anniversary poems for boyfriend

And I am yours forever. I hope that this adventure, that this feeling of euphoric love, is one that never ends.

Happy anniversary, boyfriend!

Happy anniversary!

25) Our (number of years) anniversary, Love, Thank you for always being by my side through everything. Every thought of you is filled with all my caring.

And you are my reason for being so happy. Special? Happy anniversary. You are like a rare pearl in the ocean, meant only for me and not for everyone.

If you don't want to use "ecstasy," you might use "security" or "serenity." Happy anniversary! 110. For giving me the precious gift: 81.

It has been exactly one year, and I have to say that I am still in love with you. Words alone cannot express how much I love you.

3. The other most amazing thing that I’m proud to have accomplished is to have nurtured a family and a life which is so cherished. 3) In a way, an anniversary is just a date.

What is Christian faith?To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian,check out this Web site. I never want this feeling to end. Happy anniversary! You still have that special ability to make me melt in your arms. Let him know what is in your heart. Happy 1st anniversary! I never realized what was missing from my life until I finally met you. 143. Happy anniversary! You are still the only guy for me. 12) Our anniversary is not meant to be a reminder of a long journey. God knew that I needed you in my life and he brought you to me. 7.

2) The mark of a worthy husband is how happy his wife is. You are the one I always want to be with.

Your love warms my heart like the rays of the sun; Happy anniversary to my own special one. Happy anniversary. Let’s celebrate! 114. So I guess that makes us even. 9) The celebrations of my life are not limited or restricted to our anniversaries. I prize our anniversaries because 152. 42. 43.
Thank you for making me so happy. 29. This is a wonderful loving poem that is perfect for people in the most beautifully loving relationships. 15. Once I met you, I know that something missing was you. Happy anniversary! Thank you for coming into my life. God blessed me with the sweetest boyfriend in the world. 2. 156. Happy anniversary! 144. Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary!


65. This anniversary love message, which is also a marriage love poem, is probably for a couple who has been together quite awhile. Every passing year with you is worth it.

Much more than any another day; The LakeThe beauty of the lake is always changing,With the light, the weather and the season.Yet each change holds a splendor all its own,Each viewing precious for its own reason.In sunshine, golden stars dance across the water.Moonlight shines a beacon in the peaceful night.The wind causes whitecaps to erupt and roll,While calm brings assorted reflections of light.The water has a new costume each day,Perhaps gray or green, aqua or blue.Though each view is different, the lake is the lake,Lovely in its every color, mood and hue.My thoughts of the lake remind me of you,My wonderful, loving partner in life.Through sunny days and stormy times,We've stayed together as husband and wife.Your love is my beacon, my star and my light;All your colors and moods are precious to me.You make every day an enchanting delight,And I'll love you for all eternity.Happy anniversary, sweetheart.With you at my side, every experience is beautiful!By Joanna Fuchs(and Karl).

With you, sweetheart, every year, every anniversary, is the best one yet. 105. 39.

27) Our anniversary means a lot, 99.

Happy anniversary! I am blessed to be able to call you my boyfriend. It is not just a reminder of our years together, it is a celebration of our love for one another. Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary. 73.

Happy anniversary to an amazing boyfriend.

There is no mystery about the woman behind all this.

87. Happy anniversary! There are times when I wonder how you manage to put up with me, but then I remember that I put up with you too.

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