best swashbuckler multiclass

Bard song for inspire courage and a +1 to hit and damage. The swashbuckler is probably one of the best classes to dip into IF YOURE PLAYING ANOTHER CLASS. For my 5th level feat I'm considering: Cunning, Deft Maneuvers (feat tax combo of all the Improved Maneuver feats based on Combat Expertise), whichever of Weapon Spec or Combat Reflexes I don't get at 4th level, Great Fortitude, Precise Shot (for throwing daggers), Dodge (includes Mobility, prereq for Shadow Dancer), or Additional Traits if I can find two good ones. - unchained Rogue with Rake Arctype for an Defensive/INitmidating build. [Edit: Mutagenic Mauler is way better here]. I've taken Drow Nobility and Dex-to-damage, and I'd like to continue the Drow Nobility feat line. WotW is 3pp and generally harder than most of Paizo's APs (the Player's Guide recommends 25 point-buy to offset this). Yeah, caster-combos with Rogue can be brutally good and fun to play. Since Inspired Blade doesn't get Panache on kills, getting it for firearm kills might help you a lot!

Magic Items: Bracers of Armor - Gives you +2 Armor AC, and you can throw some enchantments on them, like Spell Resistance or Spell Dodging. The swashbuckler is probably one of the best classes to dip into IF YOURE PLAYING ANOTHER CLASS. A devoted muse gains much of what a swash buckled does but has a bit more flare. Swashbuckler gains a enough scaling abilities that multiclass is hard. I have a few ideas for the build, but I want to hear your guys' suggestions. i also had a dedicated healer in my party so between that and Lay on Hands i got a lot of good use out of a vicious weapon.

1 Level gives you a bit of potential healing and access to some buff spells like Bless and Divine Favor, as well as one Revelation (you can get another with the Extra Revelation feat) and a Curse (or two, if you take the Dual-Cursed archetype). Essentially you take the magus's biggest weakness (AC) and compensate with Parry and Riposte plus your extra crit range on your weapon will apply to spells you deliver through it, meaning after 5 levels of magus you're delivering damage plus 5d6 of shocking all wrapped up in a crit range of 15-20. For instance, a 2-level Ninja dip could get a sneak attack die, a Ninja trick that I can use on a combat feat, and a ki pool that I can make an extra attack with. Bloodrager can give you the ability to boost your damage a bit more with basic bloodline powers (particularly the Elemental Bloodline). My character is the captain of a pirate ship... he's Chaotic Neutral so Paladin is out of the question unfortunately. However there is a really awsome prestige. The Swashbuckler is my favorite Pathfinder class, so here are some tips from my experience playing, as well as some Enchantments, Feats, and Magic Items I found invaluable. Its also synergistic with almost every other feat. Our party is small: the other player is an Dhampir Undead Lord Cleric and there is a GMPC Sorcerer blaster (and an ogre NPC that we broke out of jail with us). Magus: If you're more INT-based, consider this. These cancel out. However, Swashbuckler is one of those classes where the only real use for it in terms of optimization is a 1 level dip in Inspired Blade by other classes, such as the Investigator or Magus, to get Opportunity Parry and Riposte. This is exactly why I never end up actually multiclassing, even though it's fun to think about the interesting combos. Having fun so far.

Feats: Cut from the Air - This is a big one, as it starts you down a chain that gives you much more defense against ranged attacks, even magic.

It would be a worthwhile spell for a Rogue if it just created a normal weapon that got advantage in dim light and darkness. Focus on buffing/utility spells like Vanish or Enlarge Person, rather than damage-dealing spells - you won't have the levels to make them count. If the enemy is in darkness, then people attacking them have the same chance to hit as they did before. Liberating - Let’s you use a Standard action to get out of effects like paralysis and slow. Ninja: DEX and CHA, plus Sneak Attack. Mutagenic Mauler Brawler archetype is a far better dip for if you want to get mutagen. Honestly, Swash is one of those classes that basically exists as a 1p dip. while the community seems to love it i'm convinced that it is a trap. Arcane Pool buffs your weapon a bit. She is a fiend kit warlock, but hexblade is probably even better.

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