bypass 3 wire seat safety switch

The probability of certain accidents gets less if Safety Switches are enabled.

I zip tied the button in the down position.

Follow each step and precaution on this article, and you’ll learn how to bypass any safety switch on your riding mower. This way you don’t need to cut the plug off and can return it to the functioning safety switch should you decide you need to or want to sell the tractor as originally designed. Ken, once you’ve zip-tied the pin down, is it possible to just put it back into position? If 2-3 is open then a) the connector must be plugged in and b) there should be someone on the seat (pin is down). People with that mentality are probably the ones that designers are trying to protect from themselves — and rightly so. the mowing deck has been removed! As “it is desirable to prevent an operator from bypassing the operation of the safety functions provided by a seat mounted safety switch by simply disengaging the connector coupled to the switch housing” the engineers designed the connector to short-circuit the two middle wires in the connector itself when it was unplugged. About the only other thing I can suggest right now, if you have a cart, is to replace your hitch pin with something like a John Deere Magnetic Hitch Pin or Good Vibrations King Pin Lawn Mower Quick Connect Hitch Pin — they let you disconnect the cart from the lawn tractor with a single hand without having to bend over double or get on your knees to pull out or push in a cotter pin. You can do this by using the socket wrench and looking for the screws that connect it to the seat plate (some mowers don’t have this plate). Did that before I ever engaged the blades the first time. Sometimes the current of electricity accidentally goes through something else like a person which could cause an electric shock.

See Figure 11 above and look for the piece marked 264. The safety switch on a Craftsman mower is designed to shut the engine down if no one is seated on the tractor seat.

Set the brake lever once again, so the mower doesn’t move. I have a 2017 John Deere D140.

Based on the results you get from doing those two steps, one or more bypass solutions should present themselves. All Rights Reserved. that can be located under the seat. This is a safety feature in case someone were to fall off the mower while it was moving or to prevent the power from being put into gear without anyone to control it.

Sticking a single toothpick into only one of the slots will work.

Use the screwdriver and socket wrench as necessary. I had a few hours of mowing to do and a bit of spare time up my sleeve, so I pushed the lawn tractor out of the shed, tilted the seat forward and unceremoniously cut the wire all the way through with some snips.

Hold the plastic harness with one hand and pull the wires with the other hand. Check everything once last time to see that everything is in place. Lower down the seat, and you should be ready to test it. Sometimes the current of electricity accidentally goes through something else like a person which could cause an electric shock. It’s hard to believe that any decent safety switch can be bypassed by simply unplugging it, but you’ve got nothing to lose and aren’t going to cause any damage, so why not give it a go? I haven’t yet been sufficiently annoyed by the Reverse Implement Option (RIO) switch to warrant bypassing it. EMAIL ME AT IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Bypassing the safety switch may take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

This post contains affiliate links. Based on a lifetime of prior experience, connectors are just dumb bits of plastic so there’s no way the connector could have anything to do with the tractor not starting up — they think that an unplugged cable behaves the same as a cut cable (i.e. Kawasaki FH451V-FH721V Engine Service Manual, Tecumseh Quick Reference Service Information, Engine swap out kohler to briggs stratten. Safety Switches are something like that. Lay the two wires down under the seat and lower the seat.
Yep, I actually mentioned that approach in the Final Thoughts section. The safety switch is now disabled, and the mower will run without anyone seated on it. Why the polls were wrong about Trump (again), 'Stop the count': Trump backers rally at vote centers, Live: Biden moves closer to reaching 270 votes, Fox News hosts question network's Ariz. call for Biden, Union members picked Biden after Trump 'abandoned' them, Black men drifted from Dems to Trump in record numbers, Pennsylvania AG on Trump lawsuit: 'We'll win again', Trump campaign unleashes wave of suits in key states, Coach cracks down on Tate's 'selfish behavior', Giants trainer may have saved this player's wife's life, 2020 election results highlight Hispanic diversity. ( Log Out /  Husqvarna, Sabre, Scotts) use a similar, if not identical switch and can be bypassed in the same way.

can be extra helpful for many things. Clip the two wires at the point where they connect to the box on the underside of the seat. A lot of folks won’t be willing to do that because the idea of inflicting permanent, irreversible (in their minds) damage to something they paid money for is a mental obstacle too high for them to overcome.

That said, the current generation (and all previous generations) of seat safety switches all implement simple electrical circuits. I simply cut the 3 wires, kept isolated, re-wrapped them. Final note: I think it’s worth mentioning that circuits can be broken (opened) at any point along their length, so technically you don’t need to prevent contact between 262 and 212 at both 210b and 210c, you could just do one or the other. Actually you can fix the problem of the extra contact points by simply sticking two separate flat toothpicks in between the contact points below where the bottom two connectors plug into the switch. Step #6: Disconnect The Safety Switch Wires. But despite its so many facilities it still becomes too annoying with safety switches turned on. I very much enjoyed your description of this annoying problem. When this doesn’t work, they are probably a little bit surprised, then plug it back in and are just relieved that the tractor still fires up.

A quick search shows that the D160 (also the D170 and models upgraded with a High Back Lumbar Seat) use the AM130453 instead of the GY20073 so (at least at a product number level) they are different. Nanny-state legislation mandates that all lawn tractors/ride-on mowers have safety devices installed to shut down the engine if the ‘operator leaves the seat’ so yes, a new D130 will have that ‘feature’.

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