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We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. He shows lots of promise to be a very nice competitive herding dog and Frisbee dog and potentially other sports with right handler.
If you live outside Southern California, please see The Collie Club of America's Rescue List for a listing of Collie Rescues by state, where we hope you'll find the right Collie Rescue. Follow this Amazon link to have 5% of your purchase come back to

Border Collie Rescue. She is a lovely collie girl.
Border Collies Available for Adoption in Southern California. Happy tails endings for Allie!

Because of Oliver’s size and energy, he will not be adopted into a household with cats, small dogs or children under the age of 16. All will be found in foster homes at the location indicated in each post. RACHEL -ID #A1132866 - RESCUE, This is Zoey! Our dermatology vet diagnosed him with “collie nose”, a form of Lupus which isn’t life threatening. Volunteer Resources, Our Mission Oliver absolutely requires a physically and mentally strong person who is willing to devote the necessary time to continue his training. Scroll down to where they ask for the charity you want to support and type in Border Collie Rescue of Northern California or bypass all of that and click on the Amazon image above.

Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue (CCHDRescue) is dedicated to helping find homes for Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs/Queensland Heelers and other herding breeds and mixes. A collie may bark and even nip when the herding instinct is aroused.

Rescues & Shelters SCR is always in need of dedicated volunteers. Want to teach your collie family manners? Alexandria and her sister Cambria came to SCR on a minute's notice. While Ollie loves to cuddle, play fetch, tug of war and run around with other big dogs, sometimes, he can also be somewhat grabby and quite protective. His father was a short-haired merle collie and his mother was collie-pharaoh hound mix.

Salt is very wary when meeting new people and should not be approached until he is comfortable enough to come up to he is not like most collies who just accept everyone right off. Welcome to Rigel Border Collies. We are located in Southern California, outside of Lancaster. Cambria needed immediate emergency attention and unfortunately, we had to let her go from bloat with complications. All rights reserved. Fostering Border Collies - ♥ RESCUE ME! No cats, no dogs, no livestock whether indoor or outdoor. Best of all the tumor was found to be completely benign. He came in with information that he had had some mild seizures in the past and was on phenobarbital, but was taken off. Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. At 18 months, he is still very much a puppy...a BIG puppy...with all of a puppy’s affection, playfulness as well as, unbridled energy. We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. Bred for beauty and temperament, our dogs have been successful in many performance venues including herding, agility, and obedience. Enrolling your collie puppy in a training class is one good way to provide some of the basics when it comes to obedience and socialization. While this isn’t aggressive behavior in a collie, it looks pretty aggressive to the one being herded. Border Collie breeder, Southern California. Forms below are not working PLEASE use Are you looking to buy a Border Collie puppy to add to your family? "Click here to view Border Collie Dogs in California for adoption. She came to SCR after her owner passed. If you are interested in Salt contact Linda Kratz Puppies will require a $75 spay / neuter deposit refundable upon same at approximately 6 months. We do not have any Border Collies ready and available for adoption at this time Oct 14, 2020 . She has gone through successful surgery and spaying. NCBCRA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) committed to rescuing Border Collies in Northern California in order to find them their forever homes. When we bailed her from the shelter, our volunteers thought she was a BC/Aussie mix. available in So.

Southland Collie Rescue has decided that either due to medical reasons, temperament or age that the best place for them is with one of our loving experienced Foster Families. REX needs to be an only pet. He likes to chase cats but he doesn't hurt them.

Proper socialization is essential for collie puppies. They have gone through so many medical needs from neutering to teeth cleaning, extractions, ex-rays and more. Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. He really needs a dog savvy owner who while not being intimidated by his issues, doesn't take his quirks for granted either. Breed Info He needs some basic obedience training but he knows sit and he comes when called. Allie now has her stitches out and will continue to heal in both body and soul in her forever home. She lived outside of her owners home for months as they put a plan in place. They are all learning to be inside dogs versus kennel/show dogs. Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. We prefer pet homes over show homes as we feel our puppies thrive in a family environment, our dogs are raised by our family, for your family. By Owner She is very smart, very, We rescued Sully2's mom from a high kill county shelter. sending their love to all of you. Salt is loving, understands basic commands and will follow you everywhere. NCBCRA is always looking for new foster families to provide a lifesaving chance for a Border collie. Collies love training and have been known to be easy to train because they are very smart and aim to please their owners. Originally a feral puppy, Roxy can take time to get, URGENT!!! If you’d like to learn more about welcoming a rescued collie into your home (we hope you will! Note: As of Oct 14, 2020 we do not have any Border Collies Please read more about our adoption process here (or click Adoption heading / How to Adopt). Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. They are learning how great life is in the home of a family that truly cares about their well being. Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. He is a big, long-legged collie. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Meet Bolt!

Since our mission is to rescue every Southern California collie, we need your monetary contributions. ), go to our contact page. This 1 ½ to 2 year old, 40 lb, smooth coat Border collie is high energy, high drive, and looking for a working home. Do not allow your collie to believe that it's acceptable to exercise their instincts outside of your control. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Midsummer through the end of fall is the time our volunteer need is the greatest, especially foster homes. Make sure to add SCR as your non profit of choice on Amazon Smile and Ralph's/Food For Less! VISIT BCRNC ON FACEBOOK.

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