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If you are in the same boat, here are some options for you to start with. 1 oz.

Which shotgun will you pick for your 20 gauge? Call me old-fashioned, but the less moving parts involved, the more consistent a firearm operates. It was so easy for him to use. A pair of us would typically kill 40-50 quail in the morning and about the same in the evening, so there was plenty of shooting going on. The new design features a slim fore-end, which provides excellent control. The ETHOS wore a light weight carbon fiber vent rib incorporating an interchangeable front sight so you can use the best color for the day’s hunt. The Remington 870 is only going to cost you $350. The factory can be a little heavier than you expect at 5.5 pounds.

Shotguns adopt a sort of “accuracy by volume” mantra for being on target. Depending on which barrel length you choose, it’s either 47.5” or 49.5” overall. The stock of the shotgun comes with a fairly thick recoil pad that softens the effect on your body. a higher capacity tubular magazine are all wallet-flatteners, if you can THE As is usually the case with shotguns (and most guns), a good trigger action can prevent you from accidentally shooting two feet to the right of what you were aiming at.

You should never need to fight your trigger to stay on top of your target. //-->. So whether you’re on a budget or need the best semi-auto shotgun, you’ll find it here. not been dramatically reduced with the “Progressive Comfort

It comes with an AA-grade walnut stock and fore-end with laser-cut checkering. On a budget?

The 870’s grip isn’t anything to fawn over and I quickly replaced my stock and forend with newer Magpul furniture which I love.

So we struck out to enjoy some learning, some surprises and a lot of fun testing. After 10 years of research and testing, Benelli solved the number one issue with waterfowl shotguns – rust and corrosion. With some practice, you can get rapid reloads down. that are impossible to touch up or match. with a 25-year warranty.

This means I can stay on target for squirrels or birds through a quick volley of shots. I almost always opt for buckshot when I buy home defense rounds.

Available on select ETHOS models.

to most Benellis and also that it costs way too much. The 3 ¼-pound pull made it easy for his trigger discipline. several key features of the Ethos) are suddenly a really, really hard Just make sure you chase that round down the tube to make sure it’s fully secured. I will admit that breaking open the gun for the first time was a struggle, but it seemed to loosen up after use. As it turns out, though, the Ethos has Standard hard case to protect your firearm.

While accuracy isn’t usually the biggest focus of shotguns, it’s still important your shots are going where you’re aiming, even if you’re just going to put a plate-sized hole into your target. The Ethos’s magazines have a capacity of 4+1. A Benelli's BE.S.T.-treated barrel with no sign of rust or corrosion after 3 months of saltwater exposure. The Uplander ships with IC and M chokes, but I’d also consider a skeet choke and perhaps an extended IC or M choke. The biggest pull of double-barreled shotguns is their elegant simplicity: two shells, two shots. System” that is said to weigh less than the wood it replaces, adding The Stoeger Uplander is made for hunting, and works great at the effective ranges for hunting fowl: 30 to 40 yards. That’s where the Stoeger Uplander comes in, but is a budget shotgun really worth taking on a hunt? The following Benelli models

It’s also ideal for sporting use, including shooting clays, skeet, and targets. an interchangeable rib sounds good, but they aren't available and the Back in 2015, Benelli added the 20-gauge model of the Ethos to its 12-gauge lineup. You won’t get another side-by-side shotgun at this price. If you want to get your hands on a 20-gauge side-by-side without breaking the bank, the Stoeger Uplander is your answer. The 1 ½” comb helped him with a good line of sight.

Red, green and yellow fiber-optics are included. This shouldn’t be surprising though, as having twice as many barrels as the average shotgun certainly adds a lot of weight. Period. Remington provides for easy installation of a sling for the 11-87, with one molded sling swivel stud on the rear of the stock and another stud affixed to the magazine cap. When you fire, the shell pushes back on the bolt head, compressing the inertia spring and unlocking the bolt head lug. A Bonnier Corporation Company. You should be able to drop this in any shooter’s hand and they should be able to operate with no issues. It’s a slower paced hunt but allows you to take in the scenery at the rhythm of a horse’s trot.

find them. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. If you’re not though, most shotguns use an attached magazine tube beneath the barrel, which is what the 870 has.

it puts the safety within easy reach at the back of the trigger guard, If you’re considering buying one, I suggest going to a physical store and inspecting the shotgun’s fit before making the purchase. The ergonomic design of the trigger guard makes shooting with gloves easy, which is a huge advantage for shooters who compete while wearing gloves. While the Uplander might not compare well to other double-barrels in other categories when it comes to price it simply can’t be beat. No failures to feed, extract, nothing.

For reviewing’s sake, my test fires with it proved it has a nice feel and clean break. loads. The general problems This is a very well-designed and engineered shotgun, crafted with Benelli’s new Inertia Driven system. and slims up the forearm. Diamond-like carbon particles are used to create a multi-layered surface coating that protects against the elements and abrasions. Vinci Cordoba Shotgun Starting Price $2,069 Update your browser to view this website correctly. Your choice of ammunition largely depends on your quarry, but for upland fowl I have some suggestions. Order now or call (570)368-3920. Your wife won’t yell at you for buying more gun stuff.

With the basic Ethos Available in 2020 on select SBE 3 and ETHOS models. The 870’s handling parts will work for most people, but if you’re picky I’d swap of the stock/grip with a more aggressive texture. Shotshell, looking into a different type of shotgun, such as a 410. You can easily swap out these chokes based on what your target is and how far away you’ll be taking your shot.

If you’re looking for the best overall 20 gauge shotgun, get the Remington 11-87. With a 3” diameter, the Stoeger Uplander fits pretty much any shotgun load. – a new proprietary finishing technology – prevents rust, corrosion and abrasions.

Empty, the gun weighs just about as much as a brick at 6.5 lbs.

surface treatment is simply the most effective rust and corrosion firearm protection available. google_ad_width = 300; Buttstock:    Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system Sights:    Interchangeable, fiber optic (red, green, yellow) MSRP:    $2,199; 301-283-6981. Not only is it an American classic, but it has: I hope you enjoyed my best 20 gauge shotgun guide. Go for the Remington 870. You can expect to hit your target, even when it’s moving, 9/10 times.

So a day in the woods with my boy, with every squirrel and rabbit being fair game, was a fun way to vet the 20 gauge. The 870 has a total length of 46½ inches, with the barrel being 26 inches. The padding is sufficient, but you can bruise your shoulders up something fierce if you hold the gun too loosely against your shoulders. google_ad_slot = "9137836407"; Since this is being tested for a young shooter to use, it made sense to let the kid be the one to do the tests.

It has a total weight of 6 ½ pounds, a little heavier than a gallon of water.

I had no malfunctions of any kind with the Ethos. I also know that it’s likely he will take this gun with him when he leaves the nest, and may be enjoying its use for decades. Benelli is so confident in the BE.S.T performance that treated parts are backed with a 25-year warranty against rust and corrosion. (Benelli Surface Treatment), a proprietary coating that protects steel with a tough, impenetrable armor that stops rust and corrosion.

With a 4 + 1 capacity, there is plenty of opportunity for my son to hit targets on the move. Despite the hefty price, it’s a very good value for the money.

System" would have been more aptly named "Progressive Discomfort." It’s lightweight, easy to operate, low recoil, and very aesthetically pleasing. Available on select ETHOS models. CZ Redhead Premier Review: Best Budget Over/Under Shotgun? The trigger does feel fine though, I don’t think I’d even replace the trigger system. The Ethos is very accurate, competing with some of the top sporting shotguns. BENELLI ETHOS 20 GAUGE Type:    Semi-automatic, Inertia Driven Stock:    AA-grade satin walnut Barrel:    26 or 28 in., Crio System treated Receiver:    Nickel plated Weight:    5.6 pounds Overall length:    47.5 or 49.5 in. The revolutionary Benelli Surface Treatment (BE.S.T.) 12 GA 28 $ 1,999.00 (0) Benelli Montefeltro Silver Featherweight 20 GA 24" $ 1,799.00 (0) Benelli 828U 12GA 26 Nickel Walnut $ 2,799.00 (1) Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12GA 28 Comfortech Black Syn $ 1,699.00 (0) Benelli 828U Sport 12 GA 30" $ 3,999.00 (0) Benelli 828U Left-Handed Over/Under Shotgun 10707, 12 Gauge, $ 2,799.00 (0) Benelli 828U 12GA 26" AA Walnut $ …

For upland game hunting like quail, pheasant, and grouse you should pick up some Fiocchi Golden Pheasant 20 gauge.

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