bifold panel painting to hide tv

For a more advanced setup, Integrate with universal remotes like Harmony and all other major home automation systems such as Crestron, Control 4, Savant, RTI and more. Instead, framed art provides the focal point - until it deftly swings upward to reveal the television hidden beneath.… read more Find the step-by-step instructions at Then built a frame around the edge of the picture that hides the sides of the TV and the chain from the roller shade. I would love to do everything exactly as you have but don’t have the time or patience.

It is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but it definitely keeps the television set out of view. With a TV Art Cover your TV is hidden behind a canvas painting and when ready to watch, just press a button an the art rolls into the top of the frame to reveal your TV. Absolutely breathtaking !!!

The second set of TV hiding options are for you if you are okay seeing the TV but would like it to blend into the decor, kind of like camouflage. This Adult Playroom Has a Fully-Stocked Home Bar, A Jackson Hole Cottage Is the Definition of Fall, 36 Wall Decor And Art Ideas You’ll Want To Steal, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. “I used this vintage hutch and took out the shelves to make room for my TV to pull in and out on a mount. With our interactive Quote Builder Tool, you can choose all options of your frame in just a few clicks and receive an itemized detailed quote.

Not to worry! It was based on a design from St. Michael's Mount castle in England. It’s always nice to meet other purple-lovers Unfortunately, that TV cabinet isn’t sold anymore, and I haven’t found something close to it (It is one of my favorites!)

One of these days when I’m looking for a challenge, I’m going to figure out how to make one . “During daily life as the family is together, the Venetian plastered and steel trimmed panel can rest in front of the adjacent bookshelf.

If you really want to go all out (and don’t mind spending a little money), you can actually buy a TV that looks like art* when it is turned off.

Then the art raises automatically into the top of the frame to reveal your TV for the ultimate WOW factor.

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See examples of our works in luxury homes, restaurants, and the finest hotels. This  handy tool will give you a general idea of what to expect for your initial budget and space planning. If you love anything and everything farmhouse, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try barn cabinet doors. It’s extremely thin, and has the ability to look like a piece of art instead of a black hole,” says designer Sherry Hart.

Fortunately, the flat panel televisions that are available today are much less obtrusive (and easier to conceal) than the older, tube televisions. We attached the rolling hardware to the top of Nicole’s painting and rested it on the track. A bi-fold panel painting by Stuart Coleman Budd conceals a television, but the goal was to be transparent.

Take advantage of our new Pay Over Time options for 0% APR for 12 months or even longer terms up to 36 months in some cases through our new partner Bread Finance.

I had a photograph printed on a canvas and hung it on the wall over the TV with a roller shade kit. “Hand blown mirror was used on the doors so that the enclosure fit with the original 1850’s marble mantel. Keeping reading for thirteen hidden TV ideas. If you wish to share our content, please click here to see our conditions.

With more than 10,000 frame installs around the world, the devil truly is in the details and we're experts at guiding you to a perfect solution remotely. Watch the video from to get step by step instructions on how to create the sliding art.

A canvas painting hides your TV until its ready for use. Designer Brady Tolbert mounted his bedroom TV inside a cabinet, then reinstalled the doors to allow them to open accordion-style. 9 Completely Genius Ways to Hide a Clunky Printer, 14 Ideas For The Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets. Whether your TV is installed recessed in a wall or on the surface of the wall ... using a flat, tilt, or swing arm wall mount ... we have an install method for your application.

My all time favorite decorator to date. No problem. When they are turned off they look just like a large mirror. Keep reading to find out how to hide the TV with style. Watch the video from to get step by step instructions on how to create the sliding art, You can find the instructions for making the pull down picture HERE. That way the dark color of the TV screen blends into the background and doesn’t stand out as much. With a TV Art Cover your TV is hidden behind a canvas painting and when ready to watch, just press a button an the art rolls into the top of the frame to reveal your TV. The shelves also leave room for other audio/visual equipment that often comes with a TV installation. It even has different frame color options if you want to make sure the “art” blends in with the rest of your pictures. It sat less than an inch off of the wall and was large enough to mask the recessed space with the TV. Tutorial Link – Lowes The TV CoverUp is a novel, simple and elegant way to conceal and hide a flat screen television. I’m Wanda and I believe decorating is all about creating a beautiful and comfortable space that you are happy to call home. Look closely at the pagoda-shaped cabinet above the fireplace and you'll notice that it opens to reveal a TV.

This one comes with some pre-installed artwork that you can choose from, or you can upload your own pictures if you prefer. It’s so nice when you don’t have to look at it—and this was a super cool way to hide it that’s different than a classic TV stand.” says Amber Lewis, founder of Amber Interiors Design Studio. Hi, I love, love, love your decorating style. This is where I share decorating tips and easy DIY projects with lots of color and a little bit of glam.

When you’re done watching, switch it to Gallery Mode for gorgeous photos accompanied by mood-enhancing music. This is a great project for your creative types because you can decorate the panels yourself with some paint or stain and a bit of imagination. If you really want to get fancy about hiding your TV, a TV lift cabinet is the way to go. Choose from thousands of pieces of licensed art in our private collection from artists around the world spanning many genres and subject matters.

“I always try to blend them into the architecture of the house,” says designer, Eche Martinez. Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor.

House Beautiful participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. By using prints and frames with a lot of black, the TV’s black box blends right in with the rest of the wall. “The house had this great nook with barn doors that we knew would be the perfect place to hide the TV. “None of my clients' guests realize its a TV when they first walk into the room,” says Natalie Myer of Veneer Designs. This mechanism allowed us to create a room that was incredibly functional, without sacrificing an ounce of beauty!”, A sliding panel is a sleek, clean-lined way to keep your TV out of eyesight. It has concealed hinges and no pull, so when it’s closed, you would never know what’s behind it.”, If you can’t outright conceal your screen, the key is to avoid the “black hole effect” when it’s off. All of this can be achieved by remote control.”. I just wish I could do everything that you have done. It’s built like a mini version of a barn door that is just big enough to cover your television. If you are one of the people who still doesn’t want to see the TV in your room at all, these are for you. Which also gives you the flexibility to finish it however you want. With a TVCoverUps,a television screen is no longer a stark center of attention, detracting from a room's decor.

Or you can try out our DIY silhouette art tutorial. I’m a little partial to it myself , Your email address will not be published. I think this TV cabinet that looks like an old trunk* is the coolest one of these that I’ve seen. And they aren’t that pretty to look at. So now we are on to the options that are disguising the TV rather than totally hiding it.

Most of the pictures in this art wall are created by stencils that are available on the Better Homes and Gardens website. It is hidden by what looks like a framed picture. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Do you have any other sources for anything similar? Clients loved it, and above all, the piece looks great in the room.". “Bronze hinges honestly express that it’s a movable screen—that this is true kinetic art,” says architect Ken Pursley of Pursley Dixon Architecture. When in use, “the TV swivels 180 degrees,” Graci says. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Need guidance?

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