atla shield hero

She was able to destroy his barrier and cause massive damage while no one else could damage the dragon before.
Atora Naofumi uses incredibly potent and expensive medicine to starts a healing regimen for Atla. Her appearance has been compared to that of a porcelain doll. He obsesses over Atla's safety to the point where he becomes overbearing. Her name is left in records as the existence that supported the Hero of the Shield. His true nature is one where he is always devoting what he has to others.

It is later discovered Atla is the descended of the head of the Hakuko of Siltvelt and related to the Melromarc family.

Fohl was very happy to see that Atla had become strong and resolved to protect her on the battlefield regardless. Professional & Social Info She was able to use her Hengen Musou to prevent the Phoenix's attack from hitting the troops.

Atla and Ren have not interacted much but the latter acknowledges Atla's skill in battle and hopes not to make an enemy of her. This article needs your help!This article requires cleanup. After the skin disease had recovered completely. Naofumi was lost for words that Atla is a beauty of a different class from Raphtalia and Filo. Which after that she continues to live as a spirit with Naofumi and Raphtalia. Half-HumanHalf-Hakuko Chapter 1 Atora It was mentioned that the servant moved to Siltvelt.

To her surprise, he ended up taking both of them in as slaves and treated her illness. Atla can gather chi, slightly healing her wounds, recovers her stamina in battle. Encouraged by the results, they trained harder so that Naofumi would be able to implement life force for battle. The queen explains that the Hakuko killed Trash's family except for his blind sister, which Atla closely resembles. She treats Naofumi's orders as absolute and agrees with whatever he says. In order to reach Q'ten Lo, Naofumi and his party were forced to make their way through Siltvelt. She was blind and dying of a genetic disorder but was being cared for by her brother Fohl who fought in the coliseum. She is very decisive and often takes the initiative when partaking in anything relating to Naofumi.

Naofumi made him so that Atla was able to use these skills. When the attack force from Q'ten Lo attacked Naofumi's village, Atla successfully helped in its defense until all the enemies were defeated. After New 7 Deadly Sins awakened on Naofumi's body, she later sided with "other" Naofumi and join his flying castle's army and fight for him until the last day. White & Black The information and terminology on the article will be based on the source material rather than the adaptions. It is believed that Trash's sister is Atla and Fohl's mother. Naofumi then leaves the legendary weapons world and wakes up in Raphtalia's world. Status Volume 11.

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