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The Inner Wall is a massive earthen barrier that serves as the primary protector of the actual city of Ba Sing Se after the Outer Wall and the vast Agrarian Zone. Apparently, Chin would rather face the Avatar herself than try his luck at the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se.[22]. The Ba Sing Se Monorail system has many stations around the city that have served as the backdrop to several events. Instead, crime groups in the capital mostly remained mere street gangs.

Outer Wall: "Zuko Alone"Agrarian Zone: "The Drill"Inner city: "City of Walls and Secrets" Combatants

[7], Prior to Team Avatar's arrival in the city, the Earth King had become a figurehead as Long Feng took control of the Dai Li and created a conspiracy to strengthen his power. The wall encircles all of Ba Sing Se, along with the vast Agrarian Zone and a medium-sized lake.

[5] General Iroh's morale was crushed upon learning of his son's demise.

Although it was somewhat tainted by the interference of the Dai Li and Long Feng, it is still one of the greatest centers of learning in the world.

[25] They wear dark green armor with a green plume on the top of their helmets and are not affiliated with the Dai Li or the military. A five-thousand-year-old map of the city was found in Wan Shi Tong's Library, which suggests it is at least that old. The given information suggests that the Fire Nation mustered and made use of many of their available resources, and that the Fire Nation used a few divisions according to the maps shown in the past as well as the pile of scrolls near Iroh's office. Ba Sing Se Place Ba Sing Se also resembles ancient Mesopotamia, where a wall surrounded the city, and other walls divided it inside.

He attempted to double-cross Azula, but without the support of the Dai Li, he realized any such effort would be futile and submitted to her will. The Ba Sing Se University offers many degrees in engineering, architecture and science, as these are perhaps its strongest subjects. Tea-drinking is one of the most common ways citizens relax after work,[5] and the city's inhabitants are rumoured to produce the world's best tea. Azula instigates a coup d'état, bringing the capital under Fire Nation control, and Zuko sides with his sister.

[27] The Earth King's position was reestablished when Earth King Kuei returned from his exile after the city was liberated. 永固城大學 Ba Sing Se University Ba Sing Se's division of social level by the inner and outer rings could be a reference to the inner and outer courts, inner being more exclusive, in the Forbidden City, or the same inner and outer rings used to divide many ancient Chinese cities. The siege was initiated after Fire Nation infantry began attacking the Outer Wall of the city, hoping to breach the walls in order to secure a path for an invasion.

[13] Many of the capital's nobles and bureaucrats allied themselves with the Earth sage Jianzhu,[17][18] although the latter never firmly controlled the capital due to the continuing influence of the Earth King. The Middle Ring restaurant offers a "Tourist Menu" and an "unbelievably complex" fried appetizer sampler platter.

[3] Unbeknownst to General Iroh, his son, Lu Ten, had been mortally wounded around the time that the Fire Army had breached the Outer Wall.

Both cities were also packed with refugees during major wars. The first known military official able to penetrate the Outer Wall was the Dragon of the West, or Iroh, who reached the Agrarian Zone during his six-hundred day siege. [39] After the Coup of Ba Sing Se, Dai Li agents tore a hole in the wall to allow Fire Nation soldiers through. [1] These fields supply the entire city with food to enable them to survive a siege for any duration, so long as the Outer Wall remains intact and, due to earthbending, can be quickly repaired. He was replaced by Joo Dee, a puppet ruler with the title "Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator of Ba Sing Se". [24], Located in the Lower Ring, the Firelight Fountain is popular with citizens who come to feed the turtle ducks in the day, and considered by Jin to be the most romantic spot in town at night. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph received a home positioned in the Upper Ring. The school also offers classes on music, zoology, anthropology, art, geography, history, political science, astrology, mathematics, drama, and a class on desert cultures which was once taught by Professor Zei.[5]. [4], Around 94 AG,[3] General Iroh and several armies under his command[5] besieged the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se. The peasants felt that the Earth King's role was outdated and that he did not represent their interests. The architecture of Ba Sing Se is slightly different from standard Earth Kingdom designs.

The six hundred-day Siege of Ba Sing Se was an assault by the Fire Nation on the Earth Kingdom capital six years before the end of the Hundred Year War.1 It was one of the largest and most legendary battles of the latter stages of the century-long war. As a testament to its grandeur, the Earth Kingdom's roadway network is centered on the city.

As the benders excavated further, they came across beautiful luminous crystals and began to mine them. [4] Ba Sing Se means "Impenetrable City";[1] it is so named for its world-famous walls, the gates of which have no hinges or other hardware and are opened by the use of earthbending.

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