arguments against art therapy

---------------------------------------------------. I planned on about 20 attendees, a number that was consistent in other years I have led this session. Therapists do not teach particular art techniques, rather they use image making as a means of helping the client to express and work through issues and problems. As a clinician for many years, an educator for even more, chair of an art education department (in which is housed, alongside art education, an art therapy program) for a major university, and the father of a 5 year old child that many 'professionals' and educators have wanted to label and diagnose, I understand the danger of sweeping interpretations and diagnoses.

Three other art therapists, more established and learned than me, also had similar experiences, presenting the art in court for a murder trial--their experiences are presented in this text as well. Any art-making by yourself or in a group is ‘Art Therapy’ if it makes you feel better. I have been an artist all my life, am a certified Life Coach/Lay Counselor, hold a B.S. On the national level, President Obama has restored funding to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) but has removed funding for Arts in Education, which awards grants for art teacher training. This is a valid and complicated practice and profession, but a society that confuses art therapy with consuming art is in deep trouble. I explain and support the approach used, and compare it to other methods of assessment inquiry. (Google “narrative empathy” or “musical empathy” for ample proof of this.) Art and music programs help keep them in school, make them more committed, enhance collaboration, strengthen ties to the community and to peers, improve motor and spatial and language skills. Investigation vs. intervention: Forensic art therapy and art therapy in forensic settings. Regardless of their opinions and debates over art, with funding cuts, it can, in extreme cases, come to picking between math and art, which automatically removes art, without the need for persuasion. Often, when art comes in through the front door, it disrupts, upsets, even isolates. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? I wanted to like writer-philosopher Alain de Botton’s and art historian John Armstrong’s book and associated museum project “Art as Therapy,” which opened this month at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Long may they reign. She says this allows them to deal with their fears and desires, which are manifested during the artistic process, and it is possible to give them life or to destroy them. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 5(4), 444-460. The book's introduction details the differences from this court experience to those who work with children who experienced sexual or physical abuse (and I owe a great deal to Marcia Sue Cohen Liebman, considered my many the leading forensic art therapist in the country, for all of her help in clarifying these differences for that chapter). A) IF "shizophrenia" and "bipolar" and everything on that spectrum are truly brain diseases, let's ;eave that to neurology (not psychiatry)and skip the DSM bologna. Again, thank you. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The first is embedded in a science fair–like stand after the gallery’s entrance wickets. Always, though, it is a means towards ego betterment. educated over 300 million people. Thank you for your well-considered, thought out and passionate response to my post. A window text in “Art as Therapy” at the AGO. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. 176-178).

This was something I struggled with throughout this experience, and throughout the book, and why I made it a point to stress from the beginning up through the hearing itself, that I offered no diagnosis, and that as an art therapist I was not equipped to do so. Nevertheless, during the 2½ years I worked on the case, the formal elements of each art piece were meticulously assessed and deconstructed. donation today and 100 percent of your "Diagnosis" of an alleged psychiatric disease based on artwork is a very slippery slope. Thank you again. In the Art as Therapy book, in a section entitled “The Problem of Taste,” de Botton speaks of “the vulgar rich”—an epithet we might also hear from the Schlegels, who, in their view, are the beneficent, bohemian sort of rich, not the offensive, uncultured nouveau riche. ;-) To go back to the previous point, people are individuals and Art Therapists cannot diagnose a mental illness just by looking at an image or piece of artwork. This experience of art is rare, mysterious and fundamentally un-genteel. Two other expert witnesses contracted by the defense, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, arrived at the same conclusion. You can help with a tax-deductible Creating wellness in forensic populations through the arts: A proposed interdisciplinary model.

Sally Frater, Justine A. On the contrary, it augments them. On the surface it’s not a problem — it’s just words. Art therapist as expert witnesses: A judge delivers a precedent-setting decision.

Although funding has been renewed to the National Endowment for the Arts, the Heritage Foundation has criticized the NEA for lowering the quality of art in America, for supporting politically incorrect art, for wasting the funding allotted to them, and for failing to work towards their mission of enhancing cultural life in America. "The moment I committed my crime, I was set on a journey into the unknown. It is based on the idea that visual representations, objectified through plastic material, contribute to the construction of a meaning of the psychic conflicts, and can help with its resolution. We are furiously committed to a culture of work and self-establishment, which includes, among other things, a mania for real estate. Dave.

As with the book, first-person plural is rampant in the exhibition: “we,” “us,” “ourselves.” Who are these art-viewing masses? If your child never learns to paint, though, they will be absolutely fine. Doesn't this topic apply to children too? Similarly, it’s as if de Botton has invited us to tea with him and art. A study by the College Board showed that students who took four years of art scored 91 points better on the… Williams (Ed. Curious! Great posts!

No, not true. I agree with the comments of the person above who questions this as pseudoscience. Like the Schlegel sisters in the novel, de Botton is an outsider to WASP culture because he is not of British descent. One thing “Art as Therapy” makes certain: we get the exhibitions we deserve. So here I’d like to clear up the most common myths about Art Therapy: 1.

Even more so if I refer to it as its ‘sister’ title ‘Art Therapy’. Your experience with criminality and psychiatric disorders was perhaps the greater factor in establishment of your credibility of statements. Many programs recognize the benefits of the arts in prison settings and have since implemented them in their own institutions (Alexander, 2003; Bruna, 2007; Florida Department of State, 2005; Tannenbaum, 2000; Williams, 2003). I also present, in the text, arguments for and against projective assessment techniques, and copious detail on how 60 of the 100 art pieces completed by the defendant reveal the presence of a mental illness. Gussak, D. (2007). My conclusions were made only after reviewing over 100 images--from which emerged clear patterns and imagery-- and meeting with the client for many hours; as well, I refused to finalize any conclusion until I met with the defendant. But we are also prominently multicultural, and so it is obviously offensive to encounter a Toronto exhibition encouraging attendees to engage with a gallery’s collection as if they are WASPs. A major difference from art teaching is that therapist avoids praising or criticising the artwork but encourages without judgment. Retrieved from:, Florida Department of State (2005). They critique the primarily emotional and anecdotal claims, regarding the effects of the arts on children. Thank you for subscribing. The mantras in “Art as Therapy” are precisely what many museum directors and programmers want to hear, even though de Botton claims, in his book, that he writes against museological orthodoxy. It is a “tool,” the definition of which, de Botton and Armstrong write, is something we have had to invent to compensate for a lack—“to extend our capacities beyond those that nature has originally endowed us with,” in the manner of a knife or bottle. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. Dave, Dear Gina; Like I’ve mentioned before, although the process of creating art can often be therapeutic, Occupational Therapy is concerned with working on a conscious level and developing technique in making products whereas Art Therapy concentrates on the unconscious level of experience and spontaneous expression. Despite de Botton’s sentiments of aesthetic-humanist magnanimity, he looks wan, uncomfortable, even hateful in the videos, hunching forward and speaking through a wince, his eyes squinting, his voice echoing through a generic gallery setting. Although Art Therapists are artists, Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. I believe it was Alberto Manguel, in A History of Reading, who likened finishing reading a novel to being shipwrecked. Museums are not agents for direct social change but reflections on what culture has been and is, through the sensibilities of the present moment. I mean it's interesting and bears further research, but as evidence in a court of law? John Armstrong gestures in front of Kazuo Nakamura's Blue Reflections in the “Nature” section of “Art as Therapy” at the AGO.

For more than two decades now, art institutions, underfunded and underattended, have been in crisis.

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