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To see the blues chord progressions with their relevant blues scales in every key please see the the chart on the next page. This printable eBook method in PDF format provides 49 jazz solo transcriptions of the greatest jazz musicians of all times with TABS, standard notation, audio files and analysis both for guitar teachers and students. F sharp Blues (Concert A) 9. The major blues scale  is a useful device when you want to improvise over major and dominant chords. It gives the tonality and will serve as basis for the transposition of these shapes. Flat tenth is more appropriate in this harmonic context because a scale can't have two thirds in its composition. Playing a major blues scale over dominant and major chord highlights the 9 and 13. It gives bluesy vibes to your guitar solos.

In other words, it's a major pentatonic scale with an additional note. As you can hear, three major blues scale are employed, A major blues over A7, D major blues over D7 and E major blues over E7. This program is designed to provide a way for websites and apps to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.

F Blues (Concert A flat) 4.

Printable PDF eBook method containing 40 major jazz guitar licks with tab, standard notation and audio files for beginners and intermediates. We can add the flat 5, (b5), or blue note to the pentatonic scale, making it a six-note scale called the Blues Scale. This package contains a guitar method available as a PDF with tabs, audio files and theory providing 40 dominant jazz guitar lines for teachers and students. ►Comparison With The Major Pentatonic Scale. Here are some guitar shapes to play the major blues scale. The following exercise is a classic blues in A7. The pdf contains the most important scales for beginners, such as major and minor, but also shows more funny stuff such as modal scales, pentatonic and blues scales, and whole-tone arpeggios.. Scales and arpeggios are a fundamental topic to master for those who are learning how to play guitar, so grab this book and enjoy it!. Your browser does not support HTML5 audio.

It is built with root (1), second (2), minor third (b3 - passing tone), major third (3), fifth (5) and sixth (6). Exercise 2 : Starting with the second (B), Exercise 3 : Starting with the minor third (C), Exercise 4 : Starting with the third (C#), Exercise 6 : Starting with the sixth (F#). In brief the major blues scale is made up of : root (1), major second (2), a flat tenth (b10) or minor third (b3), major third (3), fifth (5) and sixth (6).

Here are six easy guitar patterns using the A major blues scale (A - B - C - C# - E - F#). Copyright © 2015 - 2020 - Jazz Guitar Licks - All rights reserved.

Each  lick starts on a specific interval of the scale : Root (A), second (B), minor third (C), major third (C#), fifth (E) and sixth (F#). This printable guitar method in PDF format contains 40 easy minor jazz guitar lines based on the Dorian mode.

You can get more charts in with custom tunings using my interactive scale generator HERE. C Blues (Concert E flat) 3. A flat Blues (Concert C flat) 7. It can also be employed over dominant chords as dom7, dom9, and dom13.

That b5, or blue note, adds a lot of tension and color to the scale.

D flat Blues (Concert E) 8. Learn the blues scale for piano. Title: Microsoft Word - Major-Minor-Blues-Scales-Boxes-Guitar.docx Author: Griff Created Date: 1/26/2016 8:39:17 PM This note is named flat tenth (b10) or flat third (b3), this a blue note.

Blues scales are the most commonly used scales in most genres of music. This PDF method contains 11 guitar lessons with chord studies, tabs, standard notation, analysis & audio files about the main blues progressions used in jazz music. This is a minor pentatonic scale with a b5 between the fourth and the fifth generally employed over minor chords and dom7 chords.

This eBook PDF with audio files contains 25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns using the half-whole diminished scale and diminished 7th arpeggios. E Blues (Concert G) 11. B flat Blues (Concert D flat) 5.

The first four charts show how to play the major blues scale in positions within the space of one octave. This pdf method for guitar contains 40 II V I jazz guitar lines with tab, standard notation, analysis, scale charts and audio files. There are only three chords A7, D7 and E7 corresponding to I7, IV7 and V7 degrees. Here are the five positions of the major blues scale (G) covering the whole guitar neck. This printable method is available as a PDF file containing 40 easy dominant jazz-blues guitar lines with tabs, standard notation, analysis, audio files and scale charts. PDF format with tabs, audio files and analysis. The passing tone (b3) is represented in blue.

Here is a comparative chart between the major scale, the major pentatonic scale, the major blues scale, the minor pentatonic scale and the minor blues scale : The major blues scale can be used over major chords as maj6, maj7, maj9 and maj13. These jazz lines come with tabs, standard notation, guitar neck diagrams, backing track for practice and 25 audio files for each riff. You will find in this booklet 25 easy jazz guitar lines with theory using common and rare pentatonic scales. Jazz Guitar Licks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. The major blues scale is one of the most important blues scales to know. The minor blues scale interval pattern is 1 - b3 - 4 - b5 - 5 - b7. This package contains 120 jazz guitar lines based on diatonic modes as Mixolydian, Dorian and Ionian. Alto Saxophone Jazz Ensemble Blues Scales 1. As you see in the shapes below, the major blues scale has a b3 in comparison with the major pentatonic scale. This Printable PDF eBook available for free download contains 6 easy jazz guitar licks with tabs/notation, youtube video link and analysis about the tritone substitution.

This PDF eBook method contains 25 altered jazz guitar licks with tabs, patterns, scale charts and audio files to master, apply and develop the altered scale. In comparison with the major pentatonic scale, there is an additional note between the second (2) and the major third (3).

This guitar method is a printable PDF with tabs, diagrams, theory and audio files providing 40 minor II V I jazz licks. Download our free PDF versions of each scale with fingering.

I have also included the 5 box patterns you need to learn in order to memorize the Blues scales in all keys. All images, diagrams, tabs, videos and scores on this website are the property of their respective owners. 40 Blues Dominant patterns This printable method is available as a PDF file containing 40 easy dominant jazz-blues guitar lines with tabs, standard notation, analysis, audio files and scale charts. B Blues (Concert D) 10. The first thing to do is to locate the root note (R), this is the orange note in the diagrams. This guitar method is a printable PDF eBook contains 50 exercises with audio files, analysis, tab & standard notation on how to play over II-V-I chord progressions using different kind of voicings.

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