battle of umbara

Rex was then conducting a perimeter sweep when Fives, Jesse and Hardcase tell him that they intend to go through with their plan. Fives and Jesse were led by Appo and other troopers to their execution. Rex asks if Krell would bring some reinforcements, but Jedi Master denied it and he orders them not to fall back. Rex then found the 212th battalion platoon leader, Waxer, who was mortally wounded in the firefight. Krell was enraged upon learning this, but he only ordered the prisoners to be returned to the brig upon learning of an Umbaran counterattack in which the enemy seized clone trooper weapons and armor to disguise themselves with: Krell had Rex and his men move to intercept the advance immediately. As the 501st reached the outskirts of the airbase, Rex suggested that they scout the area first.

Rex then talked to Fives, telling him that Krell was famous for many victories during the Clone Wars, but Fives still didn't agree. This allowed Kenisha Alston and her clones to seize the capital, swiftly and capture the Separatist leaders, and Umbaran generals. Fives told Krell that it's just a safety drill, but Krell however does not believe it. T-series tactical droid commander, Foerost Siege When they got there, they were in the middle of a space battle between the Republic and Separatist fleets. Along the way, they were attacked by a pair of banshees, which Krell killed so that the battalion could resume marching onwards. Rex and his men the continue to hold their ground against the MHCs. Krell ordered Fives and Jesse locked up the brig, and later ordered them to be executed. However, one of troopers, Hardcase, was almost eaten by a Vixus. In the detention block of the airbase, Rex, Jesse, Fives and Tup questioned Krell as to why he had performed such sinister actions. Upon landing, however, the main Republic forces of the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion faced heavy resistance from the native Umbaran Militia. But Hardcase, Fives and Jesse were learning how to fly the fighters, and Fives decided it was time to put the mission and, therefore, the troops' lives into their own hands. Among these breakthroughs was … Moderate starfighter losses

HeavyMany clone troopersAt least one LAAT/i gunshipMany All Terrain Recon TransportsAt least HAW A5 JuggernautJedi General Pong Krell1 Hunter class amphibious assault ship ("Avenger") Clone Navy commander CT-7689 "Ox" half of Rage Battalion Battle of Umbara Z-95 starfighters [8] The firefight between both sides continued, with Krell watching with contempt,[23] until Rex discovered that the "disguised" Umbarans were actually clones.

Krell stated that they would have take the capital, regardless of the missiles and would meet up with Kenobi and 212th at the rendezvous point.

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