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And he’s a “star class” sailor. Waitt, once the apotheosis of the ponytailed capitalist, today devotes the majority of his time to ocean conservation. 1. Viterbi earned a doctorate from the University of Southern California, and S.M. University of San Diego Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate in 2004: $5 million, 2.

San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club in 2005: $1 million.

And so it’s time for UC San Diego.”. Phil Mickelson, professional golfer, $350 million.

She lives and trains horses at her Coral Reef Ranch and is a champion jumper.

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications. When Prebys saw a zoo animal in need of new digs, he dug out his wallet. He is currently president of the Viterbi Group, a technical advisory and investment company. Mr. Dreier also custom-designed much of the furniture, Mr. Barry said, like the dining room table that’s pointed at one end and wide on the other. Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center: $2 million.

All Rights Reserved. Six endowed faculty chairs created through the gift will provide sustained support to attract and retain exceptional ophthalmologists and scientists. Andrew J. Viterbi Co-founder, Qualcomm Inc. Not sure if it was tit for tat, but that gift to Elton John’s foundation, while not local, had a happy ending when the “Rocket Man” played at Charles and Tanya’s wedding in 2006. “His hospital was the regional hospital in Bergamo, and he was one of the leading citizens,” he said.

Here’re a few names, their fortune’s source and their estimated net worth: Brothers Linden and Neal Blue, General Atomics and other defense industries, $1.75 billion. Benefiting its 74,000 people, shoulder-to-shoulder between Colina Park and Ridgeview, Corridor and Fairmount Park, are low-income apartments and townhomes, a new library and police station, and two new schools. Conversion by Santa Fe Web Design. Only 20 percent, $24 billion, is left in the kitty.

With the downturn in 2009, that $120 billion dropped (stock prices and withdrawals), 80 percent of its capital. Effectively, he set up a practice without the full support of a hospital presence.”, Viterbi said his father would often quote Latin phrases including per aspera ad astra meaning “through hardship to the stars.”. When they sold their stake in 2006, they raked in $1.45 billion. Pockets bulging, the Wests launched a small fleet of hospitality, private equity, and real estate businesses, most of which operate elderly housing communities and healthcare centers. Cargill, America’s largest private company, is independently managed but owned by two families. Among the top local recipients of San Diego’s mega-donors are UC San Diego, the University of San Diego, and San Diego State University. Regents of the University of California.

If you’ve got it, in spades, you need not consult anyone on what to do with it. Andrew J. Viterbi and five others—is recognized locally for the wealth that it systems, hence its name.

Audrey Geisel, Dr. Seuss books, $250 million. 1. University of San Diego in 2002 and 2012: $30 million, 2. Andrew Viterbi, co-founder of wireless giant Qualcomm, has listed his sculptural home for $60 million. The second chair will be named after internationally recognized ophthalmologist Alfred Vogt, Dr. Achille Viterbi’s colleague and mentor and the individual who helped make the family’s immigration to the U.S. possible. Indeed, San Diego musicians would still be playing in garages if not for Prebys’ demanding ear. The remaining chairs will be named The Viterbi Family Endowed Chairs. Old Globe Theater in 2009 and 2016: $7 million. The place pulses with old-folk fun: line dancing, tai chi, Bingo, knit-and-crochet circles, and round-trip bus jaunts to “Over 60” classes at San Diego State. Jacobs made his fortune as co-founder of Qualcomm where he helped pioneer the communications revolution.

“There must be some mistake,” I said, worried I’d owe extra. Is the word “disproportionate” appropriate here? “I am certainly honoring my father’s memory … he struggled to make a home for us in a new world and now I am in the position to honor his name. Copyright © 2020 Thomas Larson. Salk Institute for Biological Studies in 2008, 2009, 2010: $29 million, 2. Among Rady’s medical interests is pediatric genomics. His money has pushed researchers to decode diseases like obesity, autism, and asthma, especially as they enfeeble children. Estimated Net Worth: $440 million. Frederic Luddy, IT cloud company executive, $550 million. 10.

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