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The 223-kilometre-long (139 mi) Larapinta Trail follows the West MacDonnell Ranges and is considered among the world's great walking experiences. used data from the number of the population from official sources. 2015: 27,972: Working Age Population (aged 15-64 years) (%) No Data Available: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples: Estimated Resident Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population - … Currently located on Schwarz Crescent, it is part of a joint American–Australian project called the Joint Geological and Geographical Research Station (JGGRS). Alice Springs is located at the elevation of 1,791 feet or 545 meters above the sea elevation. The programming schedule on Imparja is the same as Nine Darwin NTD-8 and Channel 9 Brisbane, with variations in Imparja's schedule for local Australian rules football, rugby league, the children's show Yamba's Playtime, news, regional weather, and other programs produced in Alice Springs by the station. The Alice Springs council consists of nine members: the mayor and eight aldermen. [26]. Temperatures in Alice Springs vary widely, and rainfall can vary quite dramatically from year to year. 9 Australian Staging Camp, and a depot base for the long four-day trip to Darwin. Each usually consisting of four tanks, 31 fuel depots were built across Australia for the storage and supply of aircraft fuel for the RAAF and the US Army Air Forces, at a total cost of £900,000 ($1,800,000).[25]. [32] The highest daily rainfall is 204.8 millimetres (8.06 in), recorded on 31 March 1988.

The surrounding region is known as Central Australia, or the Red Centre, an arid environment consisting of several different deserts. Alice Springs is a city of Northern Territory. With wonderful green fairways carved between the red rocky hills and dust of Central Australia, the course has been a regular feature of Australias top 100 courses since its early days. Alice Springs railway station is visited by The Ghan, operated by Great Southern Rail, on its journey between Adelaide and Darwin. Matches are held during the winter months at ANZAC oval on Saturday afternoons. The sport is particularly popular in Indigenous communities. Americans have lived in Alice Springs continuously since the establishment of the United States Air Force Detachment 421, in 1954. Alice Springs has a large itinerant population. This population is generally composed of foreign and Australian tourists, Aboriginal Australians visiting from nearby Central Australian communities, and Australian or international workers on short-term contracts (colloquially referred to as "blow-ins"). Five broadcast television services operate in Alice Springs – commercial stations Imparja Television (callsign IMP-9), Southern Cross Central (QQQ31) and Ten Central (CDT) (CDT-5), and the Government-owned ABC (ABAD7) and SBS (SBS28). New channels provided by the ABC and SBS can be received with a digital set top box or digital television. The local competition is the Central Australian Rugby Football League, and sanctions both Junior and Senior Rugby League matches. Seven Mile Aerodrome was constructed by the Royal Australian Air Force. [9], Arrernte country is rich with mountain ranges, waterholes and gorges, which create a variety of natural habitats.

The local stadium, Traeger Park, has a 10,000 seat capacity and was designed to host (pre-season) AFL and is currently home to the Northern Territory Thunder. In the Australian House of Representatives, Alice Springs is part of the Division of Lingiari, which includes all of the Territory outside the Darwin/Palmerston area.

It is a gruelling off-road race that runs from Alice Springs to the Finke community, then back again the next day. The unit is locally known as "Det 421" or "The Det" and has sponsored as many as 25 American families to live as temporary residents of the Alice Springs district. [citation needed], Three major groups — Western, Eastern, and Central Arrernte — live in Central Australia, their traditional land including the area of Alice Springs and MacDonnell Ranges. [22], The original mode of British-Australian transportation in the outback were camel trains, operated by immigrants from Pathan tribes in the North-West Frontier of then-British India (present-day Pakistan); known locally as Afghan cameleers based at Hergott Springs, or Marree as it is now known. Looking back last 7 years, Alice Springs resident growth rate is very consistent and strong ranging from 1.86% to 3.64%, adding around 557 to 958 people each year to the overall population. The reasons contributing to the population growth of Alice Springs is healthy birth rate and longer life expectancy in Alice Springs. Alice Springs is at the midpoint of the Adelaide–Darwin Railway. The Australian Rugby League has held a number of pre-season games in Alice Springs, at ANZAC Oval. Known as Stuart until 31 August 1933, the name Alice Springs was given by surveyor William Whitfield Mills after Alice, Lady Todd (née Alice Gillam Bell), wife of the telegraph pioneer Sir Charles Todd. The most obvious impact of their presence in such a small and isolated town has been the opening of various restaurants serving their traditional cuisines. Lasseters Casino in Alice Springs is the destination for the drag queen protagonists in the Australian, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 18:39.

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