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You could put a couple lines about paper as ShallowJam suggests. They're convenient, but pricey ($25-$35 per oz of ink). I am Another vintage pen user: I saved some money by going with the less popular 61 instead of the 51, And a touchdown sheaffer instead of the snorkel.

I'm not sure if a beginner would want to drop $50-70 + repair costs on a hobby they were just getting in to, but if anyone comes to this thread and is willing to spend that much on a great pen, I've heard nothing but glowing praise about the aerometric Parker 51. They probably hold just slightly less than a small standard cartridge. Ghosting when the ink can be seen through the paper. Sailor Kiwaguro seemed almost viscous, and I wound up squeezing the cartridge to get it to saturate the fiber and flow to the nib in a timely fashion. I actually considered getting a 51 for my first FP, but as someone who was new to the hobby, it was hard to find a trustworthy place to buy one in good condition without overpaying. I too, have had a similar experience with all my Pilot pens. So if you have one repaired, it will become better than when it was new. For a beginner's guide, I personally don't think mentioning any of the "advanced" nibs (italic, oblique, flex) is necessary. When you buy the pen, you'll be able to choose different nib sizes, which, along with the ink you use, determine the thickness of the lines you write. The Pilot Petit is well designed for pocket carry. Parker 51 Unarguably the most popular vintage pen.

Noodler's is difficult to get outside north america. This will help a lot :) thanks again. Now that I've said that, I'll talk about the BEST fountain pen for under $25, and one of my favorite pens of all time. For other pens, an "international standard" cartridge exists. This is a small, syringe-like device that inserts into the pen where the cartridge goes, allowing you to fill the pen with bottled ink.

I filled three cartridges with a syringe. Your pen won't catch fire if you write on cheap paper, there might just be some of the aforementioned effects, and it happens with some inks more than others. I'd recommend either fine or extra fine to start with, which will produce something about as wide as your standard ballpoint pen. I’m suitably impressed with this little pen, priced a little less than a Platinum Preppy. The 51 is what I carry every day. Now, I know that you don't always choose the paper you write on, especially at work or school. Other inks can clog up your pen. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fountainpens community. Just to spice things up for a bored amateur. Those are big, robust pens that are a joy to write with. Either is an excellent value for the money. They are NOT easy to read when laid down with a Petit’s fine nib. It’s compact, but when posted fits comfortably in my hand. Hasn't been in production for four decades, but is known to perform as well as or better than modern pens. These Sailors & Platinums are special in that they were always my favorite non-Pilot pens and I never intended to sell them, and two of them include my favorite swapped EF nibs... but I'm reducing to Pilot-only as a move toward minimalism.

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