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If the question is, can an Argo 8x8 replace an ATV on your farm, the answer is yes. It can turn around on a slope, for example, which can be tricky or even dangerous on an ATV, and it’s a better climber. ATV Trader Disclaimer: The information provided for each listing is supplied by the seller and/or other third parties. The gear selector is to the driver’s left, under the lip of the dash but still easy to reach. For safety low pressure, shock absorbing 22 x 10.00-8 NHS. Top of its class. and ignition switches. Frame: 11-gauge formed steel As for operation, to put it in simple terms, since this vehicle skid-steers, when you turn left, the righthand set of wheels continues to drive while the lefthand set momentarily ceases to. KPA) on tires. Browse Argo ATVs. Drive System: 1-1/4" diameter and outer bearings. Sell your equipment on But frankly that’s unimportant. and four people on land and […] How about an 8x8 Aurora with a 950cc Briggs, 40 horse power and swimming mud tires and a 24 mph top speed! Top speed is 30 mph. You don’t ‘turn’ in the normal meaning of the word and since an Argo can spin 180 degrees on-the-spot, ‘turning circle’ is meaningless.

Please refer to the ATV Trader Terms of Use for further information. The supplier told us that on standard tyres and fully loaded this machine has a ground pressure slightly less than a man walking. It gives you the choice of low or high range, forward or reverse. $18,689.00 including GST*. splined to each axle for long life and durability. View our entire inventory of New or Used Argo ATVs. (63 kg). Engines from 18 to 40 horsepower with all engines air cooled and ALL Briggs and Straton!

Once you get used to how engine braking works, and get the revs just right, it feels good on downhills too. torque to all axles. Body: Vacuum formed from High

"About the only thing some farmers would question is the relatively low land speed of about 35kph. by two hand controlled levers activating brakes to stop the wheels on either Copyright © 2020 Are Media. side of the vehicle, allowing it to turn within its own length. Applicant credit profile including FICO is used for decisioning. Since tyres provide the only propulsion while the Argo is swimming, speed in water is restricted to about 5km/h. Ground Pressure: 2.1 PSI (14.5 I never test anything without Reg. Steering: Skid steering operated (7) ARGO 6X6 FRONTIER 580 Known for the versatility of their vehicles, Argo UTVs have been used for everything from search and rescue missions to big game hunting. This bold new look and the quality features of the Frontier reflect its Aurora lineage resulting in a perfect blend of style and function. to the transmission with high and low range forward, neutral and reverse, Argos have a reputation for safe operation – no fatalities caused by an Argo have occurred in Australia – and in conditions that would king-hit a conventional ATV, or at least raise the threat level. compactly housed with an efficient planetary differential. but ‘can-do’ to everything els... Manitou's latest MLT 737-130 PS+ ELITE telehandler gets the Brent Lilley treatment, The new Claas Arion 600 series has been enhanced for contractors and dairy farms. It can carry up to 650 lbs.

ARGO ATV and XTV– Models, Prices, Specs and Reviews. All Rights Reserved. Commercial financing provided or arranged by Currency Capital, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBO56173. Home > Max Atv Model Info > Max Atvs > Max IV 6x6 Please note the classic Max IV 6x6 is no longer in production as of the model year 2016. The 600 may be Argo’s most basic model, but it still delivers the full XTV experience. Argo insists its vehicles are not boats but land-going cross-country units that can operate in calm water. ARGO ATV models have been around since the 1960s. Clutch & Transmission: Belt driven, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) maximizes engine power to the transmission with high and low range forward, neutral and reverse, compactly housed with an efficient planetary differential. These machines change direction faster and tighter than any ATV ever made. Consumer financing arranged by Express Tech-Financing, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBA54873 and state licenses listed at this link. 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, air cooled, overhead valve, Top of its class. of operation. limited warranty. They’re self-tensioning as well so that takes care of that little chore. limited warranty. However, Argo’s Gary Olsen insisted that if lubed regularly the chains can operate trouble-free for up to 1,000 hours. No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this... 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX, 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SXTop of the line. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Talk to an ARGO Factory Specialist now or make an appointment. You wouldn’t call any of this equipment flash but it is functional and easy to use. always has the largest selection of New or Used Argo ATVs for sale anywhere. The 6x6 Frontiers now look like an Aurora with steering on the left side. Water 2.5 MPH (4 KPH). Clutch & Transmission: Belt driven, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) maximizes engine power For safety and ease of handling, the Argo steering transmission provides continuous torque to all axles. Having both driven the Argo that day, and after a lunch of locust-on-toast, I asked Reg what he thought of this odd little machine. gauge and low-pressure warning light. Top notch. We review a wide range of equipment for this magazine but this is the first time we’ve jumped into an amphibian that can do what an ATV can do on land, then do it again on water. 2-year solid steel axles double sealed for water protection with greasable inner It isn’t fast by any means. "The fact that you can carry six people on land, or a whole lot of gear in the back, is really useful. Options: hourmeter, voltmeter, speedometer, tachometer, This model comes with a carburetor-fed 18 hp Vanguard V-Twin and can reach a top speed of 22 mph on land and 3 mph in water. away, 2021 Polaris RANGER XP 1000 CREW NORTHSTAR PREMIUM, 2021 Polaris® Sportsman 850 Premium Trail Package. V-Twin, 480cc, 4 cycle gasoline engine with electric and manual recoil starters, lbs. lubrication & oil filter. Top notch. 2-year limited warranty. Graders For Hire | Cranes For Hire | Telehandlers For Hire | Excavators For Hire.

Full length skid plate standard on Conquest, We looked at the chains after a day flogging around our test track and they looked in good nick, in fact the entire hull in which they were housed looked spotless. The top speed of our Frontier 8x8 was about 35km/h. The top speed of our Frontier 8x8 was about 35km/h.

COVID 19 has caused some inventory shortages. Find New Or Used Argo 6X6 Four Wheelers for sale from across the nation on The MAX IV model is only 10 inches longer than the MAX II, but its ingenious design allows you to carry four full-sized adults. No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this ... Grand Pointe Marina of Lansing - 6 mi. Top notch. The Argo’s useful ability to deal with boggy, swampy terrain – and haul all the booty while doing it – outweighs the speed at which it does it. 2-year Right hand twist grip throttle, dash-mounted choke, lights and ignition It’s much safer than an ATV, climbs better, carries more, and can drive straight from land into water. The thought occurred to us. The Argo is produced in Canada by Ontario Drive and Gear (ODG) in six- and eight-wheel drive variants and with petrol or diesel engines. POWER. But frankly that’s unimportant. - List your item for as low as $35 - Advertise your item in both print and online, Wrights Tractor Sales & Service60 Chalk Hill RdMcLaren ValeSA 5171, New Zealands Brent Lilley gets behind the wheel of the latest Massey Ferguson 8732 S Dyna-VT+MORE, By: Barry Ashenhurst, Video by: Barry Ashenhurst, The Argo 8x8 Frontier amphibian does everything an ATV can do, but with greater safety and real load carrying capacity. The Aurora is the premium platf... 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX Huntmaster, 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX Huntmaster Top of the line. channel with 18-gauge full length center support, welded for high strength electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication & oil filter. load capacity and an 1,800 lb. "You can get a lot of accessories for Argos too, like a cab, tracks, ROPS [rollover protection], roofs, windscreens, racks, outboard engine fittings and so forth, so it’s versatile as well.". He’s a wonderful human being. The ARGO LX 8x8 is powered by a 30 hp 748cc electronic fuel-injected Kohler LH 775 engine with a new triple differential ADMIRAL LS steering transmission capable of reaching a top end speed of 25mph on land with a 1,000 lb. More or less an accurate translation of his Ipswich Twang, this is what he said: "It’s crazy, over-the-top stable, Bazz, so it can do a lot of things an ATV can’t do. Fuel Capacity: See-through polyethylene fuel tank, 8.4 gallon (32 liter) for approximately 8 hours Find New Or Used Argo 6X6 Four Wheelers for sale from across the nation on We’ve been testing ATVs together for more than a decade. The chains are housed in the ‘hull’ under an internal floor. Equal opportunity lender. A CVT belt-driven transmission delivers drive to the wheels through an ODG differential, then eight chains, one for each axle. The driveline is similar to that of an ATV, in this case, a 650cc, carburetted V-twin petrol engine with 17kW (23 horsepower). ATVs can carry bugger-all really, so if you asked me if this vehicle could find work on a farm I’d say yes, particularly where the terrain favours it. V-Twin, 480cc, 4 cycle gasoline engine with electric and manual recoil starters, and ease of handling, the Argo steering transmission provides continuous The item you are attempting to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list. 16 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, air cooled, overhead valve, Financing Disclaimer: * Rates and terms may vary and are subject to approval of applicant and guarantor credit, equipment and supplier. 20 HP Kawasaki liquid-cooled, overhead valve, V-twin, 617cc, 4 cycle (327 kg) Rear compartment limits: 140

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