astrox imperium console commands

Example: If you are piloting a ship that has all the modules on one side of the ship, you will find an advantage in broadside combat. #ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ TIP: Use CTRL+F to quickly find a trainer using your preferred words. Create a party and assign, train and level them up.

In devlog 73 for Astrox Imperium, I cover the new drag and resize panel for the mercs cargo bay.

- Fixed bug station zoom behind panels while refinery is running. The Emergency Lifesupport Kit is a very important item. Once the mission panel is moved, it will details from the stats panel, and will no longer slide in and out when the stats panel is toggled. This charge will deliver +50 shield points.

This option can be found on the Extras panel. On Steam: right-click the game, choose Properties, Set Launch Options, add "-debug_mode", On Windows: create a shortcut for the game, right-click it, choose Properties and in the Target field add "debug_mode" at the end, On GOG: right-click the game, choose Settings, check "Add command line arguments" and enter "debug_mode". They will retreat when damaged, or hide when trying to recharge. - Added DPS (Damage per Second) info to item mouse over stats. - Adjusted campaign map 10 (Lux). Anyway, stay safe out there. - Adjusted holiday raider drops. The frequency from which theses missions are removed is based on the population of each sector. These rating affect how other NPC will react towards you, and this will affect what missions become available and when. For those requesting the ability to mod new station images into the game, this is now a thing.

Basic interface controls were designed using elements from RTS and FPS games. - Fixed bug allowing access to escort inventory when docked.

- Fixed loot crate position bug preventing proper placement of crate spawn. (broken in b100).

Making sure your ship's electronics don't freeze up, or overheat is something else. - Adjusted notifications to prevent stacking duplicate msgs. The ship will then absorb any damage using the ship's Impact resistance. - Added unique engine particle fx for all engines. This has been fixed, and the epic and artifact items are quite powerful now. - Fixed bug allowing you to refine without required credits.

- Adjusted drag code for dialog box for better performance. I will be more available once I get some solid internet. If the ship has a 50% resistance to impact damage, only 5 points of damage will be delivered. The Small Laser platform, and the Small Missile platform. The burglar drone can use stealth to attach to a target, and when successful, return to the parent ship with 1 item of cargo from the target.

- Fixed refinery bug causing game to crash on long runs. - Adjusted debug panel UI. - Fixed spelling on ammo damage details. You can also individually set their tactics. - Fixed null reference error on crate cargo inventory add and remove. All countries have a numeric tag and an alpha-numeric tag. I have addressed the reports of the game crashing when using the fabricator, and in some cases the refinery. - Fixed directional lighting for structure interiors. Astrox Imperium (Behind The Scenes) with momoguru.

- Added resistance damage data to active ship scans. - Fixed module stats display bug when new skill is trained.

I have also added a small energy generator that can be used to power these structures. build 69. - Fixed wormhole crate display text bug. - Fixed market price bug when selling items that have no demand. - Fixed sandbox resource respawn slider min to 0.0 - Adjusted playtime calculation with gamespeed option.

- Adjusted NPC chat distance by 250m.

- Fixed null background event id causing error flag with rapid dock - undock. ae -10 would reduce it by 10. - Adjusted new beam weapon fx alignment. 2) Once inside the new game, open OPTIONS then EXTRA 3) Click the IMPORT button to open the IMPORT panel. - Fixed blank news bug on station first load. - Fixed confirm button text for drone skill warning on market confirm purchase btn. Until then, hit me up on the Steam forums, or the Discord Channel BUILD 0.0096 - Fixed mission data refresh bug for mission panel on game load. - Fixed alignment positions on a number of parts. - Fixed ghosted screen view bug when warping to a new sector.

This update has one for Drones and Mercs. - Fixed bad spelling on sandbox insurance deposit slider. - Fixed long decimal display for DPS stat on item mouse over. - Fixed cargo full bug pop msg when mining while full. This tactical bomb will deliver continuous damage to the shields of any ship that passes through the field. Now that these textures are in place, you now have the ability to change the colors of each ship you own.

- Added option for camera FOV.

The fee is calculated using a number of factors including the cargo's mass and value. Lot of optimization with the structures. This will help you to understand which modules might suit your ship best when shopping at the markets, or fitting in the garage. This will tweak the sound of the engines base on how much power is being supplied to them. - Fixed set color null reference bug on map filter. I made a number of tweaks and adjustments to the ships code and things are shaping up. - Added map button onto the mission overview panel. This basic salvage drone can be used to extract space debris remotely. - Added new propulsion fx for all missile ammo. This Astrox Imperium mod adds the Blade, a Battle Frigate designed to provide Carriers and low-end Cruisers with decent protection against any strike craft that manage to punch through frontline forces.

- Added Metallic smoothness slider to main color.

- Fixed shift afterburner bug when jumping through a warpgate. - Fixed dialog thumbnail drag click bug. Overall, combat is much more engaging than the usual, point the ship and pull the trigger. I have also revamped the entire damage calculation system, and the way that ship resistance and damage types are calculated. Command Console ` (Backtick) - Open PDA F1 - Blueprint Library F2 - Tech Tree Menu F3 - Faction Menu F4 - Activate Player Drone F5 - HUD Display Mode F6 - Save Screenshot F7 - Show/Hide FPS F8 - Hide HUD (For Screenshots) F9 - Full Screen F10 - MULTIPLAYER FUNCTION KEYBOARD MOUSE Scoreboard B - Global Chat . In this video, I cover a few of the new QoL improvements, and show off a few of the new map layouts and skyboxes. - Adjusted a number of ship specials. Games with more frequently put out mod content.

These new changes should make things better for those with larger resolutions trying to read small text. The attributes of the special generated items have also been adjusted. I have also addressed a few issues dealing with the special item drops that raiders can leave behind.

- Added new Advanced Cruise missile item and unique in game object. This will allow players to restore a backup if they made a mistake, or want to revert to an earlier time. TRAINER MANAGER COMPATIBLE. There are currently10 engine types in the game.

- Fixed bug with ship swap in shipyard causing null reference error.

- Adjusted campaign map 104 (Junia). Build 98: Remote Fabricator, Combat drones, and you ;). - Fixed market qty text box bug causing crash. - Fixed bug allowing for button clicks in refinery when closed but running. - Adjusted formatting of numeric text for a number of stats. Passive modules are internal upgrades that affect various aspects of the ship and its base attributes. With 11 mission types, and 10 variations for each type, you will have plenty of mission contracts available to all Stations with a Mission Center. - Fixed galaxy tooltip cuttoff on edge of screen. - Fixed text display bug in social background event generator. This basic tractor drone can be used to relocate space objects remotely. In this video, I show the newly implemented save game backup system. - Added external texture loading for ship material. Thermal, It’s cold in space, and you need to keep warm. Index: GameAPI > CmdId The Console is opened by pressing the ~ key, and gives access to various commands from switching world gamemode type, to debug commands, to other creative options. Each food item had to be restored before it could be manufactured and produced as liquid nutrition for us all.

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