battleheart 2 tier list

This artifact is said to channel the very will of the Sun King. Their origin unknown, these strings create unimaginable clarity. I need to try to equip her with a good titan crown to make her more harder too kill. A Tier = Very competitive but may require micro/stalling and good knowledge/character optimization, B Tier = Mostly useful as support/utility choices, C Tier = Struggles to contribute even when optimized, Party leveling stages (Skillpoint era. Hope you've had your shots! If you’re in a close-quarters fight, Lando won’t be completely useless, but he’s definitely best suited at distance. Admittedly, he’s probably higher in this list than he should be and it comes down to his fantastic Clone Wars alternate style. All are welcome to contribute to this encyclopedia of items, charcters, monsters, builds, strategies and … Actually having a tank is overrated unless you are fighting a boss, in which case War Priest mitigates much of the environmental damage. There’s something about Yoda that just doesn’t make him much of a threat when you run into him. Unfortunately, his abilities aren’t really the best either, so, all in all, he’s not a good pick. Leia’s abilities aren’t really all that great, so you can’t rely on them to turn the tide of a match. Amazingly, BB-8 has a cable move that is extremely effective at clearing an entire room, making him one of the only heroes that can do that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Darth Vader was actually the hero that sparked the entire rework of the progression system in Battlefront 2, so we have him to thank for that. Don’t get us wrong, he’s still dangerous, but out of all of the lightsaber heroes, he has to be the one you’re most relieved to run into. Bossk hasn’t actually changed much at all since his launch, but other heroes have gotten stronger and essentially left him in the dust. In fact, she might be the least popular pick in the entire game, but she shouldn’t be because she’s actually pretty strong. Captain Phasma looks pretty cool, but outside of that, she doesn’t have a whole lot going for her. This is a fan-made wiki dedicated to the game: Battleheart 2, a swipe-based mobile action-RPG by MikaMobile, currently only available here on Apple IOS. Who wouldn't want a dog fighting on their Battleheart team?

As deadly and remorseless as winter itself. Now, he can deflect shots, but he’s a tad weaker than he once was.

Despite being a lightsaber hero, his ranged throw can deal a lot of damage. Not literally silver, but they shine with a distinct luster. You can then couple that with his thermal charge and underrated charge ability and you’re really playing with one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Crafted from the bone and tissues of a fallen dragon.

Tier Power Cost Upgrade Name Description DwordValue 1 23 26 75 Oakwood Staff This crude wooden implement gently hums with energy. Tier Name Base armor Bonus Flavour Legendary Mor'doth Doomplate 56 +5% Crit indestructible, it feeds on the fear of the living Legendary Aegis of the Lost City 56 +10% Deflection Empowers the wearer with the strength of 100 fallen heroes ... Battleheart 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Healers . She is more powerful than a regular trooper, so she does have that working in her favor. A simple bow used to hunt small game animals. Surprisingly, Iden Versio, the main character from the campaign, is actually a strong hero that doesn’t get a whole lot of play. This hero is extremely fast and given the fact that his swings can just one-shot enemies, a whole army can be decimated before players even realize what happened to them. Dooku is a very strong hero against those who don’t quite understand how to go against him.

I have necro/bard/bloodweaver/frost mage. He kind of finds himself unable to stand out amongst the other blaster heroes, which is never a great thing. It is said the wounds these blades leave are cursed to never heal. At one point, Chewbacca was one of the strongest heroes in the game, but some nerfs have significantly weakened everyone’s favorite Wookiee.

A crude but effective weapon. This weapon is engraved with elven songs of war. Necromancer skeletons scale with arena level (!) Battleheart Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This staff bears a terrible, cursed aura. In fact, all of his abilities are quite strong as his choke is among one of the strongest in the game. Powered by. Her shock droid and alternate fire abilities are extremely powerful, despite nerfs. When the game launched, Maul was a force to be reckoned with, and he couldn’t even deflect blaster shots. Fashioned by dwarves, they exhibit long lost crafstmanship. So Skeletons benefit from all talent and gear stats? Often confused with a simple walking stick. Grants an almost supernatural capacity to make the ladies swoon. It’s clear that the buffs DICE has been given out have had a strong impact on this hero. All weapons have 9 different Tiers: Special Note to all Players: All upgrades can be easily purchased by sending a Cleric and/or Bard into the Doomvale Arena, allowing them to die and then selling the loot at the Merchant. This gives him one extra trick up his sleeve over the other heroes, and even though he’s been nerfed a few times, he’s still the best. I just love bloodreaver. A savage weapon made from the teeth and bones of wyverns. These gloves provide increased punching power. It’s fitting that the only hero better than him in the game is him. Rey may be the hero of the sequel trilogy, but she has a long way to go before she can enter the upper echelon of heroes in Battlefront 2. Dragon's don't just make great wallets, but also lute strings? At the beginning of the game, the Cleric is almost always favored because of her auto-heal, but at late-game when Tier 7 items are available, the Bard is a very reliable option. Once upon a time, Bossk might have found himself at the top of this list, but things have changed significantly. Han’s iconic DL-44 blaster is among the strongest in the game and he’s worth playing for that alone since it deals so much damage. The floating crystals that form this rod gently hum with power. I'm running a Necro with Vardus, Inferno mail, Palewood twig and Black candle. General Grievous is an absolutely terrifying hero to run into, and with his bugs fixed, he’s truly a threat. A relic from an ancient order of monks that has since vanished. A popular choice amongst dual-wielding barbarians.

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