ark fuel consumption interval multiplier

Anyone know what it's called and where I'd find it (i.e.

Because the wood is not its fuel but what it processes. Future projects? I hope you enjoy. Stammuser. But lets say on a server with all settings on default and you would put Harvest Health on 10 it would take for ever to get your Mammoth or Trike through that forest. Added info: Nitrado PC unofficial with fuel consumption interval multiplier set to 4x (as its an interval multiplier, increasing the amount prolongs the time in between intervals). The first structure I noticed this happen to was the tek forcefield so I shut it off completely. ●Oxygen: This also increases the dinos swim speed. I am sure that any setting changes that work for you after being tested then work for you. This increases the time 1 fuel will burn. Harvest Health: 4. Thsn aggain I've only started making boats and my platform saddles are empty. WARNING if you lower this on an active server, a rock might spawn where your dino is parked. All rights reserved. Fixed a bug which prevented the Moeder boss fight from initiating correctly. Simple maths would tell you that an interval multiplier increases the time between intervals.

●Nighttime speed: Longer days and shorter nights is more fun. Re-enabled configuration to prevent Reapers from being transferred to Genesis. For your information, the Server Args section was added for two reasons; 1) to be used when variables were release before coding could be redone in ASM, or 2) to be used in a situation like this. Advanced Rules. Ark: Survival Evolved update 264 had been released, and more bug fixes + extra goodies have been added. I keep it at 0,2 - 0,3 so that I don't have to eat every 5 min. I was not trying to prove anyone wrong. Also, you have a right to your opinion but telling me or anyone else we are doing something wrong is not your place. Because the wood is not its fuel but what it processes. Now, with Nitrado server, I have been having the same experience. Those are safe to mess with, but if you change Maturation speed of the baby then you will need to adjust the Care interval with the same rate or you end up with 0% each care.

Into Ark Survival Evolved? FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier=1.313000. Leere Flaschenpost und keine Schiffe der Verdammten, Christmas vector created by freepik -, 1) Direkter Zugriff auf die neusten Patchnotes Themen - keine Wartezeiten. Are you using s+? Are you using an ini file or an input box?

It will keep their taming efficiency high, even if ever you don't use kibble and prime. Fixed a bug that provided infinite power. Prevent Offline PvP. Liebe Ark Community, ihrentwie sitze ich gerade auf der Leitung, ... ("Speed Multiplier") beziehen, diese müsste man dann natürlich reduzieren. Reddit is not always right and many of the posts are made to troll others. Most options can be specified on the command line when launching the server or in the server's configuration files. ihrentwie sitze ich gerade auf der Leitung, ich möchte am Server das Benzin langsamer verbraucht wird im Generator. Your whole comment didn’t help me at all because you were more concerned in proving me wrong but failed miserably. Fuel consumtion interval multiplier : This increases the time 1 fuel will burn. ARK: Survival Evolved > General Discussions > Topic Details. Fuel consumtion interval multiplier : This increases the time 1 fuel will burn. ●Tamed dino: Always getting confused wich is the stats the dino gets when tamed and wich is the points you put in yourself. Dino harvester damage will increase how much your dino will gather. 50 is max I think. I play singleplayer so each time I logout the timer freezes in place, so 1 day cooldown can suddenly become weeks depending on how much I play. So I keep Dino harvest Damage low. Compute all of the 95 percent confidence interval for his mpg.. Better saddles and guns. ●Harvest Amount: These 2 go hand in hand and are up to you. ●Affinity: While this looks the same, it only applies to the bonus being given. As the title suggests, I have encountered on two different occasions tek structures, that are fueled by element or shards, consuming them every half second. I logged in just earlier to find one of my tek generators doing the same thing but with element shards instead, except this time, I turned it off and back on, and now it seems to be working again. ●...Resistance   Personaly I don't change these. Consumption interval means how fast it consumes one unit of fuel.. Official ARK Site. same for element. © Valve Corporation. 0,01 will make it so that you never have to drink. Trophäen 11 Beiträge 35. ●Babby cuddle stuff: I'm still experimenting with this so I can't say much about it. But because the dinos attack damage is increased by other settings, it quickly results in lag every time a dino harvests a bush, even if a Trex bites a tree it lags even though a Trex doesn't gather wood, it still calculates it. But when you've killed your target, your health will return fairly quickly, so you have to wait less long before attacking the next target. Anyone know just what it's . 0,1 - 0,2 will cause you to get thirsty every now and then.

bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=false, Set in which in turn to true in which in turn to allow more than one usage of Mindwipe. It wasnt consistant at all though and havent noticed it in a while. Actualy this works on players too.

Dino Harvest Damage, 2.50. This was just me playing around. I'm playing around with auto breeding and feeding mechanisms. Find it on my profile. ●Player food drain: in the past it was important to not put it too low because you needed the hunger to eat to heal. ●..... interval: Higher number means longer untill the next interval. Fuel Consumption going too fast (Nitrado server) Anyone know the ideal setting for fuel consumption. Fixed a bug which prevent players from seeing Primitive+ servers How fast a harvested tree will grow back. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Harvest amount controlles how much you get for hitting a tree. Please, do not allow the Plastics to get into your mind, too. You might want to rurn that down a lot. For console that's level 150 dinos. Fixed the increased damage multiplier in various biomes. WARNING if you put it on 1000 then you can't make charcoal (or Extremely slow) only do this when you have the industrial forge. I'm no expert so some things might be wrong or incomplete. The ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server has a wide variety of configuration options that control its behavior and adjust many aspects of the game. At least @TedyBearOfDeath confirmed that my issue isn’t isolated. Another way of doing this with more customisation is in Engrams only allowing the saddle engrams of selected creatures.

That's the only way to make charcoal fast. If you put it realy low then you could tame anything with just a puch in the face. That's a lot easier than writing a line of code for every level specifying how much xp they need and such. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Higher number means lower consumption rate. My 4x settings consumes gasoline every 2 hours. Keep in mind that these are per level. FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier. You can now place structures that partly collide with another object. When set, the Yuty will give a courage roar every 30 seconds if an ally dino is in front of it. Hello All! With stucture resistance you can make your structures indestructible but that takes away too much from the game I think. Jul 28, 2017 - ARK: Survival Evolved finally got its big PS4 update, and it's got a. du serveur une ligne "Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier" indiquant. It will keep their taming efficiency high, even if you don't use kibble or prime. I didn’t agree with anything you said. You came on to this thread to prove me wrong, which you have still yet to do, and in no way tried to help me with my problem.

I was only trying to bring to light the double negative in the name which is lost a bit in the translation. Yutyrannus now has an automatic-courage mode in singleplayer. On 3/20/2018 at 9:28 AM, TedyBearOfDeath said: Tek structures consuming element/shards at an alarming rate. For making a boosted server or just having fun in single player. Your and your dinos will get more damage by other settings later anyway. Tried and tested thank you. If you lower it too much it will take ages for the creature you wanne tame to eat its first bite because his food (stat) issent dropping to the point he gets hungry. My 4x settings consumes gasoline every 2 hours. At least with this setting they can fly long without landing. That's the only way to make charcoal fast. You might not want everyone to have ascendant gear by flying a few laps around the map. I just got into Ark after a long absence and didnt know this and lost a bunch of stuff in my fridge. In deinem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert.

Also if it doesn't, does anyone know if there is a setting that affects fertilizer consumption? 3.

Does anyone know if a higher number shortens or lengthens up the fuel consumption? I was only pushing forward with my point. Higher number increases how long a fuel source will last.

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