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You won’t get the gig bag or the books – or for that matter a better-constructed instrument – but you will get a louder banjo, that’s for sure.

Burke pictures When you pluck the strings, their vibrations move through the bridge and the head of the banjo to the rim, which vibrates and creates the audible sound that we hear. Epiphone founder Epi Stathopoulo’s first patent was for an improved open-back banjo, and this banjo follows on his early example with excellent design and affordability. Rickett pictures

Goodman research Houghton research

Dallas Pony pictures Taylor of Liverpool Pics Bloomington, MN USA 55431 You can’t beat the price, and ultimately this banjo packs a punch for what you’ll pay. Ending Nov 9 at 6:56PM PST 6d 2h.

Brewster pictures Unlike guitars and mandolins, the banjo’s five strings are not tuned from lowest to highest as you move across the neck. SC.nb("fiddlintim", "", "", "", ""); Chuck Lee Banjo Company, Inc.

Tulsa, OK USA 74112 3563 Highway 231 North That said, for a beginner on a budget Rogue can provide a surprising level of quality without breaking the bank.

First patented in 1802 by brothers Aaron and Simon Willard, the banjo clock was one of the most popular clocks of its time.

+1 (615) 799-9217 A comprehensive reference of antique banjo makers The Church was made famous 30 year earlier when there, in 1867, Charles Dickens read from Pickwick Papers and a Christmas Carol in a 2-hour recital. Skinner JW research Want to get on this list?

builder has retired or ceased manufacturing.

If you are on a tight budget, the Epiphone MB-200 offers the balance of quality and affordability that make it the best banjo for beginners.

There’s nothing like the sound of a banjo in a bluegrass band, and you will find a full array of American-made banjos available at over 500 banjos in stock, is your one stop for all of your banjo picking needs.

Yosco pictures On the other hand, if you are looking for a banjo that will stick with you for a little while longer, the best banjo for the money is the Deering Goodtime 2.

This is among the best entry-level banjos for anyone who can’t afford to invest in a higher quality instrument but wants to make sure their banjo’s sound will be passable in their first band. +1 (270) 646-5219

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One of the most comprehensive lines of banjos of all types from any company. See other items for sale from gw_photo_man, Wurlitzer Vintage Antique Banjolin Mandolin Banjo 1920s w/case, See other items for sale from eastcottagest, Wurlitzer Vintage Antique Banjolin Mandolin Banjo 1920s, See other items for sale from saleanddeal, Antique May Bell 1920s Banjo By Slingerland Banjo Co Amraco Calf Retains Stamp, See other items for sale from dejavudecors, Antique 1920s Banjo Tenor Slingerland Supertone Lange Style Prewar Ukulele, Antique Early 1900's 8 String Mandolin Banjo Unbranded Estate Find Solid Pat Apl, Key ANTIQUE BANJO HEAD TENSION ADJUSTMENT 6-Sided Hexagon Skeleton Skin Lug Nuts, antique Dulcetta Banjo/Ukulele/Banjolele by John Grey & Sons London Rare vintage. Henning pictures, The Banjo Loft Matsumoto, Nagano Japan 399-0015 The name or letters will be stamped on the tailpiece, indicating the banjo was made during the golden age by Lyon and Healy. While banjos might be an afterthought for some of the heavy hitters, Deering puts all their energy into maximizing construction methods and materials.

Addition of Houdlet pictures +1 (918) 551-6419 +1 (270) 866-4515 Burke BIO You are viewing the text version of this site. 84 Womack Street Shelbyville, TN USA 37160 Aurora, ON CAN L4G 3V5 53 if Gibson is ignored). Lange pictures +1 (800) 444-2766

301 Church Street Philip Allison

Steve Prior recently sent through pictures of this beauty ..... but the debate rolls on, was he a maker or dealer. $34.99 shipping. Butler pictures This means that the rim needs to be made out of a firm, resonant material.

Essentially the same as a 5 string banjo but with no drone string, plectrum banjos are strummed with a guitar pick and are frequently used in Dixieland Jazz music as a result of their bright tone that can cut through a dense ensemble sound. The Vintage Banjo Maker: A comprehensive reference of antique banjo makers .

While some of these banjos have no outstanding features to differentiate them from other models (besides the stamped name on the tailpiece or head stock), others can be identified through specific characteristics.

Otto Schlight new maker +1 (339) 219-3047 Saving the world one banjo at a time! Clerc pictures & research +1 (570) 924-4080 Change in focus due in 2017.

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