apollo 11 2 minute silence transcript

READ MORE: SHOCK claim footprint does not match Neil Armstrong’s boot, NASA Moon landing: Researchers claim Neil Armstrong saw “parked UFOs” on the Moon (Image: NASA/ANCIENT ALIENS), NASA Moon landing: Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969 (Image: NASA), Mr Childress said: “The astronauts apparently talked about seeing extraterrestrial objects on the Moon, including flying saucers parked along the edge of a crater within their view.”. I'm right in the middle of my orange juice. It needed to be converted before it could be shown on broadcast television networks.

The headline on the cover of National Bulletin magazine (distributed in Canada but printed in New York City) for September 29,1969 cries out that "Phony Transmission Failure Hides Apollo 11 Discovery. In an interview with the National Enquirer, conducted by reporter Robin Leach, Cronkite gives this account: "En route for the world's first moon landing, Armstrong and the crew transmitted some earthshaking information, and I was there to hear it for myself. . But only recently were the actual onboard recordings from Apollo 11 digitized so that the recordings could be made available on the Internet.

Such bluster is not related to the actual evidence--in fact, the pattern we've seen shows that the less reliable the evidence, the more flowery the boasts and threats. Around 3-1/2 minutes. Moon is a U.F.O. The Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Tape Database cross references the tape numbers to the Mission Elapsed Time (MET) that was on each tape. Fittingly enough, the ultimate word (too date!) In fact, this was one piece of evidence that the Apollo 11 signals the receiver picked up were indeed from the Moon — if the antenna was not kept aimed at the Moon, the signal disappeared. . "According to our information . Tel:1-860-594-0200 Fax:1-860-594-0259 Christopher M. Graney is a professor of physics and astronomy at Jefferson Community & Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky. Image Above: Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin. [9] The other raw SSTV signal branch was sent to the RCA scan converter, where it was processed into an NTSC broadcast television signal. According to the author, who claimed to be an ex-NASA space scientist (actually, he had worked for a space contractor in Los Angeles for several years): "The astronauts. Discussing Project Bluebook, author Don Berliner's article includes a photograph showing the earth receding from the moon-ship, and a UFO right smack dab in the middle. But the onboard voice transcripts were altogether different in content and tone. The Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Tape Database cross references the tape numbers to the Mission Elapsed Time (MET) that was on each tape. And Aldrin shot his film which shows the UFOs on the moon....". What Krat should have done was to examine the hearsay more closely. [12] The video seen on home television sets was further degraded by the very long and noisy analog transmission path. Apollo 11 Technical Air-to-Ground Transcript. [8], This live conversion was crude compared to early-21st-century electronic digital conversion techniques. Constable has pushed the theory that UFOs are bizarre living (and not necessarily intelligent) creatures which inhabit the upper atmosphere and -- evidently -- outer space as well (in such books as The Cosmic Pulse of Life, Steinerbooks, 1976). But that's no reason for some UFO people not to pass on and embellish such stories, as we'll see. During transmission of the Apollo 11 moon landing of astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong in 1969,two minutes of silence occurred in which the image and sound were interrupted. The entire Cronkite interview in the National Enquirer was a fake, evidently assembled by a free lance writer. Apollo 11 Onboard Voice Transcription (5.5 Mb PDF)  â†’. [13] They concluded that the data tapes—with the SSTV signal—were shipped from Australia to Goddard and then routinely erased and reused a few years later. otherwise could only have been a squalid footnote to a historic chapter in space exploration. What is the uproar with the UFO's over?" . did not take place. In short order I was talking to Baysinger via phone and e-mail, learning more about the lunar eavesdropping project.

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