blue splash silkie chick

Splash is the most recent Silkie variety in the APA Standard, admitted in the year 2000..

Remember, chickens need room to roam, lay eggs, and stretch their legs when it rains or is cold outside. Breeding chickens should be given a well-balanced diet. The Silkie is smaller in size compared to other common chicken breeds, so they do not require as much space. In addition, to ensure their water doesn’t freeze, you may to consider a chicken water heater.

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. This breed of chicken is characterized by luxurious plumage, which feels like silk or satin when pet. While you can raise Silkies indoors, they appreciate being let out during the day. They look like a box of chirping cotton balls. Description. We opened the box and they were all very healthy and happy! The meat of a Silkie chicken is black because of a condition called fibromelanosis, which is a mutation in domestic chickens believed to originate in Asia. Their feathers lack functional barbicels, which means the Silkie cannot fly or leave the ground.

Our new babies arrived yesterday. That means calling a veterinarian if your Silkie begins to exhibit signs of illness such as depression, sneezing, a loss of appetite, or discolored stool.

Silkies have notable characteristics, including black meat, fur-like feathers, and tufts on their heads. They do not produce many eggs compared to other breeds and enjoy affectionate owners.

– November 25, 2015.

Pine Needles: These are also a good medium choice but have the risk of once again irritating your Silkie by poking their sensitive skin.

Origin: Blue Andalusian chickens are credited with being natives of Andalusia, a province in Spain. Beautiful rare 6 USA silkie hatching eggs. Good Morning.

Finally, you need to maintain proper and adequate feeding and watering facilities to care for your Silkies. Alternative hues are available but lack official recognition.

Eggs will be sent well packed and posted 1st class signed for only.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Note that breeding a blue bearded Silkie to another blue Silkie will not produce 100% blue offspring.

If you plan to raise them, make sure you do not house Silkies with more aggressive chicken breeds. I just picked up my chicks – 104 healthy chicks arrived on time.

5 Buff Orpington pullets, 5 Barred Rock pullets, 5 White Rock pullets, and 10 Splash Silkies.

Best chicken feeder to prevent waste. At the same time, as mentioned, Silkies produce little meat compared to other chickens, so it does not make sense to breed them for meat. In the USA, it’s one of the most popular breeds of chicken.

Others may appear blue as in the blue splash bearded Silkie chicken. The first mention of a Silkie appears in a 13th-century account written by Marco Polo about his travels in Asia.

And when it comes to kid friendly pets, that also get along well with other breeds, you can’t go wrong with splash Silkie bantams. All arrived safe and sound in two days to South Florida.

Besides these feeding basics, you can give your Silkies a limited amount of treats. They are all healthy and happy! – November 30, 2015.

Besides the basics of housing and feeding, there are a couple of other ways you can better take care of your Silkie. Some of these strange and unusual colors include the non-descriptive cuckoo, lavender, red, and splash. Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August. He describes it as a “furry chicken” and noted they were prized for their feathers. The Silkie chicken name is appropriate. The average Silkie produces between three and five eggs a week, but it often goes broody and will stop producing. In Cornwall and Devon, England, similar blue fowls were produced by crossing black and white sports.

While they are hardy for the winter, you will need to give them appropriate shelter from the cold. They are excellent pets and starter chickens for individuals to enjoy their calm personalities.

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