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They wed on February 12th. Denzil Xavier Portillo was born on 26 May, 1953. As Michael ventures off alone, many fans of the show have wondered about whether the presenter is married.

His only fault? He didn't neglect his play time. Portillo got his first taste of the party's morals when he was working for Cecil Parkinson in 1983.

Here’s what you need to know! He then became the secretary of state for defense. Portillo read How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain de Botton, he went to council estates and pubs, talked to single mothers, put on ponchos to go on pilgrimages in Spain and became a documentary presenter. Alice Thomson has spoken to friends, colleagues and observers of the would-be Conservative Party leader and finds, despite his certainty that others do not know him, that there are illuminating clues to the puzzle, 'HAS he changed or hasn't he?

", "He's impatient," says another. ", One of the few friends who can tease him says: "His only fault is that he gets in this self-regarding, film-starry mood which is irritating - you have to tell him to shut up. Carolyn Eadie Wiki, Carolyn Eadie Biography. "We're rolling in it. He graduated with a degree in history. He was a very hard worker, unfailingly courteous and he got on excellently with his US counterpart and in Europe. Her father collected contemporary Scottish paintings, many of which now line Portillo's drawing room. Portillo had decided to become an MP but first he dabbled in oil, which gave him crucial commercial experience and led to his job at Kerr McGee Oil when he was in the wilderness, according to financier Algy Cluff. However, his political career was marred with criticism on many fronts. And this year, Michael is heading on one of his biggest journeys yet. ", Another friend who has known him for 25 years says: "We usually don't talk politics at all, he finds it quite boring. It was the fashionable end of the 1970s and no one wanted to swing against the time, certainly not Michael. Following this, he focused on his stint with TV and radio.

He used to drive around in a black Citroen and eat steak and kidney pie at the pub. With this show, we saw Michael travel across China and South East Asia. "He was always very civilised, cerebral and diligent. But he adds: "He's also proved himself too sensitive in the past few years. Carolyn is a senior executive recruitment consultant in the City of London, with Spencer Stuart. ", Another friend, who ate "these things called tortillas" at the Portillos' house, says, "He was never a political trainspotter, but one thing marked him out. At their dinner parties, prepared by caterers, there'll be Georg Solti's widow, a sketchwriter, an opera singer, a businessman and a young acolyte. He brings together an extraordinary coalition of supporters.

This is largely in part to an operation Carolyn had after battling breast cancer two years after their wedding. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun.

The 66-year-old presenter and former politician has been married to Carolyn Eadie since 1982. He was the pacifist defence secretary who shouted, "Who dares wins". Have something to tell us about this article? ", Carolyn is now one of a dozen big hitters in the headhunting world. He lacks self-belief and self-confidence. They're not country people at all, they like living bang in the centre in Westminster - Notting Hill is too far out.". He hadn't realised how he'd become such a figure of hate. By the time he was 8 years of age, Michael had already made his mark.

"He'd been planning this summer to do a road holiday in California and take in the Ring cycle in Seattle. He started gaining fame at the tender age of 6, when he appeared in a commercial for ‘Ribena,’ a cordial drink.

Following his active political stint that spanned a few years, he retired from politics in 2005. "Who is Michael Portillo?". In 2010, Michael commence his celebrated series, Great British Railway Journeys, following the British railway networks according to an 1840s copy of Bradshaw’s Guide. Portillo is a more intellectually substantial figure than Blair, but less of the bloke next door (he doesn't know how to head a football).

When she’s not writing you can find her out with friends, making music or attending events for the brand. He was amused to discover someone almost as ambitious as he was. He attended ‘Stanburn Primary School’ in Greater London and then attended ‘Harrow County School for Boys.’.

His political career bloomed in the late 1980s. People don't like politicians any more. And she knows he's got to have a shot at the top job.".

His mother, Cora, a teacher, is from a merchant family in Fife, Kirkcaldy.

There were certainly gays on holidays but no one ever discussed it, it didn't matter. "She's very unflashy, and she never uses his name," says a competitor.

But he's a complex man, some sides are contradictory. Following this, he retired from politics permanently. Portillo is godfather to one of Hart's children and takes them to the Ritz. "Michael is much too grand to talk about it - he'll take the hits and won't respond.

We had lunch on the days of the state opening of Parliament after he lost his seat. In the mid-1980s, he fought an election for a place in the ‘House of Commons’ and ended up winning a seat for himself. He's beguiling. He admits that he told no one, not even his wife, Carolyn, when he decided to talk to a newspaper about his pre-marital homosexual experiences.

One said: "He was very difficult to get to know.

Hague had steely resilience. He was on a walkabout in his constituency last month and bumped into an air stewardess. He didn't show a huge sense of humour.".

I watched him read his way through Perfume.

I thought he'd make a good chairman of a small company. The son of a Spanish immigrant who said all foreigners buy their exam results. There's nothing gentle about them. Outsiders might have thought it was cliquey. "The view that I groomed him for stardom is total twaddle," he says. No.

Portillo couldn't drag himself away from politics for long. Lord Tebbit called it touchy-feely pink pound politics. "He was part of an exclusive clique.

"He was the golden boy at Great Queen Street. Michael has been the chairman of the 2008 ‘Man Booker Prize’ committee.

Michael Portillo married Carolyn Claire Eadie in February 1982. Almost every minister and aide who has worked with him is backing him and so is half of cosmopolitan London. Archie Norman joined Hague's shadow cabinet on the same day as Portillo and is a supporter. They worry that Hart, an extravagant, Old Etonian, helicopter-loving businessman, will become the Tories' Geoffrey Robinson. "He'd read the Michelin guide for advice on lunch and in the afternoons, we'd all read around the pool," says Ritchie. Portillo is not a rock, he needs bolstering. Michael Portillo sighting during the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, on April 17, 2013 in London, England. He feels as uncomfortable in green wellies as Blair would in a donkey jacket, and struggles to connect with the tweedy old Tories in the shires. Michael was added a few weeks later. "If he gets bored it's evident in two minutes, he sits there looking grumpy and expressionless, he then announces he has an important meeting and leaves.".

WATCH GREAT CONTINENTAL RAILWAY JOURNEYS WEDNESDAYS AT 8 PM ON BBC TWO, GET FREAKY WITH US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK. Mr Portillo emerged from his London home with his wife, Carolyn Eadie, last night and said he had been "dogged by vicious rumours" recently. When Sara Keays revealed she was pregnant, Portillo drove the Parkinsons home, to be met by a pack of photographers. "For the past 20 years, he's hired these wonderful villas in France and Italy. He appeared in a commercial for a cordial drink named ‘Ribena.’ He started his political career after he graduated in history with a first-class degree at the age of 22. the diarist Alan Clark asked me in his final interview. That's what he wants to do for the Tory party. His friends are an eclectic group. ", She adds a warning.

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