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Hi, I live in Philadelphia, Pa. Today I was down in the basement cleaning and about to exercise on my treadmill and there was a black snake about 15 inches long under the treadmill. I called animal control about 7-8 hours ago and they still are not here. Rat Snakes: Both the black and gray rat snakes can be found in Pennsylvania, and these feed on things such as lizards, mice, rats, copperhead snakes (venomous) and more.

The background is pinkish brown, light tan to greyish brown with wide brown to reddish brown bands that become darker towards the margin. They especially love coastal California. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Fundamentals: This snake is non-venomous, it if it feels threatened it will excrete a foul-smelling musk from its anal glands.

females. Its belly is white or yellow, often with a pink border. The upper body of the snake is reddish-brown background with four rows of dark brown to black alternating blotches. Copperheads, like the one that bit a Berks County woman, are less familiar to most familiar Pennsylvanians than the timber rattlesnake, but they are more common, more locally abundant and more widespread across the state than their noisier cousins. The belly is pale brown to pink bordered by black dots on the edges. feet and is, thus, the longest snake naturally occurring over its broad, It is 1 of 5 copperhead subspecies found in the U.S. Local names for the reptile include beech-leaf snake, chunk head, copper adder, copper-bell, copper belly, copperhead moccasin, copperhead viper, copper snake, copper viper, deaf adder, deaf snake, dumb rattlesnake, harlequin snake, hazel head, highland moccasin, pilot, poplar leaf, rattlesnake pilot, rattlesnake's mate, red adder, red eye, red snake, red viper, thunder snake, upland moccasin and white oak snake. The snakes best known as Black racers inhabit most areas in the East from southern Maine to the Florida Keys.

Most of all, however, this snake likes to eat lizards, which it swallows, alive and whole. The belly and chin are white. It is found in nearly all habitats, from forests and talus slopes to backyards everywhere, but usually near water.

The adult is 9-13 inches in length. These are the most common reptile in Yellowstone National Park! Appearance: Slender, with a blunt head not much wider than its neck. Their body color can range from blue, prominent in Florida blue garter snakes, to the many shades of red visible in West Coast species. But it is immune to most snakes’ venom, so doesn’t have to be too careful. It’s a long, slender species with large eyes. They are easy to look after and come in a variety of colors. Did you say ‘salt marshes’. Fundamentals: Pine snakes can be difficult to breed, but are usually docile in temperament. Development of Young It inhabits wetlands, wet meadows and prairies. Beyond Pennsylvania, the northern copperhead is found from Massachusetts south to the panhandle of Florida and west to Illinois and Nebraska. sawdust piles, and in hollow trees. A baby black snake, or baby black racer snake, looks very different from the adult of the species. If you want to learn more about snakes, Lou is definitely the right person to go to. Not all black and yellow snakes are as they seem—some are, in fact, yellow and black! Black rat snakes may use underground sites, caves, decaying trees and tree

spring the black rat snake spends several days basking in its favored, protected

Pennsylvania’s Milk Snakes inhabit fields, forests, farms and some residential areas. A female is capable of reproducing only once If you think that we have left out or missed out on some other species of black and yellow snakes, do tell us by commenting below. obsoleta obsolete Lou has always been fascinated by all types of snakes and reptiles. Pennsylvania hosts two of the three venomous snakes in the Pit Viper category, copperheads and rattlesnakes. Wear boots that at least cover the ankles and look for rattlesnakes before you sit down or reach under logs and brush. While there is some truth to this – there are indeed examples where it stands up – it is not entirely watertight. The bands are saddle shaped (hourglass) that are broader along the sides and become narrower across the dorsum. They are non-venomous, and fabulous, usually measuring 20-33 in. They usually have a dark background color – grey, brown or black – with one or more longitudinal dorsal yellow stripes, running from head to tail. Pine Creek Valley and The PA Grand Canyon. DCNR partners with the PA Fish & Boat Commission (the regulatory agency for reptiles and amphibians) to assess, monitor, and protect rattlesnakes on DCNR lands. Other colors of these snakes vary.

It is confined to the northwestern quarter of Pennsylvania, in habitat ranging from old fields to dense forests, but generally near water. Coloration and pattern vary so much in the serpentine world, and with such variance comes a new lexicon. These basking sites are also used following a large meal and when Location: This snake can be found throughout most of Florida, parts of Texas and Minnesota, Ontario and Quebec. Appearance: Dark grey-green background color, with a distinctive orange-yellow stripe running vividly down the length of its spine. site = ""; In general, no. It is non-venomous and mostly not dangerous, as it is non-confrontational, spending most of its time (in the wild) beneath the sand. Appearance: There are 35 species in the Thamnophis Genus. Help fund crucial watchdog journalism. One of three venomous snakes that occur in PA, the timber rattler embodies the wild appeal of Penn’s Woods.

The snake has three, yellow stripes along its back and two strips on its side, all across a black to reddish brown background. It is very light.

That’s not possible because copperheads give birth to live babies while black rat snakes lay eggs that hatch a few months later.

Diet: Toads, mainly. recognizable species despite its wide range of possible color variations (black The snakes best known as Black racers inhabit most areas in the East from southern Maine to the Florida Keys.

The queensnake (Regina septemvittata) has a more specific prey base – mostly crayfish – than most snake species. Location: This crepuscular ground dweller is a sturdy burrower, so spends a lot of time underground in the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and California.

With the exception of two types of venomous snakes, Pennsylvania snakes consist of nineteen species of colubrid snakes, a family of snakes with familiar names such as ratsnakes, kingsnakes, garter snakes and watersnakes. These males fight The belly is white to yellowish white. This guide will introduce you to the following snakes: In it, I will give you information about each snake’s size, weight, location, appearance, habitat, diet, danger level, and whether or not it makes a suitable pet. The hatchlings remain near

What about red stripes? Average Lifespan…, What Do Parakeets Like to Eat?

It sometimes eats venomous snakes, so it has to be very careful. FUN FACT: Other names include cow sucker, black moccasin, rattlesnake pilot and thunder-and-lightning snake.Awesome. It has a greenish white belly and pure white lips. It is a common and abundant species, often mistakenly identified as a copperhead, from which it can be distinguished by the V-, U- or Y-shaped blotch on the back of its head. Most people who are bitten by venomous snakes are attempting to handle them. this website, is typically larger than the female. This can be performed from a safe distance. Additionally, 28 state forest natural areas are off-limits for collection (click here for the list). Blue Racers, for example are common around the Great Lakes region. The few remaining organized rattlesnake hunts in Pennsylvania are scheduled for weekends in June, while the rattlesnake and copperhead hunting seasons begin the second week in June. (copperheads and rattlesnakes). The male black rat snake, unlike many of the other snake species described at Most have a checkerboard pattern near the stripes. Texas) and southern Ontario. It has four stripes of varying brilliance highlighting the upper part of the body; two are normally brown, two are yellow-brown, or tan. The adult is 20-28 inches in length.

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