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[audience laughing] My mom is one of the most wonderful men that I’ve ever– Wonderful people.

There’s a secure connection. ... Our national pastime is baseball. They do that at police press conferences. It’s El Niño for El Niño. EEO Report |

I’m like, “This makes no sense.” Before I could leave, a salesman came up and said, “Can I help you?” And instead of saying, “No, thank you,” and leaving… I said, “I want a hot dog.” [audience laughing] So, we stared at each other for 20 seconds. Kim Jong-un is one of my Facebook friends.

I’ve never been more afraid to bring up a subject in my life. All rights reserved. So, I tried to hop. We just arrived.” You get the next shot in, you get another 15, to a total of 30. We love that about him. COVID-19: ‘The Bitter End’ for nation’s live music venues?

[audience laughing] I got a great way to destroy a family. I get to travel. I don’t want him to die.

My brother-in-law was talking about his motorcycle, and said to me, “You should go for a ride with me on my motorcycle.” I was like, “Yeah, it’d be fun to go for a ride.” He goes, “All right.

Any game that needs a construction hat and blueprints… [audience laughing] You know what intrigues me about the game Mouse Trap? “Hi, street.” So, we haven’t left yet, and I don’t know how it works, so I put my arms around him. “How the hell are we gonna put that… He was standing… He’s looking into a pink light… No, we need it. Promotional Rates were found for your code. Here. I don’t make good decisions. Baby Nancy, the first Black baby doll to have an Afro and other authentic features, was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame on Thursday, along with sidewalk chalk and the wooden block game Jenga. As is his style, Regan punctuated his jokes with  exaggerated physical humor.

“Oh, fantastic.

That’s the guess you take under the circumstances? This included the two million dollar basketball suite renovations for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. [audience laughing] Little by little. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.. They look silly, especially the ones who put on a few pounds. Like, “Clearly, I don’t have all the information. But you know what they haven’t tried? I like the home plate umpire job. He is in his 14th season as a member of the basketball staff and his 16th year with the athletic department. 2. A 1988 graduate of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa., with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, Regan served as a student assistant to head coach Bernie Matthews. [audience laughing] Do you have a backup plan?” I swear he goes, “Pee out the back window. Little moments where you go, “Hey, that was new.” It used to be I’d put on my underwear, and that was it. Give me the ball.

[audience laughing] You’re at home watching this waste of time. “Colonel Mustard? I go so far back, I feel my underwear waistband flip up. Give me the ball back.” So, why in tennis do they allow that? [audience laughing] They know the next one has to get in, so they morph into a complete different player. She beats me every time. | FCC Applications

A couple of weeks ago, I beat her for the first time, she didn’t say anything, I thought that was weird. “He was a part of a long period of success here at Pitt and continues to play a significant role as we work our way back to that level of success.”. Say no more.” But you get the next shot in, you get ten points… to a total of 40.

The decisions some people make. Has that ever worked? You care about your constituents. It doesn’t make even a little bit of sense.

Those can destroy a family. The special was recorded in April at The Barclay Theater in Irvine, CA, and a DVD of the performance was released August 14, 2007. The venerable New Orleans funk band Galactic purchased the historic music club Tipitina's in late November 2018 and, according to bassist Robert Mercurio, was making a go of it.

[audience laughing] Coming back from a family picnic. And I’m not just peeing on me. Required fields are marked *. She runs into the parking lot, says, “Do you need help, sir?” He said, “I asked my son for help, and he said, ‘No. That’ll work.” [audience laughing] Alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling addictions. Okay. 35 mins ago Ronny Chieng (“The Daily Show,” “Crazy Rich Asians”) takes center stage in this stand-up special and riffs on modern American life and more. I wish when he stepped in front of me, I would have reached into the pockets of his cargo shorts and just pulled out his belongings and just hurled them. No, that ain’t happening. We’ll have a bad day now.” [audience laughing] Three backflips, hit the water and exploded into nothing but flotsam and jetsam.

Use it whenever you need it. We had a family reunion. An umbrella is at the beach when you get there!” [audience laughing] Family’s destroyed.

Brian Regan on Baseball Umpires and Managers. It’s a true story. Can anyone hop onto a motorcycle?

He’s watching us through Spacetime.” [cheers and applause]

[audience laughing] Then you put on a few more pounds, you bend over, your waistband flips down. Can you imagine seeing that in other sports? “In fact, this is me from an interview just last evening.” “Tomorrow, it’s gonna be important for us to get into field position. He was also the event manager for swimming and diving, softball, wrestling and women’s tennis. If that doesn’t work, I have a proposal. At our level, if we don’t like somebody, we say like, “Hey, I don’t like you.” At that level, they’re nice for four minutes, and on the fifth minute, they kick them in the teeth. I see all that trigonometry you have on the board. Thank you for signing in! "Every candidate says what they're going to do in their first 100 days," Brian Regan told a soldout crowd at Vivint Arena on Friday night. Like an alligator coming out of a swamp at a 45-degree angle. No, I’ll just sit here and eat Funyuns2.”. Love, 15, 30, 40.

One is I have to over-explain things.

I’m at the point I have to ask, “Is my underwear on?” [audience laughing] How would I know? [audience laughing] If they weren’t in the bubble, we’d lose them for sure. He’s shuffling along. And everybody left. He’s sweating. [continues speaking gibberish] “Probably pterodactyls.” [audience laughing] Makes as much sense as what they’re doing now. 5 mins ago I wonder where they came from. [audience laughing] I don’t know if anybody saw that blurb in the newspaper, but… I believe there’s a new president. They haven’t tried a good dad. You can’t say sandwiches.” “Why? We’re walking in. ", Regan said he also learned a real-life lesson from the board game "Clue. Somebody shut that toy factory down.” [audience laughing], I love being a daddy. Thank you for reading!


We’re very fortunate. More 4:00 Funnies. I think we’re done with the hour. You have a lot of close plays at the plate. You like talking about this on your deathbed?” [audience laughing] Listen. Waste of everybody’s time. That’s Morse code for stop.” Click, click. Nothing’s worked. He coached all eight of us and worked a full-time job. You get compliments when you put on weight.

Just bring us your originals, or we can output your documents directly from digital files. You know?

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No, it’s okay.

[audience laughing] I wanna play horseshoes. I don’t know… [speaking gibberish] Hang on, folks. Review: Regan brokers uncontested convention at Vivint Arena, Brian Regan brings the funny to Vivint Arena, Regan-omics: 10 bits where Brian Regan hit paydirt, Comedian Brian Regan to join Stadium of Fire lineup, Celebrate National Art Day: 11 places to enjoy the arts in Utah County, 6 things to know about the history of Pleasant Grove's Evermore Park and its current Mythos season, 30+ Provo murals to appreciate while strolling through town, 6 things to know about Evermore’s magical world of Aurora, 9 chances to give a Utah County holiday theater or dance production a whirl, 6 places to observe a live nativity or stroll through a Christmas art exhibition, 6 tips for enjoying the magic of Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, 11 outdoor concert and performance venues with top-notch summer line-ups in Utah County, 10 Utah figures' photos we matched on Google's Arts & Culture app, Another mural on the wall: Provo becoming a center for public art, Utah's symphony, opera offer 'School From Home,' free music streaming, Disney on Ice to generate cool reception with 'Mickey's Search Party', Payson Community Theater presents 'Animated Night on Broadway'. They keep releasing pictures of Kim Jong-un looking through binoculars.

Still do. [audience laughing] They’ll yell, “That’s what I’m talking about!” Well, how do I know? I drove my dad to the restaurant where we were meeting. Swing them. If you get your first shot in, he’ll go, “You got 15.” “No, that’s not possible. Thank you very much everybody.

[9] It was released as a video/audio album in Feb 2016. [audience laughing] I’ve got love.” Be careful. How come somebody didn’t go to that first meeting, that first scoring system meeting? © 2020 University of Pittsburgh Athletics, Cathy & John Pelusi Family Life Skills Program. BRIAN REGAN: NUNCHUCKS AND FLAMETHROWERS (2017) – Full Transcript January 28, 2018 Brian Regan takes relatable family humor to new heights as he talks board games, underwear elastic and looking for hot dogs in all the wrong places. Something at the beach when you get there. I wish I had done this. State officials say there are about 450,000 votes still to be counted in Arizona, a Western presidential battleground state, where Democrat Joe Biden has a 2.35 percentage point lead over Republican Donald Trump, an advantage of about 68,000 votes. “What in the hell is going on over here?” [audience laughing] “Well, he started it.” “No, he started it.” “I don’t care who started it. I have a list of 50 liquor stores.”, I love doing this, man. “Can you hear me?” “I always could hear you. The law right now is a building cannot be any taller than 30 feet. I don’t know what my kids do that I’m not capable of, but I’m like, “How did you win?” My son’s like, “When you looked at the last card and made a mark, I knew because you didn’t make a mark when the previous card–” “My brain is getting hot. "Sometimes it's closed," Regan said, "but if you're willing to gamble, you can get into the Hall of Fame that way.

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