animal hides for sale

They have sharp points and edges.

Click MORE INFO for the different pricing options available, Click MORE INFO for the different pricing options available, Click MORE INFO for the different hide off cut options available, Gemsbok horn with Warthog tusk handle cane / walking stick Ermine Pelt Medium With Slight Damage Visit Our Website To See Our Complete Inventory Of Quality Furs and Skins For Sale From Glacier Wear Fine Furs & Leather. Premium quality, commercially tanned, and in excellent condition.

Wild Red Fox fur skin pelts from North America.

Details. Every self-respecting trader should sell beaver pelts.

Minnesota Trapline Products carries a large variety of tanned pelts. Safariworks has a selection of animal skin rugs that look great displayed on the floor or a wall hanging. Fax: 904-797-7280, Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm As a result of buying direct, we’re able to better control the quality of the finished product. Copyright © 2017 Categories that are Greyed Out are Out of Stock Buffalo Scrotum Hard Tanned, Buffalo Nut Sack.

§ 305 and 18 U.S.C. Prices on these Nebraska deer vary, depending on the size and quality of hides.

Really nice! Largest Selection of Fur Pelts, Hides and Skins In USA Call Us (207) 695-0940.

Add a touch of the wild with our soft tanned Real Animal Skins and Hides for animal skin rugs, furniture throws and wall hangings, from blesbok skins with rich brown fur, African impala skins with beautiful reddish brown fur, to dark and light colored reindeer skins and hides with thick fur, soft tanned springbok skins, red hartebeest, black and blue wildebeest hides, gemsbok and kudu hides.

Animal skin rugs and leather hides for sale. We accept most major credit and debit cards and PayPal, Meerensee, 3901, We have all required governmental licenses and permits. We alum-tan the hides, soften them with corncob grit, and hand-sew any holes. Coyote fur skin pelts from North America. Premium quality, commercially tanned, and in excellent condition. And if you’re looking for something specific, let us know. Log In; Free Shipping on $100.00+ My Cart $0.00.

Please note: Grade 1 skins are large and extra large of the specie and in good to excellent winter condition. Grey Fox fur skin pelts from North America. Made in the USA. This batch has the feet on. All are wild fur pelts and skins are from prime quality winter hides … Get the best deals on Animal Pelts when you shop the largest online selection at ... animal Hide # 2 Grade Fur, craft, art, decorate#14 left. They are soft and supple, used for making fur hats and garments. Great for rustic interior decoration of home or office. Phone 989-569-3480 | You will find pcsoutdoors professional commercial tanned, garment grade, wild furs, pelts and hides are excellent decorative pieces for houses, offices, stores, restaurants, lodges, cabins and camps with an outdoor theme.

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