axiom verge endings

There is a single note called "Security Notice" that states "The intruder who commandeered the storm talisman is suspected of releasing a plague." Specifically, there is a video on youtube about sound waves at certain frequencies being able to levitate objects where two sources converge. In the final cutscenes, he is near to his goal of returning, and we see a brief glint in his eye, indicating that he may be on the path of becoming Athetos once again. Thus, there are many ways to interpret the game's story. i found this on the axiom verge wiki,and well,im here to say what happens after that: athetos shoots trace but he doesnt die,he "WAKE UP" in sudra,and now the rusalki cant kill him with a tought anymore and now you have "athetos"(from earth,the one who shots u) by your side to fight the rusalki. with Athetos at the door again like the last scene.

Also one note I found appears to be a conversation between the Athetos that you fight at the end, and an even earlier incarnation which seems to be turning into a boss, I say this because he appears to be having an identity crisis saying he is Athetos, but also saying he is Telal (the boss with the big gun).

The note Axiom 1 (Note) heavily suggests that the universe is actually a simulation, which means that a PatternMind is someone who can manipulate the code from within the simulation to some extent.

Forum Posts. She is a massive computer, after all, and her purpose may be to extract information from enemies by simulating a world for them and convincing them, within that world, to reveal secrets (similar to Inception).

Rather, she wants to retrieve him from another universe—a universe in which he has not yet become Athetos. Spoilers TheMasterDS. A narrative of ideas, perhaps a reflection of deeper realities that lie hidden before our very eyes. Let's discuss this! Upon his arrival, Trace is still in a wheelchair, but he and Dr. Hammond discover Sudra's incredible technology and use a 'Rebirth' chamber to completely heal Trace. Athetos decides that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and that the only way to bring this technology back to Earth means destroying the Sudrans, who would refuse passage between Earth and the world beyond. In fact, the main foundation of the game is to question what is real. If you complete the game with a high percentage of items, you'll be treated to two important bits of information. In the beginning was the Word (Sound). the only passcode I used was the one for the flame thrower, I picked up a couple notes accidentally but nothing I have never found before. He becomes Atheos in his attempt to share knowledge of Sudra with everyone, but Sudra clearly doesn't like this and then there's the Breach Attractor, the pathogen, etc. Thanks to MrBeens on the GameFAQs forums for laying out the basis for this synospsis.[1]. All rights reserved. However, by the time Trace arrives, Sudra's civilization has collapsed, and its inhabitants no longer remember that purpose. This also plays directly into Veruska's ability to create mind worlds. What we do know, is that Elsenova is able to subdue the clone of Trace at will, killing him, or in this case putting him into a coma. In many ways the clones, such as Trace, could be symbolic of reincarnation and the karmic wheel of samsara, in that this existence of Maya (dream), is a shadow of the true reality, which is harmonic or Light, bringing credence to various religious doctrines and the quest/purpose of enlightenment, to awaken to the ALL, or one universal mind, given that we each are individual monads of source. Is that true? The Rusalki, in order to preserve the continuity of the delusion, send trace "back in time." What do you think it's hinting at?

I do not know what is right anymore." These often hint at actuality, but are sometimes ambiguous. The key difference here is that Ophelia's new plan, Plan B, does not revolve around cloning the original Trace. The copy of the younger Trace is the player throughout the game, and by re-activating the Remote Drones, he is able to repair Elsenova to her more mobile state. The robot ladies began getting further fleshed out, as did the history of the world. In each of these universes, any number of events can have had different outcomes, leading to very small or very large differences from our own universe. Perhaps if it's the multiverse thing killing one makes the other more complete since there's not two people who are supposed to be the same person. Another source that further converges with the theme of intersecting varying frequencies of light (electro-magnetic spectrum), would be with the ancient indigenous cultures of Africa and their geometrical 'homes' which contained no windows or entrances. Axiom Verge Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Some of the objects terminate in a conical point. It is confusing. Since they cannot stop Athetos in this state, Ophelia comes up with a new plan. With the help of Dr. Hammond, he begins publishing his theories, but the scientific community is skeptical of this drastic departure from established science. this time around, Trace is at his computer, states something like "Ha! Same ending as OP all 3 times. But what about the cutscene when Trace remembers being blind and crippled? Jun 3, 2015 @ 12:58pm Secret Areas & Weapons & Endings? To fix this cognitive dissonance he manufactured his trip to Sudra. Endings?

This also forces the Rusalki down under the planet's surface. He fights Atheos and wins.

Credit to Youtuber The Phawx for this interpretation of the Axiom Verge Story.[4]. I'm not sure who your Trace is. They blacklist him and start calling him 'Athetos', a nickname that can be taken to mean 'one whose opinion is rejected'.[2]. The Rusalki (Old Machines/Ophelia/etc?) From the beginning she is what guides Trace. Thus, there are many ways to interpret the game's story.

Then, he finds Athetos in his hideaway above Sudra, and during the battle, momentarily disrupts the Breach Attractor, allowing Elsenova to come help destroy it entirely. At first I thought this all some manner of dying or post death dream. During this time, Athetos disables the Repair Drones and Power Filter. Anyways, I joined this forum to comment about the symbolism behind this game as The Master DS has brought to mind a very revealing insight about metaphors to life and the power of storytelling.. To me, I somewhat am gathering the notion that the older Trace, Athetos, was on a quest for immortality.. His pursuit of knowledge led him to exploration of other worlds within worlds, or dimensions....Laser Lab would deal with focused and highly concentrated light, who is to say what happens when we utilize two lasers to converge? What or who are the kuliltu? I'm wondering based on the green things if I don't get to see what that means because I died a bunch and took 27 hours to get to that point. I only found 1 in my hard play thru and 2 or 4 in my normal one. They seem to be the major aspects of Trace's mind. @ignisphaseone: I think the wheelchair being there, and being right next to the note about how wonderful Sudra is, implies that it is the first Trace to get there (or the accident one, not sure if that is actually the first one) and his first experience with Sudra. Those that are in denial about the instability of the world economy or ecosystem are still asleep.. We all will be affected and will have to choose a side, as we can no longer stay on the fence. Obviously we are dealing with multiple dimensions or timelines, otherwise Athetos would cease to exist if he went back in time and killed you, as would the whole toxic gas thing. What did you think was going on? Reviews: 1. For months, he is bedridden, blind, and paralyzed from the waist down. The Rusalki find a different version of Trace, likely right after the explosion. In fact history shows there were high altitude nuclear tests carried out by the Soviets and USA back in the late 1950s, some of which consisted of 3.8 megatons (Little Boy used on Japan back in WW2 was only 12-18 kilotons).. One question that comes to mind would be what are we trying to blow up at such high altitude?

Second, back on Earth, when Trace nears his goal of returning to Sudra, Athetos seemingly pays him a visit! Why would Athetos and the Rusalki become enemies in the first place? Got a little zinger at that end where Athetos shows up and shoots Trace. I've only beaten it once, it was on normal and I think the map exploration percent was my only green part. First of all, we know that Trace is lied to throughout most of the game. since the endings appear to be triggered by having a "stat" in green, what I REALLY want to do is a zero death, 100% collection speed run and see if I can get everything green and get something new. So, we cannot take what either Elsenova or Athetos says at face-value. He does, he succeeds, and he leaves another note, a note where he joins with Atheos instead of fighting him, and says "We're going beyond the Breach". As for the ending and the whole algorithm/reality stuff. Like, as some of the notes explain, he'd died in so many worlds that the only ones left were so inconceivable they had become twisted and grotesque due to the amount of crazy stuff that needed to happen for this one conscious mind to remain active in some form of reality.

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