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Planting a jasmine tree too close to your house will weaken the strength of its occupants – good trees to plant include mango, avocado, banana and coconut. Also some potions that claim to attract a new partner and other assorted luck-related paraphernalia. To fool the god, the obeah witch makes a life-size puppet of the dying man, which the man’s wife dresses in her husband’s clothes and then takes to the cemetery at midnight. Bets are placed in hurried secret exchanges, with each transaction “blessed” by good spirits – a type of simple voodoo that is the equivalent of crossing the fingers and saying a wish. In Haiti, where Western healthcare services are scarce and too expensive for many, inhabitants often rely on the herbal remedies and ritual practices of their voodoo “houngan” priest or “mambo” priestess. “I consider my temple a clinic”. (Reuters). (Photograph by Thony Belizaire, AFP/Getty Images), Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places, Although she is beautiful, there is something that betrays her—her cloven hooves. “We live in a country where the health system is not able to respond to the challenge of the pandemic, so we rely on natural remedies instead,” said Mambo Lamercie Charles as she ladled out potion. In the home of voodoo, the god of death, Gede, is said to stand at the crossroads to the afterworld.

Durch die Sklaverei kam die Praxis aus den traditionellen Religionen Westafrikas in die Karibik, wobei Elemente anderer Religionen vorwiegend der christlichen eingebracht wurden. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- Book your flight today. To get rid of an unwanted visitor, you should sprinkle a broom with water and leave it behind the door. Superstitions, age-old magic and spirit-driven beliefs are common throughout the Caribbean region, where ancient old wives’ tales continue to thrive today. Virgin Atlantic operates flights to the Caribbean from London Gatwick. Bridgetown, Barbados In obeah and voodoo beliefs, a person has two souls—a good soul and an earthly one. Some evangelical preachers blamed the 2010 earthquake on voodoo while mobs lynched at least 45 houngans and mambos they blamed for bringing about the subsequent cholera outbreak with their spells. It only won recognition as an official religion in 2003 under President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. But their power can backfire. Here’s a look at how voodoo culture is practised these days. In death, the good soul goes to heaven, while the earthly one stays in the coffin for three days. Voodoo culture is still very much alive today in West Africa, specifically Benin, where the religion was born. Voodoo faithful pray to goddess Erzulie Dantor in the Petionville suburb of Port-au-Prince during a ceremony to mark the Christmas season. Voodoo is closely identified with Haiti’s struggle for independence but has worked hard for legitimacy. Ever since the first cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed in Haiti in mid-March, Voodoo priests have been serving up teas with ingredients including moringa, eucalyptus, ginger and honey to strengthen the immune system. Do you know any Caribbean voodoo tales or superstitions? Islanders believe that it is a potent force than can bring good fortune, or the opposite, if used properly. In Tobago, children are warned against picking up copper coins they find in the street in case they are cursed with an evil spell. Sarah is currently working on a travel documentary about the history of Caribbean cruises. We use cookies to improve your visit. Customs and traditions are staunchly held on to within each Caribbean island with mysterious folkloric stories and fairytales playing a part in modern society. In obeah and voodoo beliefs, a person has two souls—a good soul and an earthly one. It is a syncretic religion that combines Roman Catholicism and native African religion, particularly from the religion of the Dahomey region of West Africa (the modern day nation of Benin).

Tags: Barbados  Caribbean  Grenada  Jamaica  St Lucia  Tobago. If a wife has a second toe that is bigger than her first, she will rule her husband. Worried that a bad spirit is following you home? This list originally appeared in the National Geographic book Guide to the World’s Supernatural Places, by Sarah Bartlett. Sometimes misrepresented in Hollywood and pulp fiction as a black magic cult, it suffers from stigma. In Barbados, a type of ancient voodoo power handed down orally through the generations is prevalent today in a watered-down form. Every community has its own ingrained myths and legends influenced by the supernatural world – some more bizarre than others. Voodoo is closely identified with Haiti’s struggle for independence but has worked hard for legitimacy. A devil woman known as La Diablesse lives alone in this village, plotting revenge on cheating husbands. “They have received the powers and the knowledge to put in practice.”. Saturday is horseracing day in Barbados, a time of great excitement. “Voodoo practitioners – the Houngans and Mambos in particular – have the responsibility to look after the wellbeing of the population,” said Desmornes, 60, who was a music promoter before becoming the Ati. Seeing the woman crying over the grave, Icú is convinced that the man is dead and already in the underworld. In some local shops, at the back of the shelves, some fascinating products lurk, such as candles, soaps and sprays called “go away evil”. Some voodoo sorcerers own a magic stick called a coco macaque that walks by itself and is sent out to perform vengeful deeds. Here we take a look at some of the most well known Caribbean voodoo superstitions worth taking note of. Voodoo deputy leader Euvonie Georges Auguste said the community, inspired by the “Loas” [spirits], has also come up with a potion for COVID-19 symptoms that they had taught priests virtually to prepare and administer. Small crowds gather to watch, their pockets stuffed with loose change. However, anyone who gets his or her feet swept over by a broom  broom will remain unmarried for life. While the virus took root slowly in the poorest country in the Americas, in the last two weeks the number of confirmed cases has nearly quintupled to 865 while reports of a mysterious “fever” are spreading.

These range from a belief that cow urine can cure genetic baldness to cravings during pregnancy causing birth-marks and a bout of hiccups signalling a growth spurt. In Grenada, all popular folkloric stories centre on a trio of characters: Anancy, a West African spider, trickster-god; La Diablesse, the devil-woman and Ligaroo, from the French word loup garou, meaning werewolf.

Follow us on, Voting starts in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grosvenor: Unique connection to constituents. Wearing a new ring on a left ring finger as an unmarried woman is enough for a family to disown a daughter. Draped in necklaces of colorful beads, Haitian Voodoo “Ati” or supreme leader Carl Henri Desmornes said in an interview at his “gingerbread house” in Port-au-Prince he knew there would be a deluge of patients at their temples. Witchcraft, sorcery, shape-changing, spells, wizardry and the paranormal influence the parables used by parents in teaching children right from wrong. Haiti’s voodoo practitioners in the past have criticised Moise for appealing publicly to Christianity’s god rather than to Voodoo’s spirits. “This attitude shows he is a victim of the system that still bears the scars of slavery,” she said. [7] [8] Obeah is difficult to define, as it is not a single, unified set of practices; the word "Obeah" was historically not often used to describe one's own practices. © Copyright 2020 Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. All rights reserved.

If the earthly soul escapes, it becomes a harmful entity known as a duppy. Vengeful gods, terrifying sorcerers, and death-dealing demons populate the legends and beliefs of the Caribbean, deriving from a potent blend of voodoo, Catholicism, and folklore. The ground is also checked for signs of evil or trickery, such as a buried dead dog or voodoo doll. According to... A Nation team is heading to St Peter where there are reports of a shooting near Queen Street,... A man was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after falling from a roof at Carrington Village,... KINGSTOWN – Electors in St Vincent and the Grenadines began casting ballots at 7 a.m. Thursday... United Progressive Party’s candidate Ambrose Grosvenor says he is the right man for the job as... For information about this website or content published please contact the, Subscribe to NationNews with our Webfeed.

Voodoo [ˈvuːduː], auch Vodun, Voudou, Wudu oder Wodu, ist eine synkretistische Religion, die sich ursprünglich in Westafrika entwickelte und heute auch in kreolischen Gesellschaften des atlantischen Raums und vor allem in Haiti beheimatet ist.

To avoid the wrath of these much-feared spirits, it is important to stay away from dark corners, graveyards and forests at night and do no wrong.

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