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He was opposed to Brethren seeking medical help from "worldly" places, and Thrush's father, a "very righteous" man, would never step out of line. .css-c3cvkh .video-js__outer{display:block;position:relative;margin:20px auto 0;}.css-c3cvkh .video-js__outer::after{display:block;padding-top:56.25%;content:'';}.css-c3cvkh .video-js{position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;}.css-c3cvkh .video-js .vjs-big-play-button{top:calc(50% - 0.8em);left:calc(50% - 1.5em);}.css-c3cvkh .video-js .vjs-poster{background-color:transparent;}.css-c3cvkh .video-js .vjs-tech{width:calc(100% + 2px);top:-1px;height:calc(100% + 2px);left:-1px;}.css-c3cvkh .video-js__caption{display:none;margin:0 0 10px;padding:10px 0;border-bottom:1px solid;color:#a9afba;font-size:14px;line-height:22px;}@media(min-width:625px){.css-c3cvkh .video-js__caption{display:block;}}.css-c3cvkh .video-js__caption .video-js__caption-name{font-weight:bold;}.css-c3cvkh.css-c3cvkh .vjs-big-play-button{display:none;}window['fe-co-brightcove-player-fe-co-brightcove-player_1'] = {"id":"7829212","bcAccount":"3920115944001","bcPlayer":"CdgRkw7LoC","videoId":"ref:7829212","embed":"default","hasCountdown":true,"autoplay":false,"adUrl":{"baseUrl":"","params":{"sz":"4x1","iu":"/31694718/vid.domain/news","t":"","ciu_szs":"300x250","impl":"s","gdfp_req":"1","env":"vp","output":"xml_vmap1","ad_rule":"1","unviewed_position_start":"1","url":"[referrer_url]","correlator":"[timestamp]","vid":"ref:7829212","playerid":"7829212","cust_params":"ctype=article\u0026cat=news\u0026pageid=31064\\u0026playerpos=0\u0026videoID=ref:7829212"}},"titan":{"videoId":"ref:7829212","position":0,"cat":"Video_Property","cat1":"Video_Domain"},"theme":"cre"}; Keep up with Commercial Real Estate news. "I had several phone conversations with Bruce Hales about the Jensen case," McCorkell says. She moved to another NSW town with her mother, but the stories followed her, and the bullying was unrelenting. Hales took over after his father, John, the previous leader, died in 2002, and can expect to lead the sect until his death. "It would be better for a millstone to be hung around your neck and for you to be cast into the depths of the sea rather than go to the police," one woman told her. It's a question McCorkell, now 37, still struggles with. Required fields are marked *, Getting Real About Illicit Drug Use at EDM Festivals, “He’ll get a vote-shock”: Goulburn Labor Ready for Federal Election Fight, Checking once, twice: reporting the leadership spill, Q&A: Jacob White – Marriage Equality Campaigner. A former Brethren member said the schools, though they did not allow computers to be used, were well maintained, and a lot of time was spent on educating the children well. Even so, through the long hours spent making their statements, pursuant to the rules of their sect, both refused food and drink. A number of the trust deeds, obtained by The Age, show local Brethren dignitaries as trustees, including Peter McAlpin, Richard Garrett, Henry Burgess and Richard Gadsden. Many are styled as "building funds" or "library funds" for schools. An enormous man – tall, broad and imposing – McCorkell falters when talking about it.

According to McCorkell, this is where it would normally have ended: the perpetrator probably would have been "kicked out for immorality" for a short time and the girls "shipped off to the US [where they had relatives] and nobody would have been any the wiser". The forum was another significant source of contacts for him. Between the ages of 10 and 13, the younger victim had no fewer than five meetings with him in his Sydney office. He has ultimate control over how the Brethren dress and wear their hair and make-up, with whom they eat and whom they marry, where they live, where their children go to school and what entertainment they seek. These brethren have one fellowship in some nineteen countries — including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Jamaica, Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines, but they are more numerous in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and North America where they are referred to just as the Exclusive Brethren or Brethren Globally, Brethren businesses generate a combined turnover of $22bn.

Brethren leader Bruce Hales has never answered any questions about the case.

The United States tops the chart worldwide with 101 businesses in … Twice, as the media circled, he urged abusers to make admissions to police so the Church could be publicly seen to be doing the right thing. You don't name your body parts. Members of a wealthy Christian sect are accused of child sexual abuse. Below is a compilation of stories from both members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and everyday Australians who work in our schools, businesses and charities. The punishments went on for months. Photo: Supplied. They were seen travelling together to Church meetings in a private jet (with Hales's full-time security guard). To his flock worldwide, 64-year-old Bruce Hales is "the Man of God" or "the Elect" – the seventh leader of a church founded in southern England's Plymouth in 1829. Behind the Exclusive Brethren was written in 2007, when the Exclusive Brethren’s political activities were attracting the attention of the mainstream media. Just like the girl and her abuser, and everyone else in the Brethren, he was born into the sect. It's hard for him to explain what was going on in his head when he was re-indoctrinated into the sect. McCorkell, by then a public relations professional, was intrigued, and a little horrified. Photo: Supplied. But the world around the Brethren has changed. Mr Fawkes said Brethren members were "very much" encouraged to make donations to the church, and to leave property to the church when they died. Their police statements were distributed to the elders of the Church to scrutinise and judge. The sexual abuse outlined in the Albury chapter also presented some legal concerns. Hales lectured her about morals, and the clothes she wore.

The Age discovered that the Brethren were planning a foray into Victorian state politics with a campaign in support of Nationals leader Peter Ryan, and against the Greens. He has decided to speak out regardless. The ABC’s Four Corners aired a story that year about the Brethren’s dealings with the Liberal Party, revealing that senior sect members had met with John Howard and Peter Costello and provided the party with financial support. It was a painfully public campaign. "The Lord is getting rid of liars, one after another. Serious pressure immediately came from the local community to reinstate him. Groups of young men would bash or rock cars they were travelling in, or drive fast at them as they walked. The Brethren formulated a response – "a standard letter that tells complainants to take it to the police if they believe they have evidence".

Love yourself: Top 5 self-love movies of all time, The best small towns around Canberra for a weekend getaway, Where Stars are Made – A Day at Canberra Kart Racing Club, Top Three Places to Play Pool in Canberra, How “The Wedding Banquet” influenced same-sex marriage in Taiwan, NowUC features stories produced by students studying journalism and sports media at the University of Canberra, Australia. Instead students are encouraged to go onto apprenticeships and gain technical qualifications. TWice In McCorkell's time, at his insistence, sex offenders handed themselves over to the police. It discusses all the interconnected aspects of Brethren life, including its past, theology, leadership and business practices. Until about 15 years ago, owning a fax machine was an excommunicable offence. The Brethren is also selling an ex-Ferntree Gully meeting hall via McGraths Waverley. "Ultimately there would have been two considerations for Bruce Hales: 'One: How do we make sure that this doesn't blow up into a major story? The text covers all bases sufficiently, giving a comprehensive view of the sect. If you ... choose to take it through the legal channels, you're welcome to do it, but [the doctor] would vigorously defend the situation and it's most likely in your best interest to weigh it up.' But it was so he could have a little fondle while he was driving along in the car. Neither sister had known, nor spoken to the other, about what had happened. The counsellor notified the NSW Department of Community Services, which made its own inquiries. As a girl in 1966, Elva Thrush suffered an asthma attack, a bad one. "It wasn't a daily thing," Jones recalls, "but it would be: 'Oh, Robert's got a cold, I'll stay home with him from church,' or, 'Oh, I've got a sales trip up north, Robert can come along, it will be an experience for him.'

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