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He also appears to go by the handle "funny guy lop" which I found by following this petition he's been promoting on Twitter:, Funny Guy Lop Youtube channel, which is clearly the same kid:, FGL Twitter:, Overall, hard to pinpoint whether he's got problems or he's trying for a bizarre brand of humor (maybe both?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We were still confused about how the Curious George business fit into the equation. It didn't. Some videos announce more road construction, while others announce that "GreatYTube will become a video website like YouTube on September 13, 2024", and "Mr. Squidward's Classroom will become the only Nickelodeon film releasing on March 23, 2021". Fucking wack jobs period...the whole lot of them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If anything you've read so far has intrigued you then I strongly suggest you Google Jeffrey Duffman yourself and see how deeply you can explore, because it turned out to be a fairly wild ride. In 2001, a peculiar individual who was capable of fascinating feats of creativity was discovered by the Something Awful forums. Sasha claims to be from Connecticut, and Dufurrena is likely from Pensacola Florida, so OP seems unrelated entirely. I don't know if it's intentionally funny, but... it is. Eventually our search brought us to this beast of a page: . Throughout the various youtube videos, Twitter posts, and Curious George edits we caught on to a few interesting trends: Pensacola Florida, and someone named "Joshua Dufurrena".

We assumed that Sasha was not connected to this weird editing business because she was arguing with the accounts that were posting weird jumbled Nickolodeon garbage, only to scroll down a bit further and find a post where Sasha responds to another user who is concerned about the scene in the movie where a character is hit and killed by a semi city bus. More posts from the AtrocityGuide community. This caught my eye because earlier in the search we had discovered this video: The official subreddit for the YouTube channel Atrocity Guide. One such vehicle for anti-American propaganda is the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities in Sinchon, North Korea. wow, that was a wild ride lol.

r/AtrocityGuide: The official subreddit for the YouTube channel Atrocity Guide.

So we dug into the edit history on the CG4 page and found out that contrary to what she said in the comments, she didn't actually start the CG4 page. Joshua made a rude comment about a guy's girlfriend (Called her a 'nig', despite her being Southeast Asian), the dude got angry of course and told him off, Joshua went nuts and made a video saying he was unsubscribing, and the dude took it wayyyy too seriously lmfao. Sasha was the only account connected to Dufurrena that had info in her bio. After that about 5 or 6 other channels got involved, each taking their own side and making videos in support or against Joshua, all of them having some visible issues.

Because of that, lots of Reddit users don’t like being sold to. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you'd like to see them, I'll upload them to a YouTube playlist or something. A return to the google search brought us to a third account with the same name: We speculate that Sasha was just her own person doing her own thing. At this point I was sufficiently weirded out and linked the channel to my friend. /r/MenGW is a place to share and appreciate the male body. The hour of pardon is nigh. thank you for introducing me to this mistery! Thank you so much for this video! I've been following his internet shenanigans for the past few months and have actually interacted with him a few times. Its definitely not Jeff, and I doubt "Papaw" writes well enough either.... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AtrocityGuide community. It didn't add up. It tells the fine plot details to a movie that doesn't exist, but allegedly contains cameos from Spongebob, Squidward, Drake and Josh, Justin Bieber, and a whole cast of other colorful characters. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.. My friend and I were playing around with , a site that directs you to a random youtube video with no views on it. I'll miss being one of a handful of guys aware of this beautiful, chaotic mind. My friend and I speculated that Dufurrena has some mental disability that causes him to obsess over details and compulsively post about them online following set patterns. We assumed from this that Sasha must have therefore been connected to Jeffrey Duffman, who we had begun to suspect had mobilized an army of alts to spread his weird Nickolodeon alternate universe across the internet. Joshua Dufurrena actually does currently have a YouTube channel. He's schizophrenic; there's not a whole lot of real mystery to his ramblings (I uncovered pretty much everything about him and his idiosyncrasies back when I first discovered him because like you too, I was confused as fuck). Due to a massive influx of IGW circle users who don't read rules we've started handing out bans. Neither does "Curious George 4: Royal Runaway Monkey". Find more subreddits like r/HQDesi -- Warning: "Masala" themed industry based content only. I don't mind the waiting time between videos at all since we're getting quality deep dives into subjects when videos are released.

Sasha nevertheless assures the reader that she was. From what I've found, Jeff Duffman is an autistic kid who likes street signs and posting videos of his hamburger meals. We believe that originally he would do this under his real name and account, the now-defunct Joshua Dufurrena youtube, and gathered a small following of interested onlookers. Ugh I didn't get the notification! And that's essentially what we could glean from the Jeffrey Duffman rabbit hole. Spoilers: there was. Let's discuss the bizarre internet sagas, rabbit holes, and oddities that deserve more attention.

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