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She truly made the show special not just to me but I'm sure to untold other "kids" who are now grown-ups. Just a need for the kind of things Rogers was putting out there for years.

He talked about it in his later years. And if you look closely, you see that he does change, even though he almost kind of denied it. How sad to learn he hated the Banana Splits – as a ride-or-die bitch for Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork, I must admit this was the most disillusioning reveal in the story.

He was incredibly driven, and to me the thing that I found out before we started making the film, that (his wife) Joanne Rogers had told me, about him being on his deathbed and saying to her, "Am I a sheep or am I a goat?" I think we take way too much of that for granted and we don't nurture it, and Fred was all about nurturing our neighborhood. The only person who didn't do an interview was Betty Aberlin (who played Lady Aberlin), and I talked to her many times for many hours on the phone. Q: I heard once the only time he would get really mad was if he was visiting a town and couldn't find a pool for his daily swim. Early on in the movie, he gushes about his hometown of Pittsburgh, which inevitably evokes the other Sixties weirdo from Pittsburgh: Andy Warhol. With a passion for the arts, Betty operates Betty's Little Theater which is located near Brockett's Bakery and Negri's Music Shop.

But what you realize is Fred was talking about fundamental human issues that not only go back to Shakespeare and literature, they go back to the Bible. The Warhol connection runs deep: Both artists were lonely kids who built their imaginary worlds out of the most ordinary materials, delighting in ritualized repetitions designed to torture easily bored adults.

I gotta drive.”. What I came to realize was a couple of things. It’s a moment that feels more therapeutic than it should, even after a few viewings. Q: Did you get everyone you wanted for the film? The two have a strange spiritual kinship, from their speaking voices – that slow-motion “oh gee” tone – to the way they surround themselves with a factory of damaged, vulnerable creatures who need constant attention. We want to hear from you! Reach Goodykoontz at The footage in the film of that is great. A straight-edge Presbyterian minister who dresses and talks like the dad in Call Me By Your Name. If he had been satisfied with his good deeds, he probably wouldn't have had a TV show for 30 some-odd years and done everything else he did. And when they did decide to do it, they were great about it, and they were really kind of open-armed about it. I think it's up to us. Because I have noticed her "correct as usual..." exasperated tone often and it always makes me smile. This is great!

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I loved children the way childless people do.” I remember an episode where she worked on a painting, explaining to the camera she was currently “Painter Aberlin,” not “Lady Aberlin.” It was the first time I’d seen a woman on TV making art. In fact, her delicate and tender side was what I gravitated to probably the most.

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