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UI/UX Designer, bike nerd, artist. "Our efficient systems means your package arrives quickly", In order to be able to place an order with us, you must, Subscribe to the newsletter & receive € 5, Get the average value for your tyre size by our, Use the tips on this page to make adjustments to this value, depending on your individual needs, Hop on your bike, test the ride feel and adjust if necessary. So tire construction plays a major role in rolling resistance and handling as it affects the dynamic response of the tire in rebound which can be critical to comfort, but as the casing of the tire is generally working in compression, the addition to spring rate of the tire is at most equivalent to fractions of a PSI of pressure increase. Even the valves are air tight, and the tyres are filled with a sealant, so that the system is capable of sealing itself, and preventing deflation from small holes like punctures from thorns. Steps for optimising tyre pressure for mountain bikes. Actually that looks fairly simple. Hi Darren, Remember, as tire size and therefore volume increase, you can decrease tire pressure. It was fortuitous that each tire size seemed to have a linear relationship between weight and pressure. This is another reason to run supple tires, the penalties for being too high or too low are less.. FYI, signing up for the “pro” sections signs you up for their e-mail spam and the unsubscribe link doesn’t work. On uneven tracks, this occurs several times per second and every time the tyres bump over an obstacle, momentum is lost.

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A new system has recently come on the market, which combines the advantages of tubeless and tubed systems. If your recommended tire pressure is near the maximum pressure rating for the rim, we recommend moving up in tire volume. It’s currently running 700c x 28mm GP5000 tires that actually measure 30mm on the Zipp Firecrest rims, and I’m guessing my total system weight is somewhere around 172lbs. Thanks Beverly, Since width is already accounted for I just subtracted the area to get the 10% that I added that to the suggested psi, According to my handy reference, Engineering Formulas (Gieck & Gieck), the volume of a torus is simply (PI^2)/4 * D * d, where d is the diameter corresponding to tire width, and D is the diameter of a circle around the center of the torus (basically average of ID and OD.). Would be interesting to see the underlying maths. Don’t know if anyone will every see this due to blog being 4 years old, but a consideration needs to be given to weight loading tires when riding – the practical end game is when you are going up a steep climb (weight shift to rear)or descending a steep mountain pass and having to make sharp corners (extreme loading of front).

For a wider tire at the same drop, you would expect a larger contact patch, and thus a lower psi. I wonder how much pressure one would need for the same width tyres but in size 26″. In more serious cases, the rims can also be affected. That’s lower than I have been riding them, but not by much – I typically pump up to 75/74psi before each ride. “This tire has too MUCH air!” It loses energy bouncing off small surface irregularities.

Their calculator gives me results for my road tires that are over 15 psi higher than the pressures I’ve been using for the past decade, with less of a front/rear differential (using the “Worn Pavement” setting). Can you upload a clean, locked down version that people could just download or copy to edit? Shouldn’t the pressure per square inch should exactly match the tire load in lbs when the tire is 25.4mm wide? But if the tyre pressure is lower, the root sinks into the tyre, almost as if the obstacle is being ‘absorbed’ by the tyre, and this prevents all that bumping up and down. We are here for you Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00. The “Quickbeam” tab in the spreadsheet is set up this way, and I actually weighed the bike with me on it to get the split. I’ve come across this treatment of optimum tire pressure based on Berto’s work on several websites. Seems to me if I use the recommended pressuers (20% loweer than I run I will be squirming my way right into a pinch flat. On the other hand, wider wheel rims offer a wider platform and therefore minimise the risk. LOL at the ridiculously over estimated average speeds people were entering! Learn how your comment data is processed. You can open the spreadsheet in Open Office, Excel, or Google Docs and use it for free. Low-trail French Randonneuring bikes are different, with only 55% on the rear. This looks like a neat tool. We just see that the slower tire is always slower, and that the curves for the slower tire are steeper either side of the break point. Like the calculator, but don’t understand why avg speed input is in subjective categories instead of kph or mph. • How We Make Money Regardless of what you’ve heard, the team at Silca has a massive amount of time invested in determining the ideal pressures for ProTour teams, Ironman Triathletes, plus Olympic and World Champions. PSI will equal wheel load when the developed contact patch is 1 square inch (not necessarily 1 inch wide), neglecting tire stiffness. For a system consisting of a 2.4 inch wide tyre, which is fitted with a conventional rubber tube, you would start with an air pressure of 2.0 bar. I use 559 on the back and 406 on the front, and there are many other permutations that are commonplace. A higher pressure can be especially useful for providing a higher level of pinch flat resistance.

The “just right” belongs to the Baby, Bear, though–not the Mama Bear.

Finding the right air pressure is largely a matter of 'trial and error'. So lower pressure gives you better suspension, and it also saves a tonne of energy and helps you to maintain forward momentum. :). It looks like 10% is the right answer. However, the google doc seems to be ravaged by users. That non-linear factor MIGHT be OK for different wheel sizes, but I have a nagging suspicion that varying wheel size would yet another non-linear component to account for a brand new set of torus shapes. Wish I’d thought of that…, I don’t see the calculator accounting for construction, sidewall TPI, etc. I should re-read the article again, too. When a tyre is travelling over sticks and stones, every little bump represents a step, which the tyre must get over. Doing the Maths the 26″ tyre should be about 15% higher pressure than the 700C, if you spitball another 10% off you will actually be under inflating the tyres by 25% compared to what is suggested to get that magic 15% drop. I only check in with the calculators occasionally to make sure my ‘ballpark’ pressures are still in the ballpark. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Curious to see what it would recommend for me, I punched in the numbers for my Why Cycles PR road bike. You can imagine a firmly pumped up tyre going over a root: As it passes over the root, it raises up, and then it falls back down again to ground level on the other side. We'll answer in the meantime! To work out the correct air pressure for your mountain bike tyres, use the following approach: On level tarmacked surfaces the following rule applies: Higher tyre pressure means lower rolling resistance. It seems obvious when you think about it, but it was  revelation to me. I’m sorry it took 6 months to get to the comments. Contact us to connect with them. Sure would be nice to have a collection of similar runs for 26″ tires.. and 650B. As their name suggests Tubeless Systems have no tubes at all. Your email address will not be published. I would expect this to be of most use for people with unusual tyre sizes, as the more common ones can usually be arrived at simply by experience of others. The non-linear factor accounted for factors in play between different tire sizes.

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Don’t forget to take in mind, that your floor pump might show not accurate figures. What's 2+2? After dropping my address in to check out the Pro version I received a sale notice via email just 18 minutes after receiving the welcome email, so it seems like even if you don’t add your email to the Pro form at the bottom, you’re still signing up for email notifications from Silca. Josh – I see your reasoning I’m just not sure it’s “real world”, an easy example are MTB tire casings, DH vs. XC same size tires will have different pressures. • Submit News

However, the air pressure cannot be lowered indefinitely, since this will have a negative effect on many factors, including the stability of the tyres on the rims. You human? The great part of the spreadsheet is that I don’t have to really get the math! And…I really love Silca, I’ve had my pump for 38 years! The narrower the wheel, the more ‘pear shaped’ the tyre will become under pressure. On flat, even surfaces, you can use a lower pressure than on, for example, rocky terrain with lots of sharp obstacles. Hi Barteos, The most basic form is the LITE version which limits you to inputs for the total system weight (rider + bike + gear), and the measured tire width.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',103,'0','0'])); The more comprehensive Pro version is still free – but you’ll have to cough up your email. But it’s not just about the technology, your riding style also affects how much pressure you’ll need: If you are more observant, and tend to notice obstacles and avoid them, you can use a lower pressure than those who ride straight over everything in their path. A pinch flat occurs when the tire is compressed down hard over something like a stone or root, with the result that the tire is pinched against the rim; this can often cause double punctures known as Snake Bites. I made a French open document version (weight in kilos and pressure in bars) :, Thank you for your sharing your work, Will adjust pressures tomorrow morning before heading out…. Jan Heine gave me permission to republish the Bicycle Quarterly graph with my additions, and it turned out to be pretty useful for some people. BTW, I agree that most of the mfr’s info on the sidewall is not to be trusted, but it would be a Bad Idea ™ to exceed the maximum recommended pressure on a tire by more than about 10%. With his permission, I posted it to the  RBW (Rivendell Bicycle Works) Google Group, where it’s also archived. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'bikerumor_com-box-3','ezslot_5',101,'0','0']));Ever wonder what tire pressure you should be running? Since there’s no single pressure that will work for every rider, Silca has taken that pressure knowledge and packaged it into an online tire pressure calculator that you can use, for free. Dave says his equation looks like this: Coincidentally, I’d just been re-reading the BQ article before coming here. Given that I know the pressures I use work well, I don’t see any value in this tool, as is seems like it’s just continuing the old paradigm of road pressures that are much too high. I agree with you. The calculator takes its cue from a table appeared in October 2011 in the magazine Mountain Bike Action (Italian edition). For better road holding capabilities, it’s best to go for the lowest possible air pressure. Then you can get out and enjoy the fresh air. Ideal tire pressure is subject to many variables such as road surface, weather conditions, bike materials and setup, rider's weight and lastly, riding style. Using your spring rate analogy/explanation, is the “optimal” pressure really optimal if different tires are “much faster” at the same pressure? In principle, the higher volumes of wide mountain bike tyres can sustain a lower air pressure without the tyres becoming destabilised. People are just terrible. We used a link that was through facebook. As an alternative to conventional tubes, the user can also try bike inner tubes made from other materials, for example latex, which are lightweight and relatively puncture resistant, but these can also be more expensive and don’t hold the air as well as traditional models.

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