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U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes, Aviation Claims—Truth, Spin and Deception (And How to Tell The Difference), This Just Became The World's Largest Gas Hub, second-quarter sales increased more than 10 percent, Related: Big Oil’s Investment Risk Is Spiking.

Base metals all ended lower for the six months as COVID-19 all but brought manufacturing to a halt and shuttered factories across the globe. The company has worked to minimize this potential impact by focusing on increasing its sales internationally as well as diversifying into the aerospace industry. 3M ranks among the best companies in the industrial sector thanks to its excellent capital allocation. Results from Maryland's Congressional races, After years of practice, VA says its innovation ecosystem was ready-made for the pandemic, USPS ‘extraordinary measures’ prioritized ballot delivery speed over traceability. Many of the best dividend stocks for 2020 offer lower volatility, high yields and attractive valuations. The U.S. elections result currently shows Democrat Joe Biden has 264 of the needed 270 electoral college votes. Tanners is bullish on the company's 3.5% dividend, its steady growth pipeline and its cost advantages relative to peers. Cheniere owns and operates regasification facilities, meaning it is a key link between the pipelines and tankers that carry liquefied natural gas and the distributors and eventual end-users.

This means a divided Congress would likely create road bumps for Joe Biden from carrying out his major agenda smoothly, like fighting climate change or easing sanctions on oil producer, Iran. This list of commodity ETFs is an easy way to invest in raw materials. Is HHS seeking a scapegoat for decision to cut back Program Support Center services? The industrials sector is the backbone of the economy. During the specific time period in review, all of the commodity sectors posted gains. Investors not only see gold as a safe-haven investment during times of economic uncertainty but also as a hedge against long-term inflation. Furthermore, selling physical gold is much harder than simply trading out of a commodity ETF in your brokerage account. READ: Crude oil prices drop on falling US gasoline demand. After all, those of us who use natural gas to heat our homes or cook meals use the vaporized form and not the more condensed but easier-to-transport liquefied natural gas. However, the bullish bias on gold is capped by the failure of a so-called Blue Wave to appear, meaning that Democrat will control the Presidency, House of Representatives, and Senate seems to be a tall order. The materials provided on this Web site are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. Many are now predicting all-time record highs for gold in the next 12 months, with Goldman Sachs forecasting $2,000 on an “uneven recovery.”. The pair to USL, UNL is a commodity-backed fund that is benchmarked to liquid natural gas instead of crude oil. Pan American Silver is one of the largest silver-focused miners in the world, producing 25.9 million ounces of silver in 2019. Copyright © 2020 by WTOP. READ: Publicly traded companies own 601,000 Bitcoins, gain $500 million. Here's why the industrial giant is becoming a more compelling investment option. That’s a sign of tremendous demand for this agricultural commodity, but for many individual investors, there’s no easy way to play trends in this crop directly. What you should know: Brent crude is the leading global benchmark for Atlantic basin crude oils. Thirty products posted gains with twenty double-digit percentage increases. The combined company specializes in developing defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. “Go long copper, silver and steel, and stay long gold,” Goldman analysts said in a note to investors last week. Gold prices recently hit $2,000 per ounce for the first time.

She says Vale's strong free cash flow profile should support share buybacks and the resumption of dividends, which were suspended in January 2019 following a deadly dam accident. However, storing gold at home can be a difficult proposition. Thereby, leading to macros that the outcome might be delayed longer than expected and increase the disconnect between America’s major parties in supporting the U.S economy.

The electrification of the global auto fleet will ultimately create a surge in lithium demand, but it may require some patience. 7 Commodity Stocks to Buy for Great Dividends. Much less diversified than RIO, Southern Copper rather obviously engages in mining and refining of copper at facilities primarily located in South America. What this means; This is coming on the bias oil traders are now anticipating President Trump  as the most likely winner of the highly contested the election, on the bias that he leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania,  keeping the oil bulls enough gas to trigger prices of crude up arbitrarily as under his tenor  America became the largest producer of crude oil and  further maintained  its lead as the leading producer of natural gas.
Nov 5, 2020, Rich Smith | PAE earnings call for the period ending September 30, 2020. READ: Total, Nestle, lead Nigerian Stocks to record high. The Federal Reserve has spent trillions of dollars propping up the U.S. economy in 2020, and inflation fears have driven up gold and other commodity prices as a result. That said the commodity market is made up of primary commodities like crude oil, cocoa, coffee, corn, hog, gold, silver, platinum, and so on, that trade on major global exchanges found in the United States and the United Kingdom. Bank of America analyst Michael Jalonen recently named Wheaton his top overall stock pick in precious metals. None ! What it shows is that raw materials, and particularly energy, are at their deepest discount relative to the market in half a century.

Automobile manufacturers in China, the world’s number two auto market, announced Friday that second-quarter sales increased more than 10 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. By Nathan Reiff. Albemarle is one of the largest and lowest-cost lithium producers in the world. U.S. Ups Pressure To Push Venezuela Oil Exports To Zero, Oil Price Crash To Cost Middle East Producers $270 Billion In Revenue, Oman Becomes First Gulf Country To Introduce Personal Income Tax, Kurdistan Halts All Oil Exports After Attack, The Philippines Could Start Oil Drilling In South China Sea Without China, Oil Prices Sink Ahead Of Industry Reports, A Biden Presidency Could End The U.S. Oil Boom, ISIS Calls For Attacks On Saudi Oil Industry, The Big Oil Side Hustle: Where 'Renewable' Money Is Really Going, The Green Hydrogen Problem That No One Is Talking About. SOYB also “rolls” the underlying futures. TC is an energy infrastructure company that operates pipelines in the U.S., Canada and Mexico that span almost 60,000 miles. There were 20 commodity assets, double-digit gainers, in Q3 2020 with 5 of them surging above 25% in three months. Lithium prices are still deflating from peak 2017 levels, and Albemarle shares are down about 20% in the last three years overall. Oil and gas company Sunoco is a brand name motorists will assuredly recognize.

Oil. While a lithium boom is coming at some point, analyst Steve Byrne says it's still too early to be buying Albemarle, given that the lithium market is adequately supplied through at least 2021. Nov 5, 2020, Lee Samaha | Decades of unbroken payments mean these stocks are likely to keep paying income investors. Nov 5, 2020, Jason Hawthorne | The company also typically returns about 30% of its available capital to investors via a growing dividend, which it has increased for more than 50 consecutive years. If investors want to go all-in on one vein of ore mining stock, then copper is a good choice as the metal is a key part of electronics, construction, medicine and a host of other applications. If gold is difficult to store, bars of silver are next to impossible — at least at scale. These include a suite of agricultural products such as potassium and industrial chemicals for lithium products that power efficient batteries for smartphones and electric cars. The company is also a leading developer and operator of landfill gas-to-energy facilities. Boeing faces a long recovery up ahead. Crude Oil Shortages Beginning To Bite In Key Markets, Big Oil’s Petrochemical Bet Has Hit A Snag. READ: Large entity moves Bitcoins valued $244 million. Lately, commodity prices have been going haywire – including the low pricing for crude oil futures, with contracts for May delivery actually closing with a negative price thanks to a glut of supply, little demand and no place to store the physical oil. Global Manufacturing Heading in the Right Direction, Constructive for Base Metals.

Combined with its steady cash flow, that sound financial profile provides Raytheon with the flexibility to invest in research and development and make acquisitions, even as it returns cash to shareholders via dividends and stock repurchases. They play an important role in most aspects of the daily lives of Nigerians, serving as food (cashew, cocoa sugar cane), energy (natural gas, crude oil), and sources of income for many global investors. Comparative assessments and other editorial opinions are those of U.S. News The content

These include medical instruments, electronics and solar panels. There were 20 commodity assets, double-digit gainers, in Q3 2020 with 5 of them surging above 25% in three months. Corn is one of the most sought-after agricultural commodities on the planet. If the global economy slows down, demand for industrial goods and services will suffer, cutting into the industry's profitability and weighing on industrial companies’ stock prices. What we know; At the time of drafting this report, Brent crude traded above $40/Barrel gaining more than 2%. Soybeans and soybean futures contracts are also among the most frequently traded commodities and have been a particular focus of recent trade negotiations between President Donald Trump and China. An important part of the economy that is greatly influenced by global recession and expansion trends. Merchant of Record: A Media Solutions trading as, That email address is already in the database.

While there are more popular funds out there, USL’s structure has helped it avoid the volatility that shorter-term oil funds have suffered in 2020. EXPLAINER: Have election-related protests materialized? Raw materials are a crucial part…. Although at the time of writing, the election has not been concluded yet with many battleground states decided by slim margins which would most likely include numerous legal challenges as the odds are now in Joe Biden’s favour. Last Tuesday, the yellow metal broke through the $1,800 an ounce resistance level for the first time since 2011. Nov 5, 2020, Lou Whiteman |
Is There An Opportunity With VirTra, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:VTSI) 27% Undervaluation? Chile-based SQM is a unique commodity stock that mines and produces specialty minerals and related salts. However, if you invest indirectly via commodity-related companies, you can easily access this sector – and often earn a good dividend on top.

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