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It comes in many different attractive colors and patterns. Leopard Geckos. Though it grows back, it changes the original look of the reptile. Crested Geckos are ideal beginner reptile pets, as they are small and easy to care for.

There are several species of water dragons; the most common for beginners are the Chinese and Australian water dragons. Ideally, you would supply a source of UV light as well (such as with a regular old household bulb), but this isn’t entirely necessary. Now, due to extensive breeding in captivity, they are widely available and are a popular reptile pet. Life expectancy: On average, these snakes live to be about 20-30 in captivity, but there have been cases where they surpass the 40 years. reptile pets, the Chinese water dragon is a reptile that commonly comes up. home. Size: Leopard geckos are relatively large when compared to most other geckos but are still quite small pet reptiles. The most common pet Chameleon is the Veiled, Jackson’s and Panther. They are one of the best reptile pets you can have. Bearded Dragons are a wonderful reptile pet that can provide years of companionship for any family or reptile newbie. They are known by reptile hobbyists for extending their bright red dewlaps under their chin, as this greatly contrasts their bright green body. Note: Technically, this is an amphibian, but it’s often lumped with reptiles in pet stores.

It is the least toxic of toads, but wash hands after handling Ackies Monitors are very tame for first-time reptile keepers. They grow 1-2 feet in length, live 10-15 years, and generally cost $30-$60 depending on their size. You’ll also want to provide them with some nice flat rocks for keeping their nails trimmed and serving them food on. rocky environments. Bear in mind that tortoises do not generally enjoy being handled. Unlike other pet lizards, the Chameleon does not like to be handled. They also require a high humidity and temperature to thrive and are prone to respiratory infections if they experience cooler temperatures. But a safe purchase from a licensed pet shop or breeder is advised. These cute little critters are sure to melt your heart and are beginner-friendly too!

Overall, Chinese water

The only thing to keep in mind, as is the trend in this blog post, are the costs for feeding and heating. They are quite a bit larger than other anoles, making them a little more popular. It is also nocturnal like most reptiles so should fit your schedule perfectly if you work during the day. Ball pythons in captivity are believed to be the longest living snakes, up to 40 years, in some cases. Essentially, the Leopard Gecko wins points for being affordable, easy to handle, low maintenance to care for, and amusing. While they have very easy care requirements, first time owners should adopt this lizard if they enjoy their appearance but aren’t looking to handle them frequently. They will need a fairly large tank and will eat a meal of small rodents once a week. Native to the Middle East, they are solid yellow-gray in color and ground dwellers. They only live for 2 years in captivity and can cost $30-$300. Green Anoles are small, about 5-8 inches long, and have a shorter lifespan of three to six years. These lizards can take a while to tame and build up trust, but once they do, they make beautiful and docile pets. They are omnivores and eat a variety of insects and vegetables. Chameleons are not aggressive to their owners, but are extremely shy and have little in the ways of defending themselves.

These lizards make great pets, but are somewhat difficult to find. Lifespan: 6-8 years on average but can live well into 20s. This means you’ll be caring for them and enjoying them way into the future! Despite their popularity there is a lot of misinformation on how to care for Read More →, The price of a Bearded Dragon is influenced by its color, genetics, breeder and availability.

Cost: Crested geckos may be one of the cheapest pet reptiles you can get on this list. You’ll also want to provide your blue tongue skink with several inches worth of substrate so they can burrow themselves in it. Ackies are found They are relatively fast-moving in and outside of their tank, so they don’t always do well with handling.

Care: Controlled heating & humidity Their personable nature and striking appearance make them ideal reptile pets for beginners, and they have a highly adaptable diet, making them easy to feed. Join our mailing list to receive an occasional update on the latest reptile news as well as new posts we release! Personality: Docile and easily tamed For their habitat, your tortoise will thrive in an enclosure that is at least 5 square feet (but, ideally bigger) with a mixed substrate (think dirt and sand) to provide plenty of traction and keep them from sinking. You can find bearded dragons for sale at pet Read More →. Pet shop owners highly recommend the Corn Snake for a person getting their first pet reptile since it has a calm demeanor and is easy to maintain and feed. However, overall if you are willing to take the time to do your homework (which you should do before adopting ANY pet!) They require housing large enough to accommodate their large size. This pet reptile is a social animal as it is less shy than other tortoises with an appealing character. Being native to

Their setup isn’t that much either. Indonesians will prefer 100-110 degrees to bask in, whereas Northerns will prefer 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. This skink lives up to 20 years and generally cost $150-$250, but rarer morphs can cost thousands. Dog food will work best for healthy skinks, whereas those that are malnourished will benefit from protein dense cat food. They are entirely insectivorous and require calcium supplements. These animals are Appearance: Yellow or tan, and will flare out throat skin (which is why they’re called “bearded”), Lifespan: 10-20 years a gecko that’s into climbing, then the crested gecko is a great option for you! The Blue-Tongued Skink is a lizard that you may find sunning itself on the sands of Australia and possibly even using its bright blue tongue to scare away predators. Care: UVB lamp, controlled heating, large enclosure with water and land Luckily, virtually all health issues can be avoided by simply providing your snake with the proper habitat. Care: Bearded dragons are relatively hardy species and are easy to care for. Bearded Dragons are active during the day, and they are omnivorous, consuming a variety of fruits and insects. They have an average lifespan of 15-20 years and cost $20-$80. Being reptiles, they are obviously cold-blooded. They are nocturnal and will spend most of the day sleeping. Regardless of whether you’re a first time reptile owner or are looking to find an easy-to-care for pet for your child, these 5 reptiles should prove to be great additions to your family dynamic! Adult size: 2-3 inches Reptiles can make wonderful and interesting pets, though you may be wondering what the best pet reptiles are. They are usually a bright, almost neon green, with black speckled spots, and their throat is brightly colored with blues, reds, and yellows. great pet reptiles as they look stunning and are calm tempered. Water dragons are fairly complex creatures to look after, and they need a large space to live comfortably in. They eat mostly insects but can occasionally have a pinky mouse. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the wild, these This easygoing pet reptile is also called the Blue Tongue Lizard as it has a blue tongue which it sticks out to scare off attacks.

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