDougall in the 12th century, and taken over by Clan Campbell in 1644. They stormed the castle, capturing Soulis, who was then clad in iron chains, wrapped in a lead blanket and boiled alive in his cauldron. Her ghost rises from her grave on Hallowe’en – after the stone on top rotates three times – and floats to Newton Castle, where she can be heard singing sadly. What Lurks In Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Woods? Enjoyed that read (as always). And across to Torsa too – is the gap tidal or is a dinghy needed? Castle Tioram (pronounced “Cheerum” in Gaelic) dates back to the 14 th century and was the traditional seat of my ancestor’s clan, the Macdonalds of Clanranald.

Thousands of castles dot the Scottish landscape, several populated by a variety of ghosts. After the wedding, Ronald looked at his new wife and saw she look distressed. A paranormal group carrying out an ‘unofficial’ investigation circa 2008 claimed to have made contact with a tetchy female ghost called Elspeth or Elspet. The ruined Castle Tioram (pronounced Cheerum) is sited on the rocky tidal island Eilean Tioram (the Dry Island) where the waters of Loch Moidart & the River Shiel meet. Soulis’ ghost haunts Hermitage, whilst the cries of his young victims are still said to ring out around the ruins.

Pronounced “chee-rum”, Tioram Castle is a ruin that sits on Eilean Tioram (The Dry Island) in Loch Moidart, where it meets the River Sheil. The castle is haunted by the ghost of a Spanish soldier, who died when itwas attacked by the government during a Jacobite uprising, and also a female ghost called Lady Mary.

Examples include Dunollie, Dunstaffnage, Duntrune, and Coeffin on the Isle of Lismore. Theoretically, at least, he had come in peace, so there might have been more reason to commemorate his visit rather than snatching up arms or taking to the hills.

I even wondered if the stones could have been carved previously in a different location (or on an earlier chapel – ‘Kilchattan’ suggests the presence of an early missionary-saint) and then incorporated into the existing 12th century structure.

Eilean Tioram is one of 43 tidal islands that can be walked to from the mainland of Great Britain and one of 17 that can be walked to from the Scottish mainland. [3], Castle Tioram was one of Somerled's castles in his time (the twelfth century),[4] though some may date it from the thirteenth or fourteenth century.

The Crichtons sold Sanquhar to Sir William Douglas, 1st Duke of Queensberry in the 17th century, but he let it fall to ruin after building Drumlanrig Castle a mere ten miles away.

Thereafter, it was purchased by the Farquharsons, who let it to the government for use as an army garrison, though the castle itself was a ruin. He was ambitious and strong-minded, brutally suppressing rebellions in Caithness and Galloway and forging the Treaty of York with Henry III of England, an agreement which defined the English-Scottish boundary in a line running from the Solway Firth to the Tweed. Unsure of the odds he faced, Ciotach sent his piper in to evaluate the situation. This included the creation of a clan centre/museum, domestic apartments, and some public access. The technology of the builders is a very interesting question! Pipers held a privileged position in Highland society, and were guaranteed hospitality. It is haunted by a Grey Lady and a ghostly dog with glowing eyes. [5] It appears to have originally been a principal stronghold of Clann Ruaidhrí. Owned by the Chieftain of Clan Farquharson, Braemar was built in 1628 by the 18th Earl of Mar, John Erskine, ironically to hold back the Farquharsons. The frog then caused weather so ferocious that those accompanying the Chieftain thought they were going to drown, so the frog was begrudgingly allowed on board.

It might not have struck observers at the time with admiration and awe – more likely apprehension or dread – but it must have been a magnificent spectacle all the same. On 7th July the fleet would most likely have been anchored off the east coast of Luing. The lines are vague in places, but you can still make out their sleek profiles and tall masts. In order to do this, Jean was to take an offering comprising of grass taken from the local churchyard and tied by plaited reed to a Rowan branch, cut from a tree on the gallows hill. It has been uninhabited since the 1715 rebellion.

Thriller (S3, E3): Death To Sister Mary REVIEW, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1968 REVIEW, The Black Swan Hotel and Devizes: Great British Ghosts (S1, E7), Haunting of the Ye Olde Man & Scythe Pub, Bolton, Berry Pomeroy Castle: A Scary Ghost Guide. And on the sea bed! MJ STEEL COLLINS  looks at some of the less-well known haunted Scottish castles. A friend on Luing says you’d need a boat/dinghy to get to Torsa. Crookston is owned by Historic Scotland and open to the public. To say he had a foot in both camps doesn’t begin to cover it. Haunted Gwrych Castle: There’s A Ghost… Get Me Out Of Here!

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