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Created by Jack Kirby, The New Gods are ruled by the wise and benevolent High Father on the planet of New Genesis, while minions exist only to serve the dictator Darkseid on the twin planet of Apokolips.

The remainder of Earth's heroes were transported to pseudo-Batcave by the Murder Machine.

Johns, Geoff, Morrison, Grant, Rucka, Greg Waid, Mark (w).

Others such as Jason Bard, Harold, Onyx, and Toyman work for him. NFL Fantasy Team Names

Originally seen allied with Gotham's villains, Lynx would later be seen fighting alongside its heroes.

Vale appeared in the second of Columbia's Batman serials, Vesper Fairchild is featured in the TV shows set in the, The mutual romantic interest is echoed in the, During the Silver Age when Dick was Robin and Bette was Bat-Girl, sidekick to her aunt. Batman's new daytime partner. Batman Fantasy Football Names 2020 Bruce Thomas Wayne, Detective Comics #27 - The Case of the Chemical Syndicate. Laughs then revealed that their goal wasn't to shoot down the Thule: It was to charge it with dark energy and force it to crash into the

Catgirl is Catwoman's sidekick.


Official Sites Fantasy Funny Team Names The two eventually separate and Julie weds into European royalty, much in the manner of, In the New 52, Julie appears in a flashback-dream sequence as Bruce's college girlfriend.

After he was almost killed, Ryder was saved by a scientist that made him into Creeper. Five years in the future Tiffany has joined the League of Batgirls, led by Barbara Gordon a.k.a. He comes to work for Batman after his parents are made insane.

College Fantasy Football Names This made the Justice League become evil and became the Justice Lords, where they ruled the planet under a totalitarian dictatorship with an Iron Fist.

He was deemed cured after his facial reconstruction surgery by, He would come to be an ally to Batman following their initial encounter; however, in the events surrounding Infinite Crisis, he appeared to return to his evil ways.

Comic Vine users. Christian Fantasy Football Team Names He also has several love interests, including Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, Silver St.

Super Bowl Winners Political Fantasy Football Team Names Events forced her from his side that resulted in a long journey, arriving at the government organization known as, Catwoman is the most enduring romantic interest of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Words That Start With T That Are Positive

In an alternate timeline, where they were still the Justice League and where Luthor was elected president of the United States, the Flash was killed by Lex Luthor. New Fantasy Football Team Names Mexican Fantasy Football Names Fantasy Name Generator

Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, VIP Mafia Family /

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A constantly changing group composed primarily of incarcerated super-villains who perform black ops missions with a low chance of survival in exchange for the possibility of a shortened sentence.

FF Team Names For Girls Fantasy Football Name Generator

The Croatoans is a group of detectives who met regulary at the House of Mystery and are known as the Guild of Detection.

Mordecai Wayne A covert group of heroes formed by Oracle that largely fight crime in Gotham. Names That Mean Angel Batman appears in 18414 issues.

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EPL Fantasy Team Names Many of these are also his adopted children with the exception of the more recent character Damian Wayne, the first of the Robins to be biologically related to Batman.

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(uncredited), Gotham City Senator Catchy Fantasy Football Names Find the perfect funny name for your fantasy football team. Other members of the Gotham City Police Department have played prominent roles in Batman's extended "family". Freak (Harvey Bullock) 0%. Funny Premier League Fantasy Team Names Fantasy Football Team Names by Player Clean Fantasy Football Team Names Debuted in, Azrael was a genetically modified assassin of the Order of St. Dumas who once replaced Bruce Wayne as Batman when he was badly injured by, Harold was an aide of Batman's who helped design, make, and repair many of his gadgets. Last Place Fantasy Football Team Names Golf Knight of Vengeance Jiro Osamu/Nihon no Battoman (Batman of Japan in English). Football Pool Names Using the final metal required for the Mantling, the Court turned Batman into Barbatos' doorway to our Multiverse. As an adult, he took up the identity of Nightwing, and served as protector of Blüdhaven, Gotham's ugly sister city to the south. Clever Fantasy Football League Names

Creative Fantasy Football League Names Fantasy Football Rules

In the parallel Earth of the Justice Lords, Terry McGinnis is in a relationship with Melanie and they are both members of the Jokerz. English Fantasy Football Names


With most of the resistance to Barbatos captured and his dark army on the move, the Knights saw to the captured heroes.

#1 - Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader. Jack Shaw

The Dark Knight Best Fantasy Football Team Name

Some of Batman's rogues gallery are notable for sometimes functioning as allies as well as villains. Duck Names A mysterious vigilante active in Gotham City, Simon Dark is a patchwork man constructed from the bodies of several dead children by a medical genius and a dark cult. NFL Draft Board She reappeared later, this time in the present time, as she has moved back to Gotham and wants to be reunited with Bruce.

This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Justice League Villains.". Best Fantasy Football Apps, Classic Fantasy Football Team Names He would return later in the, He started his career modeled after Catwoman and Batman as a foe to the latter.

Fantasy Football Tiers Freeze, the Scarecrow, Bane, Killer Croc, the Mad Hatter, and Clayface, among others. Since Batman's introduction in 1939, the character has accumulated a number of recognizable supporting characters.

Home » Slogans » List of 75 Cool Superhero Team Names, From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors, 51 Catchy and Cool Environmental Club Names, 125 Best Eco-Friendly Team and Group Names, "From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors. Harold was later killed by. He was recently seen as part of the Network fighting crime.

X-Men Team Names The Quinntets were a comical team of henchmen that worked for Harley Quinn.

Team Entropy is led by Batman, and is one of four teams assembled by the Justice League to fight the Omega Titans.

When Riddler gets caught in a bomb explosion, the explosion re-awakened his psychosis.

The Batmen of All Nations are heroes around the world who were inspired by Batman and Robin to become crime-fighters. Names for a Football Team His goal is to make Batman a global franchise and stop crime around the world. List of 75 Cool Superhero Team Names Nov 5, 2018 Jan 26, 2014 by Brandon Gaille Since the 1930’s superheros have been considered a very lucrative business, bringing millions of dollars in for collector items, blockbuster hits, and awesome stories.

Marv Wolfman, creator of the Nightwing persona and longtime Titans writer, indicated that there was once a Dick and Donna romance planned, but the idea was quashed by editorial mandate.

Funny Team Names Morrison, Grant; Rucka, Greg; Waid, Mark (w).

Check out our complete list of new fantasy team names.

Gotham's premiere superhero who has assembled this network of allies. Name Generator Find the perfect funny name for your fantasy football team. These warriors are evil and twisted versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse who were willing to fight to keep their worlds alive. Recently, emphasis on the psychological motivations of Batman villains have painted them in a much more sympathetic light than in their earlier stories, most notably Mr.

However, the heroes repelled the Knights long enough for Flash to sabotage the Carrier's engine, which accidentally turned the Red Death good.

The "patriarch" and leader of the team, young Bruce Wayne witnessed the brutal murder of his parents as a child, and used this trauma and his vast personal wealth to travel the world and acquire the skills needed to wage his war on crime. Are you looking for the best Batman Fantasy Football team names?

Batman Inc. is the result of Bruce Wayne using the concept and idea of Batman to counter-act the idea of crime. Batman Inc.'s representative in Paris, a Sunni Muslim and expert freerunner. Bruce Wayne

Though they failed to shoot down the Thule, they were able to damage it enough to allow a team to storm it. Early in his career, he would team up with Batman and became a frequent ally, even joining the Outsiders.

Bruce Wayne The Caped Crusader The Dark Knight The World's Greatest Detective The Dark Knight Detective Matches Malone Gotham Knight Detective Bats The Bat Master Wayne Knight of Vengeance … Find the perfect funny name for your funny team. Robin, Batman's vigilante partner, was introduced in the Spring of 1940, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler, was introduced in 1943, and Barbara Gordon was introduced in 1967. This creates an anti-virus which also spreads through the air. The first Batman supporting character was Commissioner James Gordon, who first appeared in the same comic book as Batman in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and is Batman's ally in the Gotham City Police Department. Dork Knight (Joker) 2%. Following the death of the first Ranger at the hands of Wingman, his former sidekick, the, The Batman Incorporated representative from Tinasha in the, Becoming fed up with the politics and practices of the. Created by Cadmus in the year 3000, the heroes from the past rise to fight the menaces of tomorrow. Bruce Wayne, the current patriarch of the Wayne family and head of Wayne Enterprises. Bats The Justice Society of America was the 1st super team in the DCU.

His rogues gallery is one of the most identifiable in modern fiction.

The Batman family, or "Bat-Family", is the informal term for Batman's closest allies, generally masked vigilantes operating in Gotham City. However, he would try to kill Batman to be the city's only hero. Running Team Names [4] The only Knight who managed to avoid destruction was the Batman Who Laughs, who was captured by Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom. The emphasis here is on training and preparing the next generation of heroes. 36 Appearances of Dark Knights (Dark Multiverse), 7 Images that include Dark Knights (Dark Multiverse), Team Gallery: Dark Knights (Dark Multiverse),, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

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