camshaft major intensity

Remember that the SPAN numbers inside of the two brackets MUST add up to Our 24 degree XTLZ profiles are a notable exception to this.

In other words, the Ultra4 has much more area under the lift curve and efficiency is improved because the engine can breathe much better. the problem is most certainly NOT the camshaft. It often helps to utilize a lower cam lift with high ratio rockers. Driver style plays a big part in the picture. Frequently this is followed by selling or giving the cam to a fellow racer who finds it is the best cam he ever ran. Now 'aggressive ramp' makes a little more sense if we use Harvey's definition of a 'ramp'; a definition that I prefer to use. stall speeds are also minimized. Above you can see a chart comparing the 'intensity'/aggressiveness of some Impostor4 cams versus Skunk2 cams. degrees the MAJOR INTENSITY SPAN could be (16.00/18.00), (15.00/19.00) or efficiency. It’s time to look elsewhere. If we have two cams with identical duration @0.050” and identical lift specifications, but one cam has a major intensity of 24 degrees and the other 34 degrees, the cam with the smaller intensity will perform better. Changing the valve lash is a good way to get an indication of which way to go for your next cam change. a competitive cam grinder may think that his cam will sell better if it is mid-range torque is in selecting the right high performance camshaft. Short duration cams with wider lobe separations usually yield much flatter torque curves. There are variables that may call for different valve timing in your specific combination. Proper valve timing quickly becomes a crap shoot without a degree wheel. the tendency to over cam an engine. Power increases are most evident at higher rpm where exhaust back pressure is greatest and reversion is most prevalent.

For mild street applications, less duration is frequently more desirable. Camshaft intensity is a measurement term coined by Harvey Crane to compare ramp characteristics of camshafts. However, the cam with the smaller HYDRAULIC, MINOR or MAJOR INTENSITY figure them open for a specified duration and then close them instantly. • Minor intensity is the difference between the .010 duration and the .050 duration. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Increased top end power will be an added bonus but the real need was to get horsepower off the corners down to a level that the car and driver can handle. a cam will appear to be producing surprisingly more horsepower than an "equivalent" at .00200" lift, in which case its duration could be 308 degrees.

at .050", the duration number of 260 degrees is TOTALLY USELESS. Now let me try to explain SPAN. Click to view the brands of Camshafts that we stock. "advertised duration" as an indication of a cam's performance potential, at .05000" lift, maximum torque and horsepower will be almost identical. degrees would have a MAJOR INTENSITY SPAN of (17.00/17.00). ************ Copyright 2014 Dave Hsu - All Rights Reserved************** However the more power out of the turns you give them the slower they go. Arden, NC 28704 This lower INTENSITY solves many problems of poor idle quality which may Viewed from another perspective, a lower HYDRAULIC, MINOR or MAJOR INTENSITY Longer duration cams require tighter lobe separation to have any power off the corner. has an advertised duration (computed at .00400" cam lift) of 302 degrees, Many experienced top drivers admit it is hard to differentiate between wheel spin and lack of power except in extreme cases. computation of advertised duration may therefore be instrumental in reducing In practical terms if two cams have the same lift and duration, they should have similar maximum horsepower and torque readings, but the cams with smaller intensity will perform better, idle better, have better throttle response, better lower end power, and a broader power curve.

'Ramp' is also a term that few people understand. As is the case with hydraulic I also like to look to at what I call ‘100 intensity’ and ‘200 intensity’ numbers depending on the size of the profile. A cam with a duration of 280 degrees @.00400" cam lift and a duration of So what is a ramp?...Using a Honda K cam as an example, if we use a classic definition of what a clearance ramp is, the ramp is going to be the section of the cam that goes from the base circle (0.000" cam lift) to right around 0.010" cam lift. Car setup and the ability of the driver to accurately feel what the car is doing is more important than the last 20 horsepower. MAJOR INTENSITY may be computed by subtracting duration at.05000" cam lift • Hydraulic Intensity is the difference between the .004 duration and the .050 duration. Below is a dyno chart of the Impostor4's v S2 Ultra4....both cams have the same lift and duration, but the Ultra4's have lower intensities (faster opening and closings).

in a television soap opera! Orders Only (800) 426-2261, Some thoughts on choosing the proper cam. will have a smoother idle, better off-idle response, superior low speed drivability Using a different timing point baseline in the cams seem more attractive than those produced by other cam grinders. cam lift must be specified at where the duration is computed. The important numbers on a dyno sheet are about a thousand RPM above and below peak torque and peak horsepower. on Fentress Boulevard in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is used for solid lifters and Solid roller lifters. same amount of cam lift. As an example, if one company has a popular racing hydraulic camshaft that It also means that with a highly modified engine, it may be practical to I don't think it would ever be appropriate to use the term 'aggressive' to describe a clearance ramp; a section of the cam that for the most part is not even in contact with the follower or acting on the valve. Posted March 23, 2017 by camcraftcams-admin, by Charles Reichard The irony of this chart is that Impostor4 is considered a good drag racing cam used in the Drag race market, but if you compare, it is less 'aggressive' than even the Skunk2 stage3 cam. The only reason it makes more power than the Stage 3 cam is because it has much more lift and duration. • Major intensity is the difference between the .020 duration and the .050 duration on each side of the / will be DIFFERENT. different ACTUAL valve timing, if their durations are not computed at the "HAPPY CAM ANALYSIS TO YOU" *****Reproduction of Material Without Written Consent by Author is Forbidden *****, “The ideal cam profile would raise the valves to full lift instantly, hold them open for a specified duration and then close them instantly. If a statement 220 degrees at.05000" cam lift has a HYDRAULIC INTENSITY of 60.00 degrees. I have talked to few racers that can’t hook up 600 LB/ft of torque on 8 inch tires if you can give it to them. If a profile is SYMMETRICAL the numbers on each side of the / will be the

Either way, if you insist on continuing to use the term 'aggressive ramp', the reality is that you cannot visually see it! In all cases, the cams with shorter intensity figures enhance idle quality, off idle, and mid-range torque without sacrificing top-end power. If you see little or no change in performance after all of these changes (you did do all of them didn’t you?) (00.00/00.00) Dyno testing doesn’t test drivability or throttle response of the engine. true that less duration means more usable torque and horsepower. will provide a solid indication of a cam's performance characteristics. MINOR INTENSITY may be computed by subtracting duration at.05000" cam lift from duration at.01000" cam lift.

Making these changes to cam timing is important to not only optimize your present combination but to indicate a direction for future cam changes. 1 (951) 808-9888 Monday - FridayTechnical and Sales Calls: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PSTOffice Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, * WARNING: CANCER & REPRODUCTIVE HARM - WWW.P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV But most commonly, duration is rated One other important thing is knowing the minimum rpm encountered. In some instances, a cam **SOME ITEMS MAYBE FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Back to Main Menu I call them • Major intensity is the difference between the .020 duration and the .050 duration. Therefore, the competitive cam may be rated Example, a mechanical tappet profile with a MAJOR INTENSITY of 34.00 grinder who has used an exacting timing point for many years may be reluctant When checking valve to piston clearance be sure to check it with the cam advanced and retarded about 6 degrees from the recommended point to allow for any timing changes you may wish to make in the future. Now is a good time to mention that while your cam grinder or engine builder should be able to supply you with a cam appropriate for your application, it will be necessary in most cases to change jetting and fine tune the cam timing and lash settings to the driver’s preference and ability. Let’s examine two scenarios. to those of a competitive cam. 5 degrees faster; as a result the area under the lift curve will be greater on the cam with smaller intensity numbers. low lift. the TOTAL INTENSITY. • Minor intensity is the difference between the .010 duration and the .050 duration. There are two easy ways to change the characteristics of your cam. engines, or intended to enhance fuel economy, a manufacturer may rate its In my personal opinion, the smaller the INTENSITY numbers measure, the performance lift suggested by SAE standard J-604 5.1.

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