article category in sap retail

And based on the promotions we can do various subsequent planning. Merchandise category articles can be created and deleted via the merchandise category transaction only. The invoices when received from vendor against the delivery of merchandise are verified, any volume discounts and rebates applied and payment released. Insert the article and site code and execute The solution is highly customizable to suit varied requirements. Note: Default values are to be taken care while entering Important 2 Create individual listing, article-site It is very well suited for both, small and large scale enterprises. Articles are procured for a Distribution Center (Site) and from there they are delivered to individual stores and/or external customers. What’s Merchandise Category in SAP ?

This leads to placing a purchase order with the vendor.

Single material (industry) (MARA-ATTYP initial): ‚Standard'-Materials of non-Retail systems, created for instance by MM01. Group Articles (Value-based Inventory Management). CLWG Display Characteristic Profile (MMS) Retail Pricing, and ; Merchandize Categories. Another very important part of the Master Data would be the Retail Pricing and Classification. Select and Press COPY button.

Article hierarchy is implemented in SAP retail. Merchandise categories enable the user to classify and structure all aspects of the merchandise in their enterprise. The replenishment process of merchandise can be automated using Requirement Planning where by a purchase requisition created are automatically converted into Purchase order proposal and confirmed or released as Purchase orders. In Retail, it is very common that articles will be reclassified under different merchandise category based on the need of business. IS Retail components can be broadly divided into following categories. The outcome of this process - increase in the inventory in the distribution centers and at the same time increase in the value of the inventory along with a liability towards the vendor supplying merchandise. We can also maintain promotions that happen in the retail business as a master data. Here the defined characteristics are created and values are maintained in those. The vendor delivers the merchandise ordered and it is recorded in the system as goods receipts against a purchase order. You can assign a value-only article to more than one store merchandise category. A retail organization using store-specific, value-based inventory management can use group articles for inventory management purposes, as a finer hierarchical subdivision than a merchandise category article. Most important step is to create REFERENCE ARTICLE (this is will be discussed later), Characteristics A specific article type (WERT) is provided for defining value-only articles. The merchandise category article is created directly in the maintenance screen of the appropriate merchandise category. A customer is a business partner of an organization. Values are maintained here. This is basically the enterprise structure and we use almost all the Organization Units that are available in the SAP system, like. Important Part Assortment is a logical object which has got the articles and assortment as a user (a user in this case can be a retail-site). Article categories are also defined for the individual value-only article categories.

{"serverDuration": 92, "requestCorrelationId": "5b9a37a6cb478943"}. Now save and come out. Generic article (MARA-ATTYP = 01): Generic articles do not exist physically and are not sold, but do only exist as a data reference for var… In seasonal products we have something called marked down planning for automatic markdown of prices depending on how the season progresses. Merchandise Category: Value-Only Article Categories.

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