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Real-time marketing is trending. Instagram story questions by Questionsgems. So ask them for feedback on anything you’d like so you can learn more about their needs and their wants. Join our expansive network, build connections and expand your brand presence. – Start… Then, tap on the “Questions” sticker. The latest question stickers are available on the Instagram app, and if you haven't used them yet then you should start asking questions now, don't know what surprising response you will get. Now your story has a sticker on it saying ‘Ask me a question,’ which is written by default. All rights reserved. We hope that with the help of this article, your queries regarding how to use ask me a question, a new Instagram stories feature has been resolved. It’s clear that you can’t just start a live video and do nothing, right? Add them in a list and send them the freebie right away. If you wish to share any of it with others, you can directly share it as a story and also type your answer on it. Here are the steps that you need to follow for making the most of ‘Ask me a question’ feature on Instagram: 1. Over 400 million people view Instagram Stories every day, according to Statista. Open up the floor for your followers to ask YOU the questions. Cut to the chase content that’s credible, insightful & actionable. 8. How do you answer questions on Instagram Stories? If you’ve got a really engaging Instagram Stories audience, this could really work for you. It’s a growing hippopotamus with hundreds of features and opportunities for content creators. The very first step is to make sure that your Instagram app is updated with the latest version.

You can use your fingers to resize and reposition the Question box to put it where you want in your Story, and you’re good to go.

You just need to know where to look. Here, the user also has the freedom to ask your friends for answers. Add a photo or video clip, stickers, text, or any other extras you’d like and publish! Enter the … Last August, Instagram Stories was born. Ask your users about the colors they’re waiting to see in the store, most desired items, type of content they want to read. If you’re using Instagram to engage with your customers, the Question sticker can be a fun way to glean insights about your audience. Now that Instagram has added the option of question stickers that you can add to your stories, this is another way to boost your Instagram presence. Doing so will not only give them credit, but send them a DM letting them know you’ve included them. Ask. What would you tell the 21-year-old version of yourself? Tapping "Questions" will add a Question box to your Instagram Story. Is there anything you would do to make _______ better. A new feature will be added to the app once you update it. If they’ve engaged in both your feed and Stories, it means that they took time and got involved in your branded content.

A great way to collect the feedback from the customers is to ask about their preferences and expectations from the brand. And if you want to learn more about Instagram Stories, check out a few of our other posts on the subject below. Happy Instagramming! Her getting things done attitude makes her a magnet for the trickiest of tasks. What would you like to see more of in our Stories? Along with Instagram Stories, users can now start polls — a simple feature that allows you to ask a question and receive responses from your audience. And on LinkedIn, even though there are a few bad apples out there too, people enjoy a strictly professional place for content. Ask for … In the bottom left corner, where you can see how many people have viewed your story, you’ll be able to tap to view your responses.

With the help of Instagram ask me a question sticker, the whole process of organizing a contest becomes fast and simple to execute. A few months later, Instagram Stories won the battle — with more than 300M Active Daily Users as of November 2017, as reported by Techcrunch. Take a photo or video of what you want to be the background of your survey. It’s a great chance to use this feature when working on a new product or service for your brand to get instant feedback from the audience. What makes you optimistic about the future?

What do you think about [some recent news event in your industry]? Have any fun questions that you like to ask your audience on Instagram Stories?

Simply tap on the Stickers icon that looks like a little square with a smiley face. If authors ‘covered’ novels the way musicians cover songs, which covered novel would you be most excited to read? What do you think about this? Using these Instagram story question stickers is very easy! Take a look, Why Nike’s New Ad Is a Marketing Masterpiece, How To DM an Influencer or Niche Page on Instagram, How Customer Research Can Transform Your Business, How to Perform A/B Testing to Triple Your Sales Conversion, Rebel Meat’s Eco-Friendly Burger Revolution, Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners, How I (Finally) Got Monetized on YouTube in 2020, How to Build Landing Pages Based on Coherent Buyer Personas, DM them in the future with an exclusive offer; and. She values marketing as key a driver for sales, keeping up with the latest in the Mobile App industry. Talking to customers is the first rule of any business and company. Another effective as well as efficient way to use the ask me a question sticker is for collecting feedback. I love this example from Hello Fresh, where they are trying to understand what users would love to see on the menu next month. Whether you are bored or wanna talk to new people, Instagram stories always help you! What’s the one book that you offer as a gift most? What’s the one thing you do for everyone? 5.

In free times, which are few and far between, you can catch up with her at a game of Fussball. To spice things up for your boring Instagram stories, the company has added GIFs, polls, hashtags and even location features. Maybe the new questions sticker on the story and sharing the follower’s response is a little bit confusing. Now that we understood how important engagement is on Instagram, let’s see where exactly you can ask questions on this social media platform. Find out where they are from, what they do and what they are passionate about. Now, these questions can be easily answered. So these were some of the most interesting ways that you can use the feature of ‘ask me a question’ on Instagram with your followers. You’ll be able to type in your own question—just note that there’s a character limit of around 75-80 characters for questions, as they can only extend as far as three lines.

If you’re creating vertical videos for Instagram Stories, using our free iOS App, Animoto: Social Video Editor or another option, adding a question to the mix is a fun way to spice things up and encourage engagement. We’ll split out questions for business and questions for fun. Here followers can share their thoughts and ask questions on Instagram about the brand and get their questions answered almost immediately. HOW to use the Instagram story questions sticker.. For example, the Instagram account of an online e-commerce brand can be taken over by the brand ambassador of that particular brand and have them engage with their brand’s user base. With all of the negative headlines dominating the news these days, it can be difficult to spot signs of progress. I’ll share multiple examples of brands engaging with their audience using these specific tools built for better communication between brands and their followers. Let’s say, a brand launched a contest on their Instagram Stories and in order to enter that contest users need to provide the right answers to the questions asked by the brand. But we’ve put together some prompts for questions to ask on Instagram Story posts for some inspiration. © 2020 Animoto Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ask. Create any type of Instagram Story post you’d like: Normal, Music, Boomerang, Superzoom, Hands-free—anythin goes! Consider sorting these users in separate lists, then you can. Aparna is a growth specialist with handsful knowledge in business development. What are some common sense or unspoken rules, that you’ve seen people not follow? In the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of my friends moving up from Facebook to LinkedIn and Instagram. An occasional newsletter highlighting the best stories, tips, and tools to become a better marketer. You can also use questions to see what blog post you should write next: If you’re an influencer, offering help is a valuable way to establish personal contact with your audience and grow your online presence at the same time. It helps you understand what your users want to see in the future and take action on this feedback immediately. Everybody’s gonna love it. In this article we'll be focused on the "Ask Me a Question" Instagram Story sticker. However, Instagram keeps surprising us by pushing the envelope with new add-ons for its story feature frequently.

It holds a lot more weight than a brand starting their sale.

Stories offer a giant opportunity for reaching and interacting with your followers. Click on the stickers icon and choose the ' POLL ' option. The Facebook-owned company previously dropped a new feature for its users, ‘Ask Me a Question’ sticker for Instagram stories, that went viral in just a couple of days, as usual. A new feature will be... 2. Yay or Nay? 7.

Curious about how people are using one of your products? Since its launch, people have said that the new feature has cluttered stories on the platform: Zaifrul A. Zailan @zaifrulassiddiq — this question could help you create a custom audience with your already existing customers or give them a treat.

Here are some ideas: Ask for feedback. And it’s a pretty damn close competition. Once you have the picture, swipe up. The Question sticker in Instagram Stories provides a direct line to your customers. Asking for feedback is also a nice way to make your customers feel special and like they are a part of your decision-making process. 9. What’s one movie you watched over 100 times? It went directly to the feed — no filters, no image upload, no stickers. Here are some ideas: Do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) about your business. Ever seen brands responding to the events as they happen?

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