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This means there’s not a lot of traffic here and gives the area that quaint villagey feel. There was also a ‘Pin the crown, or handbag, (or moustache!) London lifestyle, life in London, living in London, what life in London is really like, experience London like a local, travel photography, travel Instagram accounts, Instagram travel photographers, best Instagram travel, travel inspiration, best travel accounts to follow on Instagram. On a clear day you can see as far as the Battersea Power Station and St Paul’s Cathedral! All proceeds will be going to cancer and caring charities. One Tree Hill is a true secret hideaway you wouldn’t ever come across if you didn’t know it was there. If I haven’t convinced you yet, back in 2018 The New York Times called it one of the coolest museums in the world! Then the pyrotechnic team took over and worked their magic. Canonbie Road is in neither of those places. Tues August 26

Wednesday 21 May

I've trawled Sabre (especially the 1:3 gradients thread) and haven't found an answer - what's the steepest gradient on a public road in London? Admission: £3, This event is for members of the association only, but if you would like to join the association and have yet to, membership can be paid at the gate (£5). Hope you enjoyed this insider tour of south east London. Admission: £3.50, children free. On the day, the children were more than happy to jump over ropes wearing crowns and to act as ladies or pages in waiting, bringing much needed water to a very authentic looking freshly crowned Queen sitting on her throne holding her sceptre. Here's my attempt at a list of the steepest roads in London. The traffic flow and dynamics of the increasingly high volume of traffic on Honor Oak Road is causing an increasing number of drivers to use Canonbie Road to avoid the traffic build-up. Vegetarians were not forgotten with an even more varied range of really delicious dishes this year.

It occurs to me that if you fancied hill repeats for training but were pressed for time, College Road between Dulwich and Crystal Palace, and Canonbie Road in Forest Hill, are both places you could get to fairly quickly.
I’ve been feeling guilty about it too but sometimes you just have to accept that with only twenty four hours in a day you can’t do it all.

We have lots of detailed guides to help you get the most out of

No dogs please. Of course, our Summer Picnics are not usually this regal, and I think that next year’s theme is likely to turn to football, with the World Cup being played out in July 2014 in Brazil. Teas and homemade cakes. Finally, having already run the ‘Dress for the Palace’ race, the children were ready, sparkling and smart, for a royal procession which was led through the Triangle and cheered on by the adults. In order that the association represents residents appropriately, it is vital that the committee comprises a good cross-section of the community. This route can be downloaded in the following formats (click to download): Please be careful to observe all signs for rights of way when following other people's routes, as we cannot guarantee that they do not cross private or hazardous land. Some, like Greenwich Park, Crystal Palace Park and Brockwell Park, are very well known but it’s the smallest green spaces that can often really surprise you. Register for free. Eventually the rain eased off and, although somewhat later than planned, Association members were able to enjoy the mulled wine and traditional bonfire night fare: sausages, chicken in barbecue sauce, chilli con carne, homemade pizzas, spare-ribs, and mini-hamburgers as well as baked potatoes and salad. Have you noticed a trend yet? We’d love to have you as part of the team, so please get in touch via this website, or email for more information. Official guidance states that these signs should only be used where the gradient is 10% or more. It needs to stop – now.

Refreshments available. Recent incidents include vehicles entering from Honor Oak Road stopping suddenly or sliding backwards owing to the steepness of the slope, and drivers losing control of their vehicle and crashing into several parked cars and the front garden walls of three residents. For more information about the campaign, see the January 2014 Newsletter. Doors open at 6.30pm, from when food and drink will be available, including home made mulled wine, all of which is included in the price of your ticket. 49 Alleyn Park, Dulwich, London, SE21 8AT, 2.00pm – 6.00pm. I stumbled across it completely by chance a few weeks ago during one of my walks and I’m so happy I did. You can be sure that any list of awesome places in south east London I put together will feature Horniman Museum and Gardens. This year the Tewkesbury Lodge Garden Group opening for the National Garden Scheme will be on the weekend of 31st May and 1st June. A start on setting up the display was made, but, as the rain continued to fall steadily, it was decided to reconvene later that day in the hope that the weather would improve. Every year the Summer Picnic in the Triangle is different, but having enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee theme last year, we thought the Queen’s Coronation might lend itself equally well as a theme for the children’s games this year. Our Calorie Calculator estimates how many Calories you will burn using Metabolic Equivalent (MET) values from Compendium of Physical Activities. Please contact the secretary for more information on times and venues.

Your comment has been flagged for review due to possible spam. Here's a selection: We also have a number of video tutorials, an FAQ section and friendly forums where you can get more help and advice. The Summer Picnic is organised every year by the Association. Mothers Against Motoring Mayhem (MAMM) has been formed out of a total disenchantment with the people they believed were in a position to help. Other examples of irresponsible driving include parents performing U-turns to go back down Forest Hill Road after dropping off their children. It is an ideal opportunity for members to meet up with friends and neighbours, and get to know new residents. But there's also the inclination in degrees. - online route planner for outdoor pursuits. Additionally, the steep slope requires vehicles to engage a low gear which results in increased emissions of hazardous clouds of exhaust fumes. Our children have no sense of the danger, but we do. wheelchairs. From September, several positions on the committee, both as officers and ‘ordinary’ members (who are far from ordinary and are a vital part of the committee!) The day of the Association’s firework party dawned anything but bright and clear – it was pouring with rain, and looked set to stay that way. To view the minutes please click below: Members and their families are invited to our annual Fireworks Party, to be held at Horniman School, Horniman Drive on Saturday 9th November. Confined to my neighbourhood during lockdown I finally decided to go and see it for myself a few weeks ago and if you’re an architecture geek like me you won’t be disappointed. Canonbie - Langholm - Newcastleton - Canonbie. If you can help in any way, do contact MAMM via this website, or at either or against motoring mayhem. Please Sign In to leave a comment.
At the height of the pandemic when everything was closed and we weren’t allowed to see our friends and family, I made it my daily ritual to go out on long walks around the local area. The website for Tewkesbury Lodge Estate Residents' Association.

Refreshments available, plant sale, sorry no dogs, very limited wheelchair access. The fenced Triangle at the junction of Horniman Drive and Liphook Crescent (usually a restricted public space) is an ideal place for the children to play while the adults enjoy a glass or two of Pimms and a leisurely lunch, choosing from the mouth-watering array of savoury and sweet dishes people have brought along to share. Do you have a favourite spot from this list? It’s a true hidden gem with local neighbourhood feel and stunning London skyline vistas. The entrances off the street are pretty inconspicuous and lead you to a mature woodland (this is one of the remnants of Great North Wood that once covered a big chunk of south east London). This got me thinking that we have several ways of measuring gradient. Plotted with the route planner. There are also some beautiful buildings dotted around the gardens like the stunning grade II listed Victorian conservatory and a charming bijou bandstand. Suzanne Jessel, Note Just a short walk from the Horniman Museum, there is a residential road with a 10 percent average gradient and one of the most impressive vistas anywhere in London! children free. There is a large covered area under the School for spectators, but this is small consolation if you happen to be one of the team of pyrotechnics! Roads - The Dumfries to Carlisle coach road passes through as well as a road to Edinburgh by Kirtlebridge and Langholm and one by Stapleton, Kilpatrick and Chapelknow to join the Edinburgh and Carlisle road near Canonbie. The issues that need to be urgently addressed are traffic speed, poor road signage, two highly dangerous ‘blind spots’ in Honor Oak Road, and adequate safety railings. This part of the city is full of hills and breathtaking views!

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