bad frank ending explained

He is about to leave, but Otis comes out and all the survivors board the helicopter and leave the mall while a zombie watches them. Is the life that Frank now leads just an extended purgatory until whatever comes next? What irks Frank is Kennedy's brother Robert, the Attorney General, who has it out for Hoffa because, as head of the Teamsters, Hoffa had control over vast sums of money which he reportedly laundered and embezzled. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. He tries to warn Frank that they should leave, but Frank shoots him twice at point-blank range.

But this is Hoffa – a man bigger than The Beatles and Elvis. The explosion sends the infectious parasites into the stratosphere, causing a nationwide epidemic. Russell tries to tell Hoffa to show appreciation for the support he's had, but Hoffa sees it as a threat which he will not abide. There are three different dialogue options for this ending, depending on how many survivors the player has saved (minimum amount, moderate amount, or maximum amount). Over time, Frank, Russell, Tony Pro and many other teamsters-cum-mobsters are arrested for their crimes, but never for Hoffa's murder (in fact, it remains unsolved today despite the story the film portrays). Which he should be. Ricky Martin calls Netflix Xmas movie "powerful", SpongeBob's new movie hits Netflix at perfect time, SpongeBob Netflix movie pays tribute to creator, Why Stranger Things' long delay is a good thing, Former Riverdale star hoping for season 5 return, Jingle Jangle is a Christmas feast of a movie, The Crown's Gillian Anderson on playing Thatcher, Netflix horror His House gets rare 100% rating, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. All the survivors Frank saved board the helicopter and leave the mall as a zombie comes and watches them fly away. Bad Frank was reportedly shot for $80,000.[1]. ), but she rejects him. The bombs destroy the mall just as Carlito planned. "I'm not giving you anything you didn't deserve," Hoffa tells Frank. Russell tells him, without ever telling him, that Hoffa is out and the Mafia has sanctioned his death. There are six different endings, depending on the player's actions throughout the game. The car trip, like the nursing home, becomes a frequent return point for the narrator Frank. Frank is now looking back on the legacy he left behind: daughters who won't let him know them, with a nurse who doesn't know who he – more importantly, who Jimmy Hoffa – is. Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano (Stephen Graham) begins to threaten Hoffa's security as the leader of the Teamsters. Requirements: Fail to collect all of Carlito's bombs during Case 7-2. There have been a lot of movies with the word “Bad” in the title in recent years. The passengers are Russell and Frank and their wives. It's this energy that, perhaps, endears him to Frank's daughter Peggy. Meanwhile, a zombie sneaks up behind Ed and kills him. If Robert Kennedy going after the very people (the Italian mob) who got his brother elected president makes any sense? Hoffa is released from prison by Nixon in a Presidential pardon but is forbidden from taking part in any Teamsters activities. Requirements: Don't solve all of the cases and don't be at the helipad on time. Requirements: Be a prisoner of the Special Forces when time runs out. Russell asks Frank to try and talk sense into their 'friend' Hoffa.

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